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Dragonsteel 2022 book distribution question

Mason Wheeler

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I just had a look at the Dragonsteel 2022 schedule, and noticed something rather disturbing.  At the bottom of the first day, 10 PM timeslot, it says "THE LOST METAL BOOK DISTRIBUTION".

I really, really hope that that doesn't mean what it appears to say, that no one's getting their book until 10 at night.  While that may make some degree of sense for people who fly in and get a hotel room a block away, Brandon also has a pretty strong local fanbase, but local doesn't necessarily mean "Salt Lake City."  Heck, Brandon himself is based out of the Provo general area, nearly an hour's drive away.  So am I, and no one wants to make a drive home like that after 10 PM!  And while you could theoretically take the train, a glance at the schedule says you're almost guaranteed to need to wait another hour and won't make it home before midnight.

Will there be any provisions for people who have difficulty staying around until unreasonably late at night?

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That's when the book releases, midnight EST. For any other physical location that's distributing the book (i.e. bookstores that haven't broken release date), you'd have to wait until Tuesday morning, so getting it Monday night is already giving it out early. If you're not able to stay that late, I'm sure that you'll be able to pick it up when you return to the con the next day.

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