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Found 4 results

  1. I know that there has been a lot of speculation as to what the name of Cultivation's Vessel is. The fact that we do not know the name of her Vessel yet is to me extremely suspicious, because of the Shards that we know, practically all of their names have been revealed. This is a comprehensive list as far as I know... Preservation - Leras Ruin - Ati Devotion - Aona Dominion- Skai Endowment - Edgli Ambition - Uli Da Autonomy - perhaps Trell (or perhaps Trell is one of Autonomy's avatars...) - actually I just looked this up to be sure and her name is Bavadin apparently (not sure where we learned that...) Honor - Tanavast Odium - Rayse Cultivation - ???? So why don't we know the name of Cultivation's Vessel? Because the thing is, knowing the names of all of the other Vessels doesn't really tell us anything that interesting about them - it's not that big a secret what the name of Odium, is for example. Learning that Honor is Tanavast or Ambition is Uli Da is just interesting information, it doesn't really pull together any cosmere threads or give us the answers to any big RAFOs. This has led me to believe that Cultivation's shard name is important somehow. Why else wouldn't we know it? Is Brandon just withholding this information to be mysterious, or is there some deeper reason? We know the name of Ambition's Vessel from Threnody, and all we have seen from the planet of Threnody is one short story that probably isn't very significant to the larger cosmere, whereas we have three gigantic volumes from the Stormlight Archive, with Cultivation being mentioned in all three and even appearing in Oathbringer, and we still don't know her name. At this point, I might be a little bit annoyed if her name had zero cosmere significance, just because it's been teased for so long. My immediate thought is that her name is either Senna or Reya, because those are the only ambiguous female names floating around that could have some cosmere significance. However, Brandon has confirmed that Reya is not Cultivation's name, as shown by THIS COMMENT on a thread from 2014 (which shows how long we've been discussing this dilemma). There is also the possibility that her name is Senna, which is a name that Preservation just mindlessly mutters to himself in Secret History. Senna is discussed in THIS thread from 2016, but the impression I get is that Senna is important to Leras as a person, but not necessarily a god herself, and therefore not likely Cultivation. So the question remains, who is Cultivation's Vessel? I don't think it's very productive to just grasp at random names from the cosmere and wonder, "Is THIS Cultivation?" because it seems to me like Brandon is intentionally keeping her a secret, and I don't think we're going to find anything. However, the bigger question then becomes, WHY is Cultivation's name a secret? My theory is that her name is important somehow - that it will reveal something about the cosmere - but I have no idea what that could be. Any ideas?
  2. So I was recently skimming through the shard and was thinking about Trell and Senna. We know that preservation had failed someone and i propose that that person was Senna or as we know her, Trell. I think that when Laras was about to become a shard Senna told him that he had to contain Ruin. She made him promise this. After he had become Preservation she became Justice and decided to hold him to his promise. After the siege of Luthadel happened he had failed her by letting all these people get killed by Ruin. She was really angry and flew towards Scadrial. This is the red haze we now know as Trell. She wants to enact justice on Preservation. P.S. I know that he should have called her by her shards name but maybe he never saw her when she wasn't Senna? What do you think?
  3. I recently was skimming through the shard and bumped into a thing about Senna. I was wondering who she could be and thought of an idea. What if Senna was another shard? There are unnamed vessels and one of them could have made preservation promise to hold off ruin and help people survive. Now when so many people died she was annoyed that he failed her. Because of this she got really angry. She then sprinted towards scadrial and formed the red haze and we now know her as Trell. Any idea what her intent could be? Post your ideas below
  4. The Ire mentions Fortune, with a capital F. It sounds like a Shard to me. - Location 1389, Kindle Are we absolutely positive that there is no Shard on Threnody? I haven't read Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell because I didn't think it was important in the greater scheme of the Cosmere. I suppose I need to rethink that position now. Also, who is Senna? Whoever she is, she's likely the bearer of a Shard. Preservation mentions her. -Location 823, Kindle Maybe Senna is the holder of Fortune. Maybe she's someone totally different. Why do I assume she's a she?