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Found 1 result

  1. Mid-Range Game 15: The Dula Revolution -------------------- Welcome to Duladel, the greatest city in Opelon, Kolo? It's election season here, and people are campaigning left and right. Of course, some Derethi rulos have shown up and are causing trouble, but what harm could they possibly do? -------------------- This scenario takes place in an affluent section of Duladel just before Hrathen begins the revolution. There are three distinct groups with their own victory conditions.: -The Derethi Converts: The nobles that have secretly converted to Shu Dereth in the hope of gaining political power after the revolution. They win if they outnumber the non-Derethi players, regardless of whether or not the Jeskeri Mysteries Cult controls the senate (the Cult loses in this case.) The Converts have their own doc, and can use a kill action on each night cycle. -The Jeskeri Mysteries Cult: They win if the Derethi Converts are exterminated while half or more of the Senate belongs to the Mysteries. If the Derethi religion is stamped out and the Mysteries Cult does not control the senate, the members of The Cult will be executed (and lose.) The Cult also has its own doc, and can use a kill action on each even-numbered night cycle.. -The Dulas: The Korathi, Jeskers, and Shu-Kesegans. They win if the Derethi religion is stamped out, but if The Cult controls half or more of the Senate seats at the end of the final cycle, all Non-Cultists will die horrible deaths (and lose) -------------------- Day and night cycles will be separate in this game, each lasting 24 hours. rollover is at 12:00 AM GMT, or 7:00 PM US Central time. -------------------- Roles: -Gyorn: This is the leader of Duladel's branch of Shu-Dereth. The role is only available to members of Shu-Dereth. -Abilities: - Dakhor Spies: Each day cycle, the Gyorn can inspect a single player to learn their role, but not their alignment. -Korathi Acolyte: You've recently converted to Shu-Korath, and you're eager to fulfill your mission to bring about unity through love and brotherhood. Derethi Converts and Mysteries Cultists cannot be Korathi Acolytes. -Abilities: -Korathi Forum: An Acolyte begins the game with their own special doc, which they can add one player to once each night cycle. -Kesegan Monk: A monk of the Kesegan sect. You've received training in the martial art of Chaysan, which gives you a significant edge over your enemies. You can perform one of the following actions each night cycle: -Abilities: -Kesegan Guardian:Can guard any player currently in the game each night cycle. If a kill action is used on that player, the identity of the attacker will be revealed to you via PM and the player you're guarding will not be killed. You can use this action on yourself, but the identity of your attacker will not be revealed should you be attacked in this case. -Vigilante: Can attack any player currently in the game each night cycle. If the player is a Derethi Convert, Mysteries Cultist, or Duelist, they will be informed of the attempt made on their life and the kill action will fail, and you'll be informed that they defended themselves. If the player is being guarded or otherwise unable to be killed, you will be informed of that. Otherwise, the target will die. -Merchant: This player happens to be a particularly wealthy merchant, and they have the option of getting out of town if things are getting rough for them. -Abilities: -Business Trip: Once per game, these players can choose to skip a night cycle. They will not be able to take any actions that cycle, but are immune to kill actions. -Duelist: You've trained extensively with dueling swords, and use this power to guard the Republicans from those who would do them harm in these troubled times. -Abilities: -Guard: These players can select a Senator to defend each night cycle, and during that cycle, kill actions used against that player will be blocked. You will be informed whether or not that person was attacked. -The Landlord: An affluent citizen in Dula society. Your money and influence give you the ability to change the results of elections. -Abilities: -Affluence: Landlords can add an extra, anonymous vote to either the Election or the Recall on Night Cycles. ---------------------------------------- The Senate: The Senate (I'm calling it the Senate, though the canon probably has a different, as-of-now unstated name for it) is the center of Dula society. Each night cycle, there is both an election and a recall election, in which a player is selected to join the Senate and forced to leave the senate, respectively. 3-5 players will be randomly selected to be the initial Senators. These players can have any role or religious affiliation. Senate Discussions take place on a public doc. A senator must have at least 2 votes on them to be elected. A senator must have at least 5 votes on them to be recalled If the Election/Recall vote is tied, the Senator to be elected/recalled will be selected randomly from the top tied contenders. The senate can have no more than 5 members. If 5 players are currently in the senate, only the Recall election will take place that cycle. In addition, no Recall Election will take place if there are 2 or less players currently in the senate. Votes for Election are in green Repealing Election votes are in red Votes for Recall are in blue Repealing Recall votes are in orange I hope that that's... not too confusing. Basically, lynching takes place on day cycles, elections take place on night cycles. Senators are protected from kill actions on the night in which they are elected. ------------------------------------- The Senate has two main functions each day cycle: Senate Vote: Whoever the Senate collectively votes for in the special vote on the senate doc will recieve three additional votes on them for the lynch. Senate Inspection: The Senators also vote to inspect one player once each day cycle. The player's role and alignment will be revealed via PM to a random Senator. Senators will vote for a player on the public doc. A simple majority will determine who the senate vote and the senate inspection goes on. And finally, once per game, the senate can vote to suspend the lynch entirely. This requires the agreement of the majority of the senate in a simple yes-kolo or no-kolo poll. ------------------------------------- An award goes to the player that creates the most posts that use the word "kolo" more than twice. Signups end on July 1st! Player list: Quick Links: