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Kelsier*Spoilers from the first book*


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Just finished reading the first book and decided to make a short poem for Kelsier.


Tall and proud you stood against the tyrant,

Friends and family killed, yet you still stood defiant.

In the eyes of a noble a dangerous felon,

Yet a symbol of hope to the Skaa rebellion.

Most noted for being the Survivor of Hathsin,

Respected for the strength that you held within,

Achieved the impossible and killed an Inquisitor,

Late in attendance but still a beloved visitor.

Don't you know Dockson won't move on with ease?

Never got to say your good byes to Breeze,

Now you went and left Vin with Sazed,

To bring a new world with the path you paved.

Sad you never got to see Marsh in life again,

Or see the Lord Ruler's reign come to an end,

Hope you put your worries about Mare to rest,

Listen to Vin, for she knows best.

In our hearts your sacrifice is engraved.

We'll never forget all the lives you saved,

You died in the streets in a burst of glory,

In the final chapter of your life's story.

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The line about Sazed confused me, until I realized you must be pronouncing his name differently than I do. Then again, I pronounce most fantasy names different from other people, so go figure. Interesting though, that you picked that version. The only other people I know who pronounce it that way are a few friends of mine.

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