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Voidspren Transition to Physical Realm (Stormlight Archive spoilers)

The Stormuncle


Do voidspren in The Stormlight Archive have the same ill effects Radient Spren experience when transitioning to the physical realm?

I know our sample size of onscreen speaking roles for voidspren is small, but Ulim doesn’t seem to have the amnesia, and naïveté about the world when he is introduced like a radiant spren would. I know he came from a gem so it’s not as clear to me when, how he was placed in the gem, or which realm he was in when captured into the gem. Just curious if there are answers out there about this.

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I think Ulim's type specifically doesn't suffer or suffer less trauma from moving between realms but it's inconclusive in the case of all voidspren.

While Ulim's transition was unorthodox with the gem involved, we have a pretty probable example of this type of voidspren who transitioned the usual way: Yixli. She transitioned to the Physical Realm presumably through the Everstorm and she seemed pretty intelligent only a few weeks after it when she confronted Kaladin. I think this particular type of voidspren doesn't experience the amnesia of truespren because they don't require a Nahel bond to survive. After all, their role is to guide Singers, not grant a form of power.

On the other hand, when it comes to voidspren that grant forms of power, I think they're more likely to suffer the amnesia. This is because like truespren, these voidspren transitioned to form Nahel bonds so remaining unbonded can cause adverse effects. This is all headcanon and theorizing so take it with a grain of salt.

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