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Theory: Feruchemy manipulates your sDNA


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Investiture mimics life, and Cognitive Shadows are Investiture mimicking the person they used to inhabit.

Feruchemy is moving around the investiture of your Spiritual self and affecting your Physical self as a result.

Evidence: A person filling a nicrosil metalmind is experiencing a loss of kinetic investiture and is undetectable by an Awakener.

Forgery would work very similarly mechanically, as it also changes your physical self through manipulating your sDNA.


Edit: Could a Cognitive Shadow be stored in a nicrosilmind?

What would happen to someone who tapped an unkeyed Cognitive Shadow??

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I doubt you can store a Cognitive Shadow because I think nicrosil Feruchemy isn't just "store any Investiture" I think it's specifically "store Innate Investiture bits that are keys to powers". But who knows, we've only seen it used in medallions which may not be identical to the normal use of Nicrosil Feruchemy.

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