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I recently made and uploaded images of several of the Aons, and I'm looking for feedback. You can find them here. I also have Aon, Ala and Deo, but didn't overwrite the existing images. Specific things that I am looking for:

1. What is the best filetype/resolution to upload them as? They are currently (mostly) 640x640 .gif files.

2. Where else should these images go?

3. Should I replace the current images for Aon, Ala and Deo?

4. How do they look (image quality)? Should I make the lines thicker/thinner, or any other suggestions?

5. How do they look (artistically/mechanically)? Have I made any mistakes in their construction, even minor ones? (Daa and Ata excepted, I will fix those)

Some background info: I am constructing these in a CAD program (archimedes), not a vector art program (like Adobe Illustrator), which adds some limitations. They are quite easy (and quick) to construct from copying, moving, flipping, and rotating the base Aon, which fits the magic quite well. With four exceptions (Ala, Aha, Eshe and Mea), every Aon has exactly one unmodified (not rotated or flipped) Aon.

When I get around to it, it shouldn't take more than a couple of hours to finish the rest in the same style.

Be critical, it's the only way it'll improve.

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Hey there ulyssessword, awesome job :D

Is there any way of outputting them as vectors (and uploading them in a zip to the forums like I did with the metals)? that would make them easily scalable.

One obvious improvement would be to output them at a much larger resolution, so you dont get that pixilation effect on the curves.

Another improvement would be to output them with transparent backgrounds, so that they fit in better with the articles you've included them in.

And that was an awesome improvement to the 'text' based aon on the Aon article :D thanks for that.


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I exported them as SVG files (zip attached). This introduced several (almost negligible) bugs, mostly corners being stepped and the dots becoming noticeably circles, but it is overall much better. I also made the lines thinner, as they no longer disappear into the background.

As for transparent backgrounds, sorry, but that is beyond me/my settings.

I had no good way of exporting the images to a usable format, so I simply took a screenshot, cropped it, and used that, which resulted in the poor image quality and limited the resolution. Even if vector art isn't used, I can get much better quality by using it as an intermediate step (see attached images for comparison)

Aons batch 1.zip



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