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Chongjasmine's short stories


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"Do not…do not kill me." She trembled in fear, holding tightly to a book.

The assassin's face was blank, expressionless. His eyes were lifeless, void of a soul within. He was made for one mission, created for one purpose, trained for one function. The tip of his gun continued to point at the young lady that was before him.
Kill. 757, your mission in life is to kill. The words that were repeated into his blank mind echoed again and again.

"I… have a secret that can change your life…"Bang.

Emperor Number Infinite was standing at the stage, facing a crowd of more than a million expressionless people, all dressed in similar identical gray factory made clothes.

"For the first time in the history of planet 345, we had created one billion factory babies within 365 days with a fatality rate of zero."

The people gazed at the emperor with lifeless eyes, listening.

"Of these one billion babies, the most genetically healthy ones will be groomed to be leaders and breeders. The remainders will be assigned to be trained respectively to specific roles which we had paved out for them."

The people continued to gaze at the emperor.

"And on the 25th year of my reign, we will go to wars with earth. We will pay the earthlings back for abandoning us here."

The people clapped. There was no smile, no joy, their faces were all blank.

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.

That was the first sentence found in the book which the dead girl had been holding.

"Your name, given name, is number 757. You are the 757th successful babies that survive through your first 5 years in planet number 345."

He was given a name for the first time in his 1,825th day alive.

So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him, male and female He created them.

That was how those pathetic earthlings who dared to travel to planet 345 believed themselves to be made?

"You were all made in a factory, with a machine. A sperm was collected from the male specimen, and an egg was collected from a female specimen, and the rest of your making took place inside a special machine known as the baby fertilizer."

He remembered looking vaguely into some pictures that were taken from planet earth; the planet was so beautiful, with things which they call trees, cows, horses and butterflies, all coming forth naturally, not made in a factory.

It was so different from planet 345, where everything was artificially made, from the planet itself, to every single of the machinery tree, and chemically produced food.

Planet 345, a round metallic ball invented by the top scientists living in planet earth, was created by the earthlings to get rid of overpopulation problem on earth.

The people on earth in those photos were so different from the people in planet number 345. They have smiles, they have tears, and they all look so different from one another, as if they are made by a creative and unique being, not a product from a factory.

Through Him, all things were made; without Him nothing was made that has been made. John 1:3.

All things? Even factory made babies? Even him? A foreign feeling suddenly gripped hold of number 757, it sent strange water raining down his eyes.

"I am just a number. I am not like the earthling. I am made in a factory. I am not made by Him, whoever He is, wherever He may be."

He envied the girl. She was made by Him, not in a factory. Not like him.

For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.

"Does that also apply to me, Jesus? Will you also save me, if I believe in you? Please save me."

Something strange entered into the heart of Number 757 for the first time in his life, something he could not explain. "Your body may be produced in a factory, but it is I who put your soul inside," a voice whispered gently within him.

Number 757 smiled. "I am a living being." He threw off the gun and held tightly onto the book.


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It was the AD 5000. My name is Cylopet Hornet, from the X1574 Secret Agent Division.

I am sent by MR.X, known more popularly as The Boss to stop an attempt by the mad scientist MR. H to assassinate Jesus Christ, the figure whom religion people simply love to worship during every Sunday and set up special occasions like Christmas day for.

Mr.H believes that Jesus is the source of the influx of religious wars in the world today, between the True Followers Of Jesus, the Christian sheep, and the Jesus' Disciples, the top three religious groups of the world. Mr. H, in his desire to help the world reach the stage of perfect peace had made attempts to assassinate a fair share of number of people from the past.

The killing of Adolf Hitler was Mr. H's attempt to destroy the Nazis. He sent a group of special robot agents into Hitler's home before he was born to kill his mother. His attempt succeeded in destroying Hitler, it prevented the mass termination of Jews by the hands of Hitler, and this was something that Mr.H was proud about. He boasted about it frequently whenever he had the courage to circulate videos of himself to the general public.

"By my invention of the time travelling machine and employment of robot agents to kill off nasty historical figures like Adolf Hitler, I prevented the mass termination of Jews and stopped Germany from getting into the wars and saved many lives. Thanks to my work, the Nazis were wiped out for good in our world today."

What this evil terrorist did not mention was the fact that millions of people became mindless zombies in our world who had to be exterminated. They were related in blood some ways or another to Hitler. Millions more became confused over certain sectors of their memories. This was the case for the Jews. They were unsure if the holocaust did happen.

The Nazis were wiped out, but the Fazis came into our world scene. World wars 2 did not disappear from our history. A man named Razolf Mamoth of France joined Italy and Japan to commit the crime of world wars 2.

The scientists of The Time Machine Control Headquarter were working on ways to fix the problem that the assassination of the mother of Hitler had caused. Confused jews, rise of the Fazis, the chaos in history classes over what actually happened—people remembered something of the Nazis, did not understand how the Fazis came into our world, and in general could not reconcile their confusion. Thanks to him, our world today was with more problems than less. Scientists were still trying to figure up how to undo the works which Mr. H had done—resurrect Hitler's mother and patched up the history that Mr. H had changed.

Now, this mad man wanted to assassinate the baby Jesus, to be exact, to assassinate the mother of Jesus before Jesus could come into the world. Imagine what the world would become. My wife, yes, my religious wife would be deeply affected. What would she become if her precious beloved Jesus suddenly disappeared from the history of mankind?

It was simply incomprehensible!

She, Marataa, was so crazy about Jesus. She talked non-stop about Jesus, attended song writing classes to learn how to compose songs about him. Although she was not a pastor, she knew everything in the bible from Genesis to Revelation. She was not an evangelist but she preached to me non-stop to believe in her Jesus as my Savior. She tried to bring our sons to Sunday school when she thought I was not looking.

Personally, I had no concern for what happened to this Jesus. But I would not want my wife and the millions of people who believe in Him to become confused when a large part of their lives and reason for living suddenly disappeared. The robot agents that Mr.H had sent to assassinate Jesus must be stopped at all costs.

The time machine that I was in jerked to a stop. I had arrived at my destination. I checked my watch.

Oh gosp, I was five seconds late, the robot agents had probably arrived before me. For all I knew, Mary might possibly have already been assassinated. In the world that I lived in, a second was decisive over the fate of the future.

I hastily put on the invisible Alpha Red goggles, which would allow me to detect the robot agents that Mr.H had sent to a manger in the town of Bethlehem in Judea to destroy my wife's savior.

The robot agents who Mr.H had sent to kill Jesus were invisible to the naked eyes. They could only be detected with the use of my Alpha Red goggles. I, too, was invisible to the eyes of the people living in the past. This was due to a time travelling suit that I was wearing.

I took out my robot ray rifle. The time machine door opened. I put on my machine-manufactured wings that gave me the abilities to fly in the sky. I flew out of my time machine and prepared to shoot at the robot agents I expected to arrive anytime soon. To my shock, I saw bright beautiful beings hovering over the manger of Jesus.

The dismantled bodies of the robot agents were scattered all around the manger where my wife's savior would be born. These beautiful beings were armed with gigantic swords. They were dressed in beautiful white robes, and had beautiful wings on them.

I found myself to be awestruck by these beings of great beauty that my Alpha Red goggles detected. Oh, their voices…I had never heard such beautiful voices. They were singing in unison, their voices were different in tones, and yet they united together to form a beautiful chorus of heavenly song. I would pay millions to listen to their enchanting voices, again and again.

Could their voices be a lure to drive me to a state of relaxation so that they could kill me more easily?

The thought broke me out of their melody traps. They must be the new inventions of Mr.H, sent to kill the mother of my wife's savior. I aimed my robot ray rifle at them, and pulled the trigger. Nothing happened. My robot rifle, which was 100% workable, malfunctioned for the first time in my life. This was impossible!

At the same moment, one of the beautiful beings with wings flew towards me.

That is it! This is my end. I had failed in my mission and I will die at the hands of Mr. H's latest invention. I would never get to see Marataa, again.

"Do not be afraid, Mr. Cylopet." The beautiful being spoke with a deep voice that was as loud as the sound of waterfall and yet as soft as the tip toe of guilty teenagers trying to sneak into their beds after they came home late. How this was possible, I could not know, you had to be here with me, and listen to the voice yourself before you could possibly know what I was talking about.

"You know my name!"

"Do not be afraid, Mr. Cylopet," the beautiful being spoke again. "I am a servant of the High and Almighty One who reigns forever. The robot agents which Mr.H of your world had sent to assassinate Mary, the blessed lady of the Mighty God, had been dismantled by us."

My mouths opened wipe. These… these beautiful beings… they were… they were the angels. Angels… were real.

"You are most honored, Mr. Cylopet. You are the only man fortunate to witness the birth of the Savior of the world from your world. Join us in the chorus to celebrate His glorious birth."

I sang like never before. My voice resonated with the angelic choir I was fortunate to sing together with, and it resonated in turn with the shepherds who arrived shortly to sing together with us. I had never enjoyed singing so much before in my life.

"What happened to you, Cylopet?" Marataa asked.

"Nothing happened," I lied. I knew christians were not supposed to lie, but I hoped God forgive me for this one. The secret of the time machine was something my occupation would not allow me to tell to my wife.

"But you had never wanted to attend my church before, why the change this time?"

"This Christmas, I wanted it to be different. I wanted to accept Him, Jesus, as my savior."

Marataa could not understand what was happening to me, and why there was this sudden change in my attitude towards church and Jesus, but she broke down into a sob, right there and then, at the church's service. Everyone in the church was looking at us, but she did not care. She went right on, praising Jesus, again and again for my salvation, and I praised Him together with her.

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Nisa was tied to the altar, a sacrifice for the Dragon, that terrorised the world of Gideon. She was a follower of the Most High Gibeon, who was believed by the many Gibeonites to be the creator of the world of Gideon. Netherless, the believers of Gideon had lost their faith in their Most High, after not having seen any miracles for more than a thousand year. They followed Gibeon out of a routine, reading from His Holy Book, acts of wonder He did in the world of Gideon, which they now considered as myths. The worship rituals of Gibeon were seen as a kind of tradition, which the Gibeonites blindly followed.

At the other end, there were the followers of the Dragon. They were increasing in numbers day after day. Unlike the Gibeonites, they believed in the power of the Dragon. They had travelled to the cave of Darkness, where he dwelt, and seen his power at work. They had seen his magic spells manifesting in their world, and they knew that if they followed the Dragon, they could be leaders in the world of Gibeon, and they loved their power. They had to sacrifice sons and daughters to gain favor from the Dragon, and they had no qualm about doing so.

Nisa was the daughter of a Dragonite, a follower of the Dragon, that was held in high esteem among the Dragonites. Nisa's mother had purposely kept apart her daughter from the sacrifice, not out of maternal love, but out of a desire for greater power. It was believed that a sacrifice to the Dragon would gain the parent of the sacrifice the most power if the child reached the age of 7, and Matina, Nisa's mother had persuaded the other Dragonites to sacrifice their sons and daughters while she waited for her own daughter to reach the age of 7. All the years when she had been the mother of Nisa, she had lied to the child that she loved her when in reality, she was merely waiting for the right opportunity to sacrifice her. Tears dripped down Nisa's eyes as she awaited what she knew would be her death. It was not the death that frightened her, but it was her mother's cruelty that saddened her young heart. Nisa always knew that her mother was an evil Dragonite, but she thought that her mother genuinely love her and she never expected that all the love her mother showed her was merely a pretense. Unknown to her mother, Nisa believed in the stories of the Most High, and even as young as the age of 5, she chose to follow and call on the name of the Most High in times of her troubles. But this time, she was too sad to call on the name of the Most High. Her mother Matina's acts hurt her heart so deeply that she lost all her will to live.

"Most beloved Dragon, I bring to you my child, Nisa." Matina chanted.
"Most beloved Dragon, she is of age, of the perfect age." Matina declared loudly.
Matina took out her knife and went to Nisa, intending to slice out her heart.
"Most High, save my mama." Nisa whispered. That was her last words.
There was a puff of smoke, and the Dragon appeared. He took the heart with his furry hands and consumed the heart.
"Grrr..." He grunted in satisfaction. "Matina, I am most well pleased with you. Not only had you sacrificed your only daughter, but you had sacrificed her when she is at the perfect age. Grrr...furthermore, she is of the follower of the Most High Gibeon, that foolish coward who created this world and banished me to the cave of darkness, denying me of my freedom, simply because I dared to suggest to Him that He let me rule the world in His place. I was being most polite, wanting to relieve Him of His burdens. He did always mention to me that He was tired of the unbeliefs of His creation, and out of my goodwill, I offered to take His place as the new ruler of the world. For my kindness, He banished me to the cave of darkness, where I now had to dwell in. I could not leave that sickening dark place, except on occassions when you, my worthy followers summoned me."
"Most beloved Dragon, Gibeon had not appeared in this world for a thousand year. Most likely, He had met with some kind of mishap. You will be the new ruler over us, and I am glad to be of service to you." Matina said, without feeling a sense of remorse over the death of her daughter.
"Yes, the time for me to be free from the cave had come. That fool Gibeon had told me that if his follower ever died as a sacrifice to me, the spell of the cave would be broken and I would be free to move in the world. Grrr..." Dragon laughed.
"Oh, that means we can be with you now, our master, and share in your joys of being the new ruler of this world?"
"Yes, Matina, and for your reward, I will let you have the honor to be my first meal, who I could eat of my own free accord, without the need of stupid mortals like you. Grrr. Grrr. Grrr."
Dragon uttered a series of words and Matina was transformed into a cooked chicken, which Dragon devoured with a great hint of satisfaction.

"When the Dragon is freed, and the world is in darkness, cry out to me and I will send you my annoited servant, and He will defeat the Dragon and free you from his malice forever." Gimeon read out from the Holy Book, with zeal and excitement. The reddish brown hair which marked Him out as unique among the youngster in the Academy of Gibeon flew as the wind blew. He was a most beautiful youngster, not beautiful because of his physical appearance, but beautiful because he always respond to the mockeries of his peer around him with kindness. At such, he won his initial enemies over to his cause, and they became his friend. The other youngsters who formerly mocked and made fun of Gimeon were now his best friends, always eagered to be with him and listened to his sharing from the Holy Book. Unlike the other mortals in the world of Gideon, Gimeon believed with all his heart in the existence of Gibeon, and he actively seek to learn more about the ways of Gibeon and he actively shared the way of Gibeon with his peers and the people around him.
"But Gimeon, the Dragon has been freed, and he is now the world's new king, and yet the annoited servant of Gibeon has not come to us." Yafu, one of his youngster friend mumbled as he listened to Gimeon.
"I am sure the Most High had foreseen that Dragon will be freed, and that even now, His annoited servant walked among us." Gimeon smiled.
"But Dragon said that he is the maker of the world, and we all could see his powers, clearly. The Most High, on the other hand, is most silent when we suffered under the cruel rule of Dragon. Why don't we give up on believing in the Most High and followed Dragon? Most people in the world are doing that, now. Only our town, the town of Faith, still chooses to believe in the Most High, and Dragon merely allowed us to exist, because he regarded us, the followers of Gibeon as his trophies." Tafa, another Gimeon's youngster friend mumbled.
"Do you actually believed that Dragon is our maker, when hs is merciless and cruel? Yet, in our hearts, we retain our conscience, and we know through our conscience that when we kill people with no regard like the way Dragon did, it is very wrong. I believer our maker must be kind hearted, because we are born with the desire to be kind hearted. Therefore Gibeon, whose moral law is holy and pure, must indeed be our true maker. "Gimeon answered with a laugh.
"Why haven't His annoited servant come, then, in response to our cries?" Yafu asked.
"Perhaps He had come and is in your midst. You just do not recognise him," Gimeon replied.
"Well, let's not think about Gibeon or Dragon. Let's go to the pool and have a swim." Tafa muttered.
"Sure, let's have a swim." Gimeon replied, with a laugh.

"Servant, I had read in the Holy Book that the annoited servant will arrive when I am freed. It had been ten years since I had reigned in this world of Gideon, and all I had seen of Gibeon's servants are fools and cowards. To challenge Him who had the audacity to lock me in the cave of darkness for so many, so many years, I had preserved the town of Faith, hoping to see the day when I can match power with His annoited servant. Grrr... Grrr... Grrr... bur none of his servants had dared to challenge me to a duel. My challenge, dedicated to all adults above the age of 17, posted in the town hall of the town of Faith remained unheeded for years. Grrr... Grrr... Grrr..." Dragon laughed.
"That is because... most beloved master... Gibeon is afraid of you." Nata declared, as he massaged the back of Dragon.
"What a disappointment. These ten years had been a boredom to me. None of the mortals is my challenge or my match. By my incantations and spells, I can turn them into every things I desire, and they are not able to resist me. Grrr... Grrr... they all cowered in fear before me... even the so called followers of Gibeon all cowered in fear before me. Grrr... Grrr... Grrr... I am so bored."
"Most beloved Master, none can ever be your match. Not Gibeon and definitely not his annoited servant. You will reigned in this world for a thousand year." Nata declared.
"Grrr... Grrr... Grrr... a thousand year is a long time. I had already begun to get bored of being the ruler of this world. I really hope for a challenge, for something that will take away my boredom." Dragon yawned.
At this point, a woman ran towards Dragon in excitement.
"Most beloved Master, the challenge... the challenge... someone had finally dared to challenge you."
"Grrr... Grrr... finally. And who is this fool?" Dragon laughed.
"He is called Gimeon, and he is 18 years old, and he lives in the town of faith." the woman replied.
"This should be fun and interesting," Dragon laughed. "Tell this fool to meet me in the cave of darkness, and sent a notice to the entire world that all the leaders I had appointed to watch over my world for me are to gather in the cave of darkness. I want them to watch how I made a fool of this stupid Gimeon."

The cave of darkness were filled with people who surrounded the two men that were facing each other. One of the man was a youngster with reddish brown hair. The other man was a handsome man in his middle age, with furry hands. The crowd that surrounded them was cheering the man with furry hands and mocking the youngster.
"So you are the one that dared to challenge me?" Dragon sneered.
"I come to you in the name of the Most High Gibeon," Gimeon replied, calmly.
"Gibeon is a fool, and so are you. Grrr... Grrr... Grrr... " Dragon laughed.
"I trust in Gibeon, that He will never fail me." Gimeon answered.
"Very well, name your challenge. I will defeat you no matter what challenge you may raise. Magic, wisdom, power, you can name any form of challenge you want. And if you defeat me, I will give you all my powers and teach you all my incantations and spells and let you rule over the world." Dragon declared.
"I do not need your spells or incantations, all you have to do is this: Vomit out all the hearts you had eaten and all the people you had consumed if you lose the battle," Gimeon declared.
"Very well, then. Name your challenge." Dragon replied.
"Your magic is your pride and strength. Using your magic, do what you will with me, except the taking of my life. If I call you master, you will win the battle. If I still hold onto Gibeon in spite of what you had done, then you lose." Gimeon replied.
"Grrr... Grrr... Grrr... very well, then, you fool. Be prepared to regret challenging the source of my strength. If I cannot defeat you after five tries, I will admit defeat." Dragon declared.
"I will take you on," replied Gimeon.
"Fire appears and burns Gimeon, but do not take his life." Dragon chanted.
Fire began to consume the body of Gimeon. Gimeon screamed in pain.
"Do you acknowledge me as your master?" Dragon hissed.
"I love Gibeon and Gibeon alone," Gimeon replied.
"Fire vanisheds. Frost-bites appear. Frost-bites, surround Gimeon but do not take his life." Dragon chanted.
Frost-bites began to appear all over the body of Gimeon. Gimeon screamed in pain.
"Do you acknowledge me as your master?" Dragon hissed.
"Gibeon is my only master. I delight to follow Him." Gimeon replied.
"Frost-bites disappear. Itches of all kinds, terrorise Gimeon with your power but do not take his life." Dragon chanted.
Gimeon began to scratch his body, unable to bear with the itch that surrounded him.
"Do you acknowledge me as your master?" Dragon hissed.
"Trust in Gibeon and His powers will come to this world, again." Gimeon replied.
"Itches disappear. You are tough. I will show you no mercy. Fire, frost bites and itches of all kinds. Terrorise Gimeon with your power but do not take his life." Dragon chanted.
Gimeon felt like he was in the greatest of agony. But he looked on the faces of the mockers who were there to cheer Dragon on and he thought of all the oppressions they suffered under the power of Dragon, and he endured his ordeal.
"Do you acknowledge me as your master?" Dragon hissed.
"Dragon, oh Dragon, my most beloved creation. You are always so eager to rule over everyone as their master, but tell me honestly, in all these ten years, when I had let you ruled over the mortals, had you truly experienced joy? Worship your maker, and turn from your evil ways, and then you will know the joy you lost the instant you desired power over being my humble servant." Gimeon replied.
"You... you are Gibeon. You are that stupid creator of mine who trapped me in the cave of darkness! You had come down in the form of man. How is that possible?" Dragon exclaimed.
"I am the creator. All things are possible for me. You still have one more chance to use your magic, or are you ready to admit defeat?" Gimeon replied.
"Grrr... Grrr... Grrr... my change of vengence is at hand. All these years... you banished me into the cave of darkness... simply because of my desire to rule over these foolish mortals you had created. You denied me of my freedom, you forgot about all the years when I had been your most faithful servant, and refused to show your love to me. All because of my desire to rule in place of you. I could never hurt you when you are still the Most High Creator. But now that you are a mere mortal, I can hurt you. I can actually hurt you. And I will see for myself now if you really love these mortals or if you are in fact the universe greatest hypocrite. I will show you no mercy this time." Dragon shouted in anger.
"I know what you have in mind. Indeed, it is the hardest of all tests, but I will accept your challenge." Gimeon replied.
"Mortals that surround me, be filled with hatred for this Gimeon that you see. Do to Him anything and everything you will, including the removal of his very life." Dragon exclaimed.
The crowd was filled with a wild hatred for Gimeon and they began to hit him, spit on him and beat him.
"If you acknowledge me as your master, I will stop your ordeal and spare your life." Dragon hissed.
Tears fell from the eyes of Gimeon. It was not the blows of his creation that pained him, but it was the madness that filled their hearts that made him endured an agony which no physical blow could ever bring. Like wild beasts, they had forgotten the images He had created them to be. They had traded away His glories, His righteousness for hatred, evil, greed, power, like what his servant Dragon had done. It was this evilness that was in the people that ultimately pained him.
"Dragon, Dragon, you can never take my life. I willingly surrender my power, and I willingly give out my life." Gimeon uttered and he fell to the ground and died.
Dragon stared at the dead form before him. Gibeon, the creator God, he could use his magic to defend himself before his creation. For it was Gibeon who has given to Dragon his magic. Yet, Gibeon, when he was in the form of the mortal man Gimeon, did not make use of His magic to defend His own life but chose to give out his life in love for his creation.
"I have no doubt, my master, that you are true love. I admit my defeat. Do to me as you will." Dragon replied. "If you can come back to life."
"If? Oh Dragon, oh Dragon, you had been with me all these thousands of years before I created the mortals, and you can still doubt my power. Is there anything too difficult for me?" Gimeon laughed as he rose from the ground.
"You cheater. You never truly died." Dragon laughed.
"And you Dragon, you do not truly wish that I died. Keep your promise to me and vomit out all the hearsts and people that you had eaten." Gimeon laughed.
Dragon vomited out all the hearts and people he had eaten.
"Return to life!" Gimeon commanded the hearts and pieces of mortals that had been vommited out by Dragon.
Nisa opened her eyes and saw that she was alive. Not only that, she saw her mother Matina, and she was in tears.
"My daughter Nisa, forgive me. I had been a cruel mother." Matina cried. Nisa looked at Gimeon and she laughed.
"Thank you, Most High, for saving my mother."
Gibeon laughed. "My precious child, it is not me, but your faith in me, that saves your mother."
"Master," Dragon muttered. "What shall we do with these evil beings who trample on your most holy body." He pointed at the crowd that had beaten Gimeon to death, that was now staring at Gimeon in bewilderment.
Gimeon laughed, "Oh Dragon, none of these evil being had trampled on my body like the way you did. Yet, in spite of what you did, I had not lost my love for you. Go and teach them my ways, that they may learn to trust me even in times when I am not there to show them my powers and wonders."
"I humbly obey, my master," Dragon replied. "Thank you for being so patient with me and with all of your creations."
"'To quote my other form in another world, in that world known as earth, where I am known by another name and another body, I had not come to save the righteous but to save the sinners. And you, my beloved Dragon, is the chief of the sinners, and all your trials and tests are there to turn you away from your evilness, so that you can follow again my path of righteousness."
"Grrr... Grrr... Grrr... what is your name in that other world, my master?" Dragon asked.
"That is a mystery, my precious servant, reserved for those who can truly discern."

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The grass is not green, but yellow.

Faces after faces of living skeletons in filthy rags staggered aimlessly towards nowhere in particular. A long haired living skeleton threw a tiny half-alive skeleton away from itself.

"Don't leave me, mama!" The young half-dead whimpered, not with its voice, but its eyes.

The long haired skeleton walked on, joining the faces after faces of skeletons in filthy rags in their journey to nowhere. The young half-dead tried to force its tiny legs to stand, but it crumpled to the ground. Its skeleton legs were incapable of supporting it.

"Don't leave me, mama. Don't leave me!" It screamed, wordlessly.

"Shu Zhen, are you with us?" The voice of her church friend, Mei Zhen brought the 22 year old young woman back to the real world.

"Er… yes," Shu Zhen stammered.

"Sigh, you are daydreaming, again, aren't you?" Xiao Hui, another of her friends from church, sighed.

"Well, er, not really…" Shu Zhen replied. Her friends took no notice of her.

"The food here really sucked," Mei Zhen commented. Her not-so-thin hand, with the use of a knife, cut out another large portion of meat from one of the several dishes before her.

"I don't think we can finish… the food," Shu Zhen said. "Besides, we are quite fortunate to have something to eat."

"Fortunate? The food is not free. We paid for them, you know. With our money. Our hard-earned money." Xiao Hui stated her opinion, aggressively. She paused for a moment to help herself to some sliced pieces of beef on her plate. "The government, with the 2 tax increase, really robs us of our livelihood. We will starve to death, I tell you, starve to death!"

Shu Zhen shuddered. She thought of the skeletons she saw in her vision. "What about the Ethiopians who are currently suffering from a famine? Aren't we more fortunate than them?"

"We can't really compare ourselves with them. They are used to it." Xiao Mei replied.

"Well, still, maybe we can do something to help them," Shu Zhen suggested, timidly.

"Don't be silly, Shu Zhen. There is nothing we can do to help them. Only those God has called to be missionaries are given the abilities to help these destitute people." Mei Zhen said.

Why are you so sure that God is not calling us to be the missionaries, Shu Zhen wondered aloud to herself. She was too fearful to express her insignificant voice.

The cramped seat in the plane afforded her plenty of time to reflect on the words of her parents.

"You are kind to the world, but cruel to your own parents!" Her mother had expressed in disappointment.

"We brought you up, gave you a good education, and now you… sigh… it is your choice." Her father sighed.

Shu Zhen thought about her bungalow that she had resided in since she was a child. She thought of the eight maids that her busy parents had hired to look to her needs. She thought of the never-ending-supply of food that her house had never failed to provide her. She thought of the income that was the envy of her friends, which she received as a manager of her father's company.

Fear crept into her heart and mocked her. You are a sheltered pot. You won't be able to deal with the hardships there. What a foolish decision this is. Fear's voice was loud. Shu Zhen was too timid to combat Fear.

The grass is not green, but yellow. The young half-dead was lying alone, counting the seconds before blackness engulfed it. Its eyes would soon fail it like the way its legs and voice did. In the midst of darkness, it saw a figure of light walking closer and closer towards it.

"I am Jesus." The figure of light whispered to the child. The child smiled when he saw the bread in the hands of the figure of light. The blackness would not engulf him, after all. The child lied comfortably in the laps of Jesus. "I will be your mama." The voice of Shu Zhen said, lovingly.

Boldness delivered a crushing blow to Fear, and Fear was defeated. Shu Zhen held tightly to the vision in her mind, and found to her surprise she was not afraid anymore.

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Once upon a time, there was a girl. Her name was Snow Black. She was neither beautiful nor attractive. Her mother died when she was a very young child. As a result of that, her father decided to marry another woman and she became the step mother of the child Snow Black.

The step mother of Snow Black was a vicious and wicked woman. Despite the fact that the child was not born to be beautiful, or attractive, she was jealous of the father's occasional attention to the young lady of 16 years old. Yet, Snow Black was never hateful towards her step mother. No matter how cruelly her step mother treated her, Snow Black was always ready to repay her step mother back with love.

One day, while Snow Black was out on a trip to the forest to save little rabbits from being preyed by cruel hunters, her stepmother bribed the bodyguard of Snow Black to kill the young lady in the forest.

The bodyguard needed the money the queen gave to him to take care of his elderly parents, who were suffering from serious illness. However, he could not bring himself to kill a lady, who even though, she was not good looking, had a beautiful heart.

Therefore, he told Snow Black the truth and pleaded with her to flee far away from her cruel step mother. When he returned home to the queen, he lied to her that the girl was dead.

Snow Black walked through the forest and came into contact with a house. She went into the house and was astonished by the 7 beds that were so small, that she had to join them together as a bed before she could rest in them.

Feeling tired, she chose to sleep in the bed, but was awakened in the evening by loud voices. She awoke, to find that she was all tied up. 7 dwarfs were staring hard into her face. Their faces were full of scars. They appeared to be dwarfs, who were well-acquainted with the hardness of life. There were no mercies in their eyes.

"What are you doing with our beds?" The dwarfs demanded. Their tones were cold.

"Please... please forgive me... I am only resting here because I thought no one stayed in this place... and I was so tired." Snow Black's tone was full of fear.

"Ho ho... so you thought, huh, that, you could take this house for yourself just because no one stayed here? Well, for your crime, you would be our slaves for life."

The verdicts of the dwarfs were hard. They were not moved even when the young lady broke down and told them her own sad story of how her own step mother was out to plot her life. This was a hard world. People were hard to them. They received from no mercy from this hard world, and they chose to give none in return to a victim who was more victimized by the hard world than themselves.

But Snow Black was a girl of a most beautiful heart. Instead of begrudging and hating her captors for being so hard towards her, she chose to repay their evil with kindness. She gave her best to all the works which her captor had given her to do, and she was tender and kind to them. Even though she had many opportunities to escape from her captors, she chose to stay behind and take good care of them.

Soon, she won a place in the hearts of the 7 dwarfs and was looked upon, secretly, by them as a mother figure. Just when her life was getting better with the dwarfs, her evil step mother found out about the fact that she was not dead. It was through a slip of the mouth of that bodyguard of hers. Apparently, he drank too much wine and in his drunken state, he unintentionally revealed to the step mother about the fact that Snow Black was still alive.

You would think that the evil, vicious woman would forget all about killing her step daughter, because the young lady could not possibly be a threat to her anymore, now that she was separated from her father. But that was not to be the case. The jealousy of the evil queen was so great, that she would not allow the girl to live, simply because there were moments in the queen's time with the king, where the king was so obsessed with the loss of his precious child, that he totally ignored the queen.

So, she disguised herself as an old woman after some of her servants that she sent out to trace the whereabouts of Snow Black returned to her with the report of seeing her living together with 7 dwarfs somewhere in the forest.

Snow Black was at home alone by herself when the evil queen came. She was deceived into thinking that the evil queen was a poor beggar who had no place to go to, and being kind-hearted, she let the evil queen came into her house. The moment the evil queen came into the house, she took out a knife and stabbed Snow Black 6 times in what she thought was the heart of the young lady. The young lady had no chance before her wicked stepmother. She fell to the ground, gasping in pain as the blood began to flow out of her.

Laughing wickedly, the evil queen left the house, leaving the lady to die a slow death alone by herself. By the time the 7 dwarfs returned to the house, the young lady was dead. There was no breath in her body. Her body felt like ice to the dwarfs. The dwarfs were hard men. Hard men shed blood, but never shed tears. Yet, when they saw Snow Black lying there, still and unmoving, with a body that was cold like ice, they broke down and cried.

"Snow Black, Snow Black, return to us!"

Their tears were in vain. The world was hard and uncaring. It was cold, and no one would be there to listen to the cries of 7 scar-faced men, who had never in their lives received any mercy from anyone except the tender-hearted lady they were not merciful to. In sorrow, they built a flower bed for the lady that was like a mother to them. A lady, who was not beautiful in any way, physically, and yet was the most beautiful of women to the hearts of these 7 hard men whose lives were touched by her.

Their sobbing drew the attention of a prince who was not of the same world as themselves. He came from a galaxy far beyond the hard world that the 7 dwarfs were accustomed to, in a world where there was only love, mercy, kindness and goodness. He was the prince and would be King of that beautiful place, the Paradise.

He listened to the story of the 7 crying dwarfs, and was moved by the beauty of the young lady. He was attracted and drawn to her, not because of her physical appearance but because of her beautiful heart, that was loving, kind, merciful and tender. He looked at the pale, white face of the girl who was dead for quite a few hours, and the wound in her heart that was pierced there cruelly by the one she trusted in and loved. Tears of compassion fell from his eyes as he thought of the agony the young lady had to go through just before she died; the pain that must be so excruciating to the lady, left there by a someone she was trying to be kind to.

"Do not die, most beautiful of women," said the prince as he whispered into the ear of the breathless girl. "You must live because I want you to be my queen." The prince was born with a special kind of blood, a blood that could heal the most deadly of wounds. In his love for the young lady, he stabbed the dagger into his very own heart and as he was dying, allowed his blood to flow into the wounded heart of the tender-hearted lady. Every drop of his blood into the broken heart of Snow Black brought back to her a beat from her broken heart. Every dying breath of the prince as he sacrificially gave his own life for her brought back to her dead and still body her breath.

The prince gave up his life so that a young lady who was wounded in her heart by someone she loved and trusted could rise up from her grave. With every blood shed to redeem the life of a broken-hearted girl, the broken heart of the girl began to beat, again. With every breath that he gave out for the young lady in his sacrifice, the nose of the dead girl started to breathe again. As Snow Black's eyes began to open, she saw the smile of the dying prince before her.

"You are a good-hearted girl. You deserve to live. Do not die. I want you to be my Queen." He collapsed into the arms of the revived girl, who had heard all that he had spoken even while she was dead, and who had felt his blood gushing into her body healing her wounds. Tears fell from her eyes as she looked at the prince that chose to die so that she might live, again.

"Why... why did you die for someone like me?" Tears fell from her eyes as she looked at the prince that chose to die so that she might live, again. No one had sacrificed for her before. It was always she who was sacrificing for other people. No one had ever loved her so deeply. Yet, this prince, this prince from a faraway country, from paradise, came and fell in love with her. He said she was the most beautiful of women and he wanted to take her home with him as his queen.

He traded his life and shed his blood so that her wounded heart, pierced into pieces by the betrayal of the one she loved could beat, again. His blood healed the hole in her heart and brought life back into a young lady that would, otherwise, be dead. Tears flowed from Snow Black's eyes as she stared into the dead body of the prince. The hole in his heart was so much bigger, so much wider than what was previously there in that heart of hers. It was there because of His love.

"Don't die, my handsome prince. How can I be your Queen, if you are dead?" The tears of the princess woke the prince up from His slumber, and instantly, the handsome prince was transformed into a being that was full of sunshine brightness. A crown was on His head and His entire being was shinning with a golden-ness that so bright, that it blinded the eyes of the young lady for quite a long period of time.

"Are you really willing to come with me, most beautiful of women, to my Kingdom, to be my Queen?" The voice of the prince was different. Previously, the voice was loving and tender, and like a servant. Now, it was commanding, full of authority, and like that of a King. Snow Black smiled and shyly held the hand of the majestic being before her.

"Yes," she replied, with her head slightly bowed down, her cheeks flushed. They kissed.

And there were claps arising from the hands of the 7 dwarfs, and millions of invisible beings that suddenly became visible who had just arrived from paradise to escort their King and His newly found bride back to their Kingdom.

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Adam smiled as he looked at his beautiful wife, Eve.

What a treasure she was to him, a companion of companion. He could still remember how inadequate he felt when every animal was there but God had not yet created Eve. Eve was the best gift God had given to him. Eve was everything to him, Eve made him feel complete. Now, he had the most wonderful of helper to help him manage this garden which God had put him in.

"Honey, what are you thinking?" Eve asked as she handed a bunch of grapes to Adam.

"Of you, sweetie." Adam smiled. Grapes! Just the kind of fruits he like. Tasty, mouth-watering, simply wonderful! Is there ever an end to God's goodness?

Life was a bliss for them. Adam was glad that Eve and himself never listened to the serpent. They never  took of the fruit of tree of knowledge of good and evil, and therefore, did not bring about the death if God spoke of. It was a close shave, though. Both Adam and Eve were very tempted to taste the fruit that would make them like God. It was a very close shave, indeed.

"I was wondering, if we had took of the fruit God had forbidden us to, what would have happened?" Eve asked, as if she could read Adam's mind.

"Don't think of such things. Nothing good comes out of disobedience towards God and everything good comes out of obedience towards him."  Adam replied, as he looked in contentment at his wife.

"You are right, my darling."Eve smiled.

For Adam and Eve, life is a bliss and a paradise. And that is because they choose to obey God above all else.

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Ah Soh knew in his heart that his birthday was important. He would be 50 years old. His friend came into his tiny one room flat. Ah Soh was not the kind of person to host a party. He did not have the money!

For him, whatever little money he earned as a coffee shop assistant was just enough to make end meets. On some of the occassions, he could not even meet his end meets. On such occassions, he needed to seek financial and material help from his church. Fortunately for him, his church members were still quite ready to help Ah Soh tide through his difficult moments.

Ah Soh wanted to be a pastor. He wanted to preach for Jesus so much, so much. But he was not born during biblical times. In those days, anyone could be a pastor. Peter and most of Jesus' disciples were uneducated people!

In Singapore, a person needed to attend a bible college to be able to preach, officially. Ah Soh could not be a pastor. He was not smart in his studies. He failed his PSLE. Going to a bible college was an impossible dream for him.

Still, Ah Soh wanted to tell his friends about Jesus. All his uneducated friends. All of them who spoke Hokkien like him. All of them who could not speak proper english. So he saved up his money, little by little. He cut down on his food. He wore the same clothe, year after year, without buying new ones. He walked to his church instead of taking buses. He tried his best to cut down on his transport cost.

Finally, he had just enough money to host a birthday party. And that was what he did.

"Ah Soh, happy birthday!" His friends greeted him one by one. When all of his friends were in his house and they were done with eating, Ah Soh got them to sit in a circle. He spoke about Jesus passionately to his friends. He spoke on and on, ignoring the occassional mockeries that came from his unbelieving friends.

His friends left his home, seemingly unchanged and unmoved. But in Jesus' eyes, unknowingly to Ah Soh or the church in Singapore, Jesus saw a pastor. This pastor was uneducated. This pastor could only speak in Hokkien. This pastor did not win a single soul. This pastor preached only 1 sermon during his entire life for Jesus.

Still, in Jesus' eyes, he saw and smiled at pastor Soh.

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She was not here.

The sanctuary was filled with man and women, boys and girls, people from every racial background.

The worship leaders were standing on stage, preparing to lead the crowd that had entered into the The Church of Our Savior for worship.

“Everyone, are you ready to worship the King?” the main worship leader for the day shouted into his microphone. The people resounded with joyous “yes”.

The worship began.

The music instruments were right, the people’s voice resounded together in harmony, it was a wonderful worship experience.

I felt like I was connected into this body called the church of God, singing with the people in the crowd, singing with the saints and angels in heaven. I could hear in my mind the beautiful voices of the angel joining us in worship of the King of kings.

How wonderful, how great it is to be in His presence. I wanted to remain here, forever, to praise and worship Him for all eternity.

But something bugged me. It ruined my wonderful moment of worship. It destroyed a little bit of that joy I had, worshipping Him here in the presence of His saints.

She was not here, she was not here, she was not here.

The voice nagged at me, again and again. It gave me no peace.

She, Wang Yi Hui, had not been here today. She was not here last week. Or the week before. Or the month before. Or months before.She was one of the most joyous people; she was always the one to give her best in worshipping the Lord. She was always at the front row; she was always so absorbed in her worship of Him that she became oblivious to everything else.

But she was not here, today.

I tried to forget her absence, I tried to forget her. People fell away from the church, often. Why should I let the absence of a mere lady affected me in my joy of worshipping Him who save me?

But the voice refused to let me off.

She was not here, she was not here, she was not here. It was almost as if someone was sobbing, someone was crying within my heart. Someone missed her. She was not here, someone cried.

I could not take the nagging voice, anymore. It was affecting me in a greater manner than I wanted it to.

I got out of the sanctuary, and went to the toilet to take a break from the worship. I wanted a break from the nagging voice that bugged me.

Her son died in a car accident, I heard. He was unsaved. No one had bothered to attend his funeral, he happened to die on Christmas and no one wanted to spoil their joyous mood by attending the funeral of the son of a woman they hardly knew.

Was that when she stopped attending the service? Was that when her joyous dance and beautiful voice began to disappear from our church?

She was not here, she was not here, she was not here. The nagging voice followed me on and on. It was almost like a cry from somebody who missed her lively dance, her beautiful voice.

I went into one of the cubicles in the toilet.

A vision of a past event flashed before my eyes. It was a time when Yi Hui and I were at the house of another Christian sister, to enjoy some moments of female fellowship. We were trying to piece together a set of jigsaw puzzle that had the face of Jesus. We worked for hours, it was a difficult puzzle.

We almost completed the face of Jesus. Almost. One puzzle was missing, it was lost somehow, and we could not complete the jigsaw puzzle. The other 999 pieces were there, but this 1 missing piece made the face of Jesus incomplete.

I burst into tears inside the cubicle. He was the one crying.

He was crying for His 1 missing puzzle. Corporate worship was not complete unless she was here. But she was not here, today.

I repented of my sins for not being there with her last Christmas when her son passed away, and I prayed for her to come back. I wanted to dance and worship Him together with her.

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It was night. Late at night.
She was sitting there, alone.
Everyone had gone home.
But she was still there, alone.

The brown box which contained her father was there with her.
The accursed brown box. The final bed of her father.

Her father. The one she loved.

He lied there, in the accursed brown box, asleep. He would never wake, again.

She sobbed.

“Oh, God…”

The crickets were singing at a distance, nearby, oblivious, indifferent to the piercing pain that numbed her. How selfish they were! Didn’t they know that she had just lost her father… forever?

“Oh, God…”

The Taoist priest had chanted loudly during the funeral. He was opening the way for her father to journey into his new after-life. She wished he wasn’t the one to conduct her father’s funeral.

“Oh, God…”

She held tightly to her cross. So tightly it bit into her palm. Red liquid flowed.

“I am the way, the truth and the life. No one came to the Father except through me.”

These words, they had always been her comforts. What joy they had been to her when her eyes were first enlightened to the reality of His love and she took that first step to accept Him into her life. Yet, these were the words that were piercing her, now.

Repeatedly, cruelly, again, and again.

“Please accept Jesus, Daddy,” she pleaded, at the sick bed of her father.“I love you, my child, but I am a staunch Taoist.” He was determined that he did not need Him, until the end. Why was he so stubborn?

“Oh, God…”

She wanted to scream, she wanted to shout, she wanted to do something to stop that burning pain within.

Why didn’t He save her father, why didn’t He?

“My father, is he going to be in hell?”
“God has a purpose for everything, Shu Mei.”
“Cut that out, pastor, tell me the truth!”
“Shu Mei, I am sorry.”
“It is a sin to say that.”
“Oh, shut up!”

They will never understand. They are from Christian homes, Christian families. All their loved ones, all their relatives are Christians. What do they know of her pains?

“I will change place with my father if I can. I will take his place. Oh, God, I really will. Where is my father, now?”

He disappeared. He never spoke a word to her. She knew the answer to her question. She didn’t want an answer.

She sobbed.

“My God, my God, why had you forsaken me!” She screamed.

The red liquid fell from her palm like rain-drop to merge with the puddle of her tears that formed on the ground.

She was oblivious to a shadow that stood behind her. He had been there for a long time. He had never stirred. His right hand was placed on her shoulder, hand that made the star, hand that was pierced on the cross, but hand that could do nothing to alter the free-will of someone who chose to reject Him.

The tears that fell from His face and the words that He longed to say were shut off from her eyes and ears. But it did not matter. He stayed there with her.

It was night. Late at night.
She was sitting there, confused.
Everyone had gone home.
But she was still there, in pain.
It rained. She was not alone. He was sobbing.

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For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother's womb. (Psalm 139:13)

The sea was so beautiful. She loved the music of the waves splashing to and fro, she loved to look at the sea whenever she felt that the sorrow within her was about to swallow her.

"You must be there, somewhere… …" she uttered, softly to herself. "Why… why did you make me?"

The sea splashed to and fro, it gave her a soothing feeling, a temporal comfort that eased away the meaninglessness of the daily routine of life and the needle-like pain that just would not disappear away from that fragile heart of hers.

"You must be very big," she smiled to herself. "I know you must be, or you won't be able to make the sea."

The moon stared from the night sky, wondering why a girl would be alone by herself at the beach near East Coast Park at a time when every school girl and boy ought to be asleep at home.

"Who are you?" She took a step towards the sea, into the shallowness of the water. "I will find up soon enough. I am tired… of this pathetic life of mine."

Two steps, three steps, four steps, five steps, farther and farther into the sea she went.

"You are a failure in society." The scream of Math's teacher, Mrs. Ho.

"You are hopeless." The sigh of her mother.

"Why aren't you like the other sisters out there in the world?" The disappointment of her younger sister.

The red marks in her examination scripts. The loneliness during lessons in school.

Nerds, she heard her classmates laughed secretly behind her back.

A pathetic life.

Needle-like pains pierced through her heart, pains she could not understand, pains that would not go away.

Into the water she went, deeper and deeper. Her face began to rain. She never understood the water that raced slowly down from her eyes. Needle-like pains.

The sea water was happy to dance around her waist.

He… seemed to be there somewhere, somewhere beyond the night sky, somewhere in a galaxy far away.

Who is he? Why did he make her, only to abandon her, to a cruel and hopeless world that did not want her? She wished she could hear his voice, once, just once, to know that he is real, to know that he is not a figment of men's imagination, to find up that there is a purpose, a reason behind why he made such a pathetic third class human being like her.

The sea water licked to and fro at her neck, some of them trying to reach up to her nostril to no avail.

Soon, she will disappear away into the sea, into the night sky, and the unhappy faces and angry voices that never left her would finally cease from her memories forever.

"I love you, Zhui Mei." Something spoke into her mind.


"Is that you, God?" She exclaimed. There was no answer. There was no more noise in her mind.

Was that her imagination, or… was it from him?

She continued to walk into the deeper part of the sea water. What was it like to have life extinguished?

"I love you, Zhui Mei. I love you, Zhui Mei." This time, whoever it was spoke twice into her mind.

"You didn't want me to die, God?"

There was no reply, again. It was pure silence. But somehow, her desire to end her life wavered. Perhaps, it wasn't her imagination that spoke to her. Perhaps, there was still someone… whoever he may be… someone who did not think that she was a failure, someone who did not felt that this was a life that was cheap and worthless. Someone who could see some worth in an otherwise, unworthy subhuman.

"I hate my life!" She burst into tears as she walked towards the beach, away from the deeper part of the sea. "No one likes me, no one wants me, no one cares if I live or die, no one thinks I am worth anything at all."

He, nobody in particular, appeared to be listening. The only person in the universe who bothered to listen to the rants of a third class citizen among the people around her. As "he" listened to her, she poured out all of her life frustrations unto his shoulders, and a heavy load was somehow lifted off from her for that little moment.

Sigh, if only he was real and not her imagination.

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I am a vampire. I loved to watch unsuspecting males come to me. I thought they deserved their deaths as I drained their blood. The looks of fear on their faces thrilled me. Yet, somewhere within me, I felt dirty. Unclean.
Then, one day, I heard of Him. Jesus Christ. It was said that this man could perform any kind of miracles.
Hope began to reign in me. Perhaps, just perhaps, I could be a human, again. No more curses, more days of sucking human blood, no more uncleanness.
So, I visited Him at night.
"Make me a human, so that I could not sin." I pleaded.
He replied, "It does not matter whether you are a human or a vampire. The choice to sin or not lies not in that."
"If you do not make me a human, I will suck your blood." I threatened.
"My blood will be given at the proper time. Tonight is not the day." He replied, with a firm conviction. I did not know what came over me, but I did not suck His blood that night.
I was very bitter, however over the fact that He did not respond to my plead. Then, I heard of His death, from a group of Christians I met. How it was voluntary, how He died and shed His blood so that mankind can be reconciled to their maker.
"Dear Jesus, I am a vampire, and not a human. Will you save me too?" I prayed. I had no hope that He would save me, after all, He had rejected my plead before.
Still, a change came over me. I no longer craved human blood. Instead, I feed on animal's blood. He is truly still a man of miracles!

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On 11/26/2022 at 11:04 PM, chongjasmine said:

"Do not…do not kill me." She trembled in fear, holding tightly to a book.

wow! i'm not particularly religious, but this one was very interesting and sweet even to me. i bet if you wrote a novel with that premise it could gain a lot of traction in Christian communities, as it has an extremely interesting premise.

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Susan wept. She had tried days to get a baby, but it was to no avail. Every night, she went to bed, with an attempt to get pregnant. Every day, she was disappointed by the fact that pregnancy did not come in spite of her trying hard for it.

Susan thought about Jesus, and thought that where human efforts might fail, perhaps the Lord will succeed. Therefore she prayed, "Jesus, if you give me a chuld of my own, I will dedicate him or her in service to you and teach him or her about your ways."

Jesus heard her, and next year, she gave birth to a son, whom she named Tom. When Tom was born, though, Susan was so busy taking care of him and ensuring that his physical needs were met, that she forgot about her promise to God. She failed to dedicate the child to God. She did not teach him about Jesus nor did she tell bible stories to him when it was bedtime. She did not pray for him to grow up right in the Lord. And on his 13th birthday, as per his request, she bought him a deck of tarot cards even though divination was a sin in the bible.

 The child grew in his love for the occult and progressed from playing with tarot cards to accepting Satan into his life as his lord and father. He bought a Satanic bible for himself, much to the distress of Susan. Because Satan hated Jesus, Tom hated Jesus as well. Since his mother was a Christian who worshipped Jesus, he hated her as well. He placed a curse in her life and was very rude to her. He even told her how he hated her and did not want her as a mother.

 Due to the trouble with her son, Susan began to pour out her woes to Jesus.

"Oh Jesus, I rather you never brought Tom into my life! Why did you give him to me when he would grow up to be so rebellious!" Jesus quietly listened to her complaints thpigh the folks lied with her.

On his 23rd birthday, Tom was sentenced to the death row for the multiple murders of Christian children. He did it as a devotion to his father Satan. Susan was deeply grieved. As a result of Tom's rebellion, she had grown close to Jesus and Jesus reminded her that long ago, she promised to dedicate her son to Him and still could do so, if she would. Even though she had not kept her side of the bargain while the Lord had kept His, the Lord was kind and patient with her and told her to pray for her son's salvation.

 Susan repented of her sins. She began to fall on her knees and prayed for the salvation of Tom. She dedicated her son Tom to Jesus and asked Him to use him in heaven even while he could not use him on earth. The Lord graciously answered her prayers. Tom met a pastor during his time in jail and just before he was given the electric chair, he received Jesus as his savior and wrote to his mother to forgive him for the unfilial son that he was. Susan was overjoyed. She might have lose his son on earth, but she gained a son in eternity. And that is because she remember her promise to dedicate her son to Jesus.

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