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So... I started writing this in November and then gave up until today when I had an idea and I'm still writing this really weirdly and out of order but it's okay. I would like some feedback but I'm too scared to ask for it from people when I'm talking to them face to face.

So basically the idea is a family full of secrets and trauma but I'm writing it a bit weirdly.



When I was 17 I entered a valley of death. And I was the only one who left alive. Lera let out a short laugh. It echoed through the silent valley. That would be a great way to start a story. But really she was almost at the end of hers. She just wasn’t quite done yet.  One more person to kill, then she wouldn’t need to worry anymore. 

“Lera!” Lera turned around as she jolted out of her thoughts.

“Oisin?” She peered through the darkness. It had sounded like him but she couldn’t find where the voice had come from. Suddenly, someone grabbed her wrist. Lera tried to scream but a hand clamped firmly over her mouth before she could get a sound out. They spun her around.

“It's me.” Lera sighed. She had been right, it was Oisin. The oldest child in the family.  He had a bad habit of trying to scare her every chance he got. She pulled his hand off her mouth.

“You scared me. What are you doing here? Where’s Maeve?” Looking at him hurt. She hadn’t been planning on seeing any of her family before this ended. In fact she had been doing her best to avoid them. 

“She’s with Mom. I’ve been looking for you. Mom’s worried.” Lera frowned.

“And how’s Dad doing?” Oisin paused. He grimaced.

“Dad claims to be doing better than ever.” he whispered, “But we all know he misses you. He was the first person to go looking for you. And a lot has happened in the week since you disappeared. Lera, you’re an aunt now.”

“An aunt?”

“Yes, Maeve had the baby. A little boy. We named him Faolan. And Eanna and Croia are engaged now. Come back. Come back to see them all. We miss you.

“I can’t. I can’t. Not yet.” A tear slipped down Lera’s cheek. She turned to walk away. He grabbed her wrist again.

“Wait! Where are you going?” She grimaced.

“I have to finish a job.” He was silent for a minute.

“What job? Where have you been?” She turned back towards him. He looked so worried. Well that’s a first. She wanted to tell him everything. He always listened. Took in every detail, but that was the problem. He would know so much they would kill him. The whole point of doing this was so that he wouldn’t die.

“I’ll tell you once I’m done. I have one more thing to do and then I’ll come home.”

“Promise? Promise you’ll come home?”

“I promise. But you need to leave. I’ll be back soon.” Yet another promise that she would break. Lera turned and walked away without looking back. She trusted Oisin to do what she said.  Lera glanced up at the moon. There wasn’t a  whole lot of time left. A figure appeared in the distance. Eoghan. She ran towards him. She smiled. Almost done. 

Eoghan was her final target. And then this nightmare would finally be over. No one would have to worry about her anymore. 

When Lera reached Eoghan he pulled her into a hug. They were both silent for a moment.

“You’re safe.” He pushed away from Lera. “I was worried.” Lera nodded.

“I was worried about you too.” That wasn’t a lie. One of the few things she had said recently that wasn’t a lie. But she wasn’t worried for the same reason she normally was. Lera looked up at Eoghan. This was her best friend. The person she trusted the most. And now she had to kill him. She pulled him back into a hug. 

“Lera, you’re shaking. Are you okay?” Lera shook her head. The last month flashed through her mind. So many mistakes. So many times she could have gone back. And now she was an assassin. She hated what she was. She hated what she had become. Lera’s eyes locked with Eoghan’s. There was absolutely no way she could do this. She fell to her knees and dropped the knife.

And then there will be two more character blurbs that I haven't written yet. One from Oisin and one from Eoghan.



This is just a test, it's just a test. Kema stared over the edge of the cliff. The drop was so long that it faded to darkness before she could see the bottom. Jagged rocks stuck out of the sides of the drop all the way to at least where it was too dark to see. 

Kema looked up and at the gap she was supposed to jump. She had just received her wings and needed to prove that she was worthy of them. Kema turned around to look at her inspector. He was there to make sure that Kema actually tested her wings. He was tall with brown hair and green eyes. And if he wasn’t about to watch her jump off a cliff she might have even said he was handsome. As she looked him up and down an uneasy feeling came over her. He doesn’t have wings. She looked in the guy's eyes trying to judge his character. But it was as if he had put up a wall and she couldn’t see any further than the surface. 

Kema locked her eyes trying to see farther into who this man was. “What happens if my wings don’t work? What happens if I fall?” The man’s locked in on Kema’s taking everything in. Kema panicked inwardly. She didn’t know how to put up whatever he had and now he could see anything and everything about her. All of her secrets, her fears, her hopes. Everything. And all with one look.

“You fail.”

Wow, it makes me feel much better. Kema looked back out over the cliff. It was such a long drop. Suddenly a memory flashed through her head. She was on a roof with Dajen. He had jumped a gap between houses and was beckoning for her to follow

The instructor cleared his throat and brought Kema back to the present.

“Whenever you’re ready.”

Kema nodded, took a deep breath, ran, and jumped. The instructor grabbed her wings, tearing them from her back as she jumped. 

Kema screamed from pain and fear. I’m going to die. The darkness started to envelope her. She bumped into one of the rocks sticking out from the wall and an idea popped into her head. She reached out and blindly grabbed at the walls. Her hand found a rock and grabbed hold.



Eanna sighed. This job was so boring but his father had told him that it was important. So here Eanna was watching a cliff with binoculars, looking for “falling angels”. This is by far the craziest thing I’ve ever been told to do. Of course, ever since he’d decided to work for his dad he’d only really been doing crazy things.  

Not that anything in their family was normal right now. Oisin’s wife had just had a baby. A little baby boy. They had named him Faolan. He was cute. And all the family loved him. But Lera was still missing. She hadn’t been able to see her nephew yet. She didn’t even know that she had a nephew. She hadn’t been there when Eanna had proposed to Croia. She had been gone for a week or two now. Their mother sat alone at the table every night. She didn’t talk much, she just sat there. And their father avoided it as much as could, and tried to act like he didn’t care. But they all knew that he spent at least an hour each day wandering around looking for her. And apparently it had driven him mad. Falling angels. 

Suddenly a noise across the gap that the cliff startled Eanna. He looked through the binoculars and saw two people. And one of them had… Wings? Falling angels. He watched as the two conversed. The one with wings looked vaguely female. And scared. The other one was a guy who seemed off in a way that Eanna couldn’t pinpoint.  There was what seemed to be a one sided conversation between the two. But then the girl walked to the edge of the cliff and jumped.


The guy snatched her wings and ripped them off her back. Eanna jumped up and watched in horror as the girl fell. Falling angels. The girl almost fell past no return. Past where the jagged rocks stopped existing and there was nothing but smooth rock. And then somehow she managed to catch one of the rocks. Eanna reached his hand down and grabbed her, pulling her up.




Sloane sat at his desk, his head in his hands. He was going crazy. There was no other explanation. No other explanation for sending his son to go watch for falling angels. For not being able to find his daughter, his favorite. For not being able to comprehend being a grandfather. For weeping when his son told him that he was engaged now. 

Of course, it couldn’t really be all his fault. Everything had happened so quickly that it wasn’t his fault.

First Oisin had convinced him that it would be okay if he worked on Lera’s 17th birthday. She hadn’t even picked what she was going to do. She disappeared the next day. 

There was a knock on his door and Eanna ran in.

“So I went out to look for falling angels and I just thought you were going crazy and telling me to do something crazy but then  I saw a girl with wings and then she jumped like she was going to fly but some guy ripped the wings from her back and she almost died but she’s not dead and she’s here and you were right and not crazy falling angels are real.”

Sloane sat back in his chair.
“Eanna, I didn’t understand a word you just said.”

“Dad, I found a falling angel.”

“You what?”

“A falling angel! You told me to go watch for falling angels and I found one!”

Sloane looked at his son in confusion. Falling angels? Sloane had been positive that he was just going crazy and told his son to do something random. 

“Where is she?”

Eanna was almost breathless with wonder and amazement.
“I took her to Mom, so that Mom could wrap her back with bandages. It was bleeding pretty badly.”

“Why was she bleeding again?”

“A guy ripped the wings from her back.”

One look at his son’s face and Sloane knew for certain that he wasn’t lying. 

“Take me to her.”

So yeah. That's what I got.

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Eoghan stared in shock. Lera was on the ground sobbing. Eoghan had known Lera since they were little and never had he ever seen her cry. He knelt down next to her. 

“Lera, dear, why do you have a knife?”

Lera didn’t respond, she just cried harder. Eoghan pulled her into a hug again. 

“Lera please tell me what's wrong. Why are you crying? Why do you have a knife?”



Almost done, she’s almost done. Two more people and then she would earn her wings. And then tragedy. It sounded so simple.Oisin turned around and watched as Lera approached Eoghan. Oisin turned back and kept walking. Lera could take care of herself. And she could take care of Eoghan.

There's the little blurbs that go in the middle. Eoghan's and then Oisin's. They're both really really short.

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3 minutes ago, Ookla the Myopic said:

My brain went to her killing her friend and being the person falling, but it can't be because her father would have recognized her...right?

Lera is the one who was going to kill her friend, Kema is the person falling. But they will be connected.

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