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Yolen's Finest

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2 hours ago, Yolen's Finest said:

Hi Im Ant

I'm someone that got into Stormlight a few years ago and now I've read the rest of the Cosmere. Both Stormlight and Mistborn are two of my favorite fictional series. And I'm a big fan of Hoid. 

Welcome to the Shard! I look forward to seeing you around.

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3 hours ago, Morningtide said:

Welcome to the shard! Of Stormlight and Mistborn, which is your favorite magic system? 

I would have to say Allomancy is my favorite magic system in the Cosmere right now. It's made for some really interesting fights and seeing it evolve in use in the two Eras has been cool. 

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3 hours ago, The Wandering Wizard said:

Welcome to the shard! Any other favorite characters besides Hoid?

My other favorite characters would be Vin, Kelsier, Dalinar, Lightsong, and Taravangian. It's very hard as of right now to even put together a top 5 because I also have really enjoyed Kaladin, Shallan, and even Elend of course.

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