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Nvidia unveils the details behind the tegra 3

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Until now, just know under the name project Kal-el.

Their new tegra 3 chipset will be quad core device with a 5th "companion core" for battery saving purposes, with a 12 core GPU, support for faster ram chips (DDR3L-1500) and much more. In about a month, they're going to be putting this things in tablets. At the beginning of next year, these beasts are going into phones.

Awesome, no?

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Yeah, i'm totally gonna get one of these things when they put them in phones next year to replace my epic 4G.

Sad part is, when i do, the CPU in my phone will technically be have better specs than the one in my computer (i have a dual core 2.3 ghz in my laptop. Kinda old, but it works for me), though obviously this one is ARM architecture as opposed to x86 architecture, which makes a difference. I know obviously it won't technically be better, but its just weird thinking about the cores/speed vs my PC and that my tiny phone has bigger numbers.

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