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Found 3 results

  1. Well I was going to skip this week, but y'all said you wanted material so I'm throwing some old stuff in the pipeliine. For those that haven't seen this story - I'm following young journalist Nina Constantinos through a near-future world where she is covering the election of a new pope for a TV news network. My villian is her editor/boss, Priscilla Davis, and for our purposes here you also need to know Dan Dragovich, the fatherly host of a primetime news show who doesn't get along with Priscilla. This is a bit different from my normal, as I'm jumping out of sequence. But, since I've gotten some feedback for too much set-up and not enough action/plot, I wanted to share the first big plot twist and see how you think I can get here from where I am. I pre-wrote this several months ago, and I've essentially been discovery-writing my way toward it. Between where I am and here, I'm going to need to establish that Priscilla seems to be consciously manipulating the news content on the network, that she's subliminally encouraging Madison's alcoholism, and that she's running Nina ragged trying to test her. For those who know the story, I'd be interested to see how far away you think I am (or am not) from connecting the dots, and how much set up you think this does or doesn't need. I don't want to spoil the whole thing, but for those who care, the main plot is going to have less to do with the pope and everything to do with the internal tension at WWN and how that affects the society that views them - the the story is going to take place over about 18 months following this event, and will include several interconnected news stories. So, I guess this is more of a "consult on the larger story" than "this week's chapter". Since this is an older scene, it lacks some of the complexity of the plot, but it shows where the whole Rome angle is going.
  2. So, I've realized that after next week, I run out of pre-written continuous material for "Millenial Reign". I have a ton of stuff written for later in the plot - ranging from near the beginning to near the end, but it's not in order. I bounce around writing skeleton scenes and then try to connect the dots later. So, for your purposes here, do you prefer to read chronologically from beginning to end - in which case I slow down my submission until I figure out what happens in the "next chapter in order". Or do you want to see the unconnected later dots (of which I have plenty)? I'm probably about a chapter or two away from connecting my first big sequence into the continuous chronology, but it's still a valid question,
  3. Previously on "Millenial Reign" - we've seen a young journalist named Prissy Davis freak out for no good reason at a baptism in 2014 Washington, DC. Then we fast-forwarded 19 years to December 2033 in Wisconsin, where a young local news reporter named Nina Constantinos has just been offered the promotion of her life by Priscilla Davis, the powerful Editor in Chief of WorldWide News network (WWN). This week we finish up Nina's time in Wisconsin and follow her to Washington for a somewhat shocking first day as a WWN National Correspondent. I'll offer my standard "this is not a sci-fi story" disclaimer inasmuch as it's meant to be a newsroom drama that just happens to be in the future, and the technology takes a back seat to the characters and social movements. This has not gotten as much revision as I would like, and honestly I wrote some new material here just today, but these chapters are ones I really wanted shopped. The first of the two is a bit more of the unmitigated sappiness that pervaded the first submission - although I'd like to think it's a bit better-written than it's predecessor. The second is when Nina finally gets dumped into the wild world of 2034 Washington DC. This was originally my beginning, and this is the third version of it, but it's still going to need work. I'm interested in feedback on the blocking of the scene on the Metro - what helps, what doesn't. This is my town and my neighborhood, and I'm very familiar with this particular Metro stop's odd layout. I don't want to bog down in detail, but I also want it to make sense. Also, tips on foreshadowing and worldbuilding without being ham-handed - the blonde on the train is important, just like the Indian family last week really needed to be there for reasons you'll find out next week, but adding people to the scenery without slowing things down is something I'm still working on. I'm trying to take a softer touch on painting the culture (it used to open with a long description of the people waiting for the train), so let me know how that goes for you.