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Elantris theory


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I suppose it could be Shardic intervention, but I've always read it as Wyrn preparing to fulfill the Derethi prophecy of bringing Jaddeth into the world by uniting all peoples under their religion. It's clear that this Wyrn is highly ambitious, but as Brandon covers in a WoB (I can't post links yet, but you can filter entries on the Arcanum by the tag Sel and search for it there), there is no intrinsic reason to tie that trait to being influenced by a Shard. I do note, however, that he doesn't specifically deny Autonomy's influence in this case, and given her role so far, she probably would try to influence the planet if she could.

Unfortunately, until we get another look at what the heck is going on with Sel, we're left in the dark as to the other Shards' plans for the planet, but it's clear that it will be a major player in the overall story of the Cosmere. Despite that, the Selish worldhoppers we've seen, namely some members of the Ghostblooods and the Seventeenth Shard, and of course the Ire, are all operating independent of Shards. I have two guesses for the possible reasons behind this: the splintering of Devotion and Dominion and the vortex of power left in the Cognitive Realm is dangerous to Shards as well, if not quite as much as it is to mortals or perhaps that the remaining Shards are just more interested in dealing with the pressing threats of other Shards still able to act with Intent rather than an investiture-rich world rendered somewhat impotent by the splintering of it's vessels.

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We do already know (from the most recent spoiler stream) that Brandon plans for Elantris 2 to begin with Wyrn Wulfden the Fourth truthfully announcing the return of Jaddeth because he says Aonic people and Rose Empire people don't really count as "all mankind". 

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