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Bless your stars, I think


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I started listening to audiobooks through audible at the start of the year and have gone through 30+ books so far. Most of it during work. I would be listening to 2/3 books at a time. 

Using reddit sub forums like audible/books/SuggestMeABook, I was gathering what books I wanted to listen to. Through cash sales, 2 for 1 credit sales, etc… I bought up to 314 titles. Brandon Sanderson name was brought up quite a bit so that’s how I was introduce to him: word of mouth. 

I started listening to the Cytoverse series beginning with Skyward and got hooked to his work. I went through the entire series including the novellas. Even buying the kindle ebook of each one. 

I ventured into Mistborn. I have gone through both era 1 and 2 and now awaiting the release of The Lost Metal. 

Listened to Secret History multiple times and Allomancer Jak. I have to check out the Eleventh Metal again. 

Right now I have began listening to Warbreaker. I’ll probably check out Elantris next. Then Lost Metal. Afterwards Stormlight Archive. 

I am loving everything about the Cosmere and the potential of it all. I enjoy going to work and going through several chapters a day. Killing two birds with one stones. 

Favorite book so far, hard to tell.. they were all good to me. Much better than anything on television. 

Favorite character: Wayne and M-Bot

Most emotional scene: Wax releasing he killed Lizzie again. 

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1 hour ago, Cinnamon said:

Welcome to the shard! Who is your favourite era 1 character?

It would be Kelsier. I was amazed with him throughout TFE. I believe in him. When Lord Ruler struck him with the spear after telling him “But you can't kill me, Lord Tyrant. I represent that one thing you've never been able to kill, no matter how hard you try. I am hope.” I felt like Vin did. 

Watching Vin take his torch and defeat Lord Ruler at the end of TFE was great vengeance to the Survivor!

Then in secret history. I love how he had the audacity to punch a God. 

Second favorite is the married couple of King Elend Venture and his wife, the Ascended Warrior, Vin! To watch them grow and die together was a journey. Hopefully we get to see them again in the other side.

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On 10/15/2022 at 8:14 AM, Cash67 said:

Welcome to the Shard! If you could have one of the magics/tech that you’ve read about, which one would it be?

Steelpushing would be kinda awesome to have. I would use it to reach the top of buildings. Or use it to crash into a bunch of bad guy. 

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