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Found 14 results

  1. Devotary of Spontaneity has been sacrificed! They were the Governor! The game is over! The Great Old One, Dagon, has awakened! The Esoteric Order of Dagon has succeeded and Fort Innsmouth has been destroyed. Player List Document Links Elim Doc Dead Doc Master Spreadsheet Full Rules
  2. Elbereth has been lynched! They were an Archaeologist! Vote Count Rathmaskal (1) - Xinoehp512, Devotary Elbereth (3) - Rathmaskal Player List This turn will end Tuesday, October 22 at 6 p.m. PDT.
  3. Elbereth was attacked, but survived! They are now insane! Player List This turn will end Monday, October 21 at 6 p.m. PDT.
  4. No one has been lynched! Vote Count Rathmaskal (1) - Xinoehp512, Elbereth Elbereth (1) - Player List Reminders: Two votes are needed for a lynch. In interest of time, day turns will only last 24 hours This turn will end Sunday, October 20 at 6 p.m. PDT.
  5. (((write-up to be added))) No one has been killed! Devotary of Spontaneity has gone insane! Player List This turn will end Saturday, October 19 at 6 p.m. PDT. Announcement: Any days turns which may or may not occur will only be 24 hours long! Please plan accordingly.
  6. (((write-up to be added))) Elbereth survived the lynch! Vote Count Rathmaskal (2) - Xinoehp512, Elbereth, Devotary Elbereth (3) - Rathmaskal Player List This turn will end Friday, October 18 at 6 p.m. PDT. Announcement: Any days turns which may or may not occur will only be 24 hours long! Please plan accordingly.
  7. (((write-up to be added))) Butt Ad Venture was killed! They were the Bodyguard. Devotary of Spontaneity was attacked and is now insane. Elbereth has gone insane Player List This turn will end Tuesday, October 15 at 6 p.m. PDT.
  8. (((Write-up to be edited in))) Araris Valerian has been sacrificed! They were a Fort Folk with Silver Bones. Sart has fallen to the Wrath of Shades! They were (most recently) a Dagon’s Will of the Esoteric Order of Dagon Devotary of Spontaneity has gone insane! Butt Venture has gone insane! Elbereth is joining the game, pinch-hitting for Ventyl. Thank you El! Player List This turn will end Saturday, October 12th at 6 p.m. PST.
  9. “I will not wake again,” Ruthful intoned. “Battle is vain. Why should we wish to live longer? Why should we not go to death side by side, Tim?” “Authority is not given to you, old woman, to order the hour of your death,” answered Rowley. “And only the heathen Cultists, under the dominion of Dagon’s dark power, did thus, slaying themselves in their pride and despair, and murdering their kin to ease their own death.” Then passing through the door he took Tim from the deathly altar and laid him on the bier on which he had been brought, and which had now been set on the floor. Ruthful followed him, and stood trembling, looking with longing on the face of her former friend. And for a moment, while all were silent and stil, watching her in her contemplations, she wavered. “Come!” said Rowley. “We are needed. There is much that you can yet do.” Then suddenly Ruthful laughed. She stood up tall and proud again, and swiftly stepping back to the table she lifted from it the pillow on which her head had fallen. Then coming to the doorway she drew aside the covering, and lo! she had between her hands a dagger. And as she held it up, it seemed to those who looked on that the blade began to glow with an inner flame, so that the lean face of the Lady was lit as with a red fire, and it seemed cut out of hard stone, sharp with black shadows, noble, proud, and terrible. Her eyes glittered. “Pride and despair!” she cried. “Didst thou think that the eyes of Dagon Almighty were blind? Nay, I have seen more than thou knowest, fool! For thy hope is but ignorance. Go then and labour in healing! Go forth and fight! Vanity. For a little space you may triumph in the streets, for a day. But against this power that now arises there is no victory. To this city only the first finger of its hand has yet been stretched. Your ways have failed. It is time now for all to depart who would not be slaves. “I sought the death of myself on this altar, and of Tim, who now fades, after the town failed to heed our cries. Yet if your doom denies it to me, Rowley, then I shall have naught: neither life diminished, nor love halved, nor honour abated.” “To me it would not seem that a townsperson who faithfully surrenders herself to the people’s will is diminished in love or in honour,” said Rowley. “And at the least you shall not rob Tim of his choice while his death is still in doubt.” At these words Ruthful’s eyes flamed again, and taking the dagger in her hand she strode towards the bier. But Rowley sprang forward and set himself before Tim. “So!” cried Ruthful. “Thou hadst already stolen half the town’s wills. Now thou stealest the completion of Dagon’s work also, so that in my own temple they rob me wholly of my recompense at the last. But in this at least thou shalt not defy my will: to rule my own end.” “Come hither!” she cried to her servants. “Come, if ye are not all recreant!” Then two of the Cultists ran up the steps to her, scooping up Tim and placing him on the altar. Swiftly Ruthful snatched a torch from the hand of one and sprang back up to the highest place. Before Rowley could hinder her, she thrust the brand amid the fuel, and it crackled and roared into flame. Then Ruthful leaped upon the altar, and standing there wreathed in fire and smoke plunged the dagger first into Tim’s heart, and then into hers. And then she gave a great cry, and thereafter spoke no more, nor ever was seen by mortal men. CadCom has been lynched! They were the Necromancer. Fifth Scholar has been sacrificed! They were a Dagon’s Will of the Esoteric Order of Dagon Vote Count CadCom (3) - Rathmaskal, Butt Ad Venture, Sart, Ark1002 Devotary of Spontaneity (2) - Fifth Scholar Xinoehp512 (1) - Araris Valerian Rathmaskal (1) - CadCom Rule Clarification Player List This turn will end Thursday, October 10th at 6 p.m. PDT. (Thanks to @Fifth Scholar for the write up!)
  10. (((Write-up to be posted later))) Amanuensis has been sacrificed! He was a Government Agent with the Fort Arkham Investigators. Devotary of Spontaneity has gone insane! Ventyl has gone insane! Player List This turn will end Wednesday, October 9th at 6 p.m. PST.
  11. The archaeologist handed Rowley the artifact he’d mentioned in his note, delivered during the chaos last night. The man claimed it had been fished out of the bay a few weeks ago, but whether it was real or not was yet to be seen. He hefted the small statuette in his hand, comparing it to the diagram in the book he had requested from the University. The Necronomicon. It was a dark book, and many had succumbed to its temptations. However, the need was desperate, and, well, there was no other way. The figurine was that of a seemingly human figure with fins and gills. It was made of some kind of clay, and it didn’t look to be young enough to have its origins with the people of Innsmouth, though it matched the design in the book. The text beneath the drawing detailed the reason for the artifact’s creation. “To bring the eye of that ancient horror whose gaze rests upon the beings of the depths to bear upon the lands of its beholder. That the horrific visage of Dagon may awakened from the abyss and his form fully realized upon the physical realm.” Dagon, a name to an incorporeal eldritch horror. It was enough to send a chill down Rowley's spine. Outside of his room, he could hear the yells of another mob. He sighed, putting the figurine down. It seemed that the people had once again taken the law into their own hands, and once again it would likely have terrible consequences. Striker has been lynched! They were the Gravedigger. Butt Ad Venture has gone insane! Vote Count Sart (2) - Butt Ad Venture, StrikerEZ StrikerEZ (3) - Sart, Devotary of Spontaneity Devotary of Sponaneity (1) - Araris Valerian Araris Valerian (1) - Rule Clarification Using Discover the Hidden on the Deep One will not cause insanity, unless that action is used when the Deep One uses the reveal action to make someone insane. Player List This turn will end Monday, October 7 at 12 p.m. PST.
  12. Night was a torment unto itself. The dreams, the dream, had begun to dominate Rowley’s waking hours as well as his sleeping ones. He’d begun to dread sleeping, staying awake long into the night. So when someone pounded at the door, he was already awake to answer. When he opened it he was greeted with the sight of one of the Fort Folk, her face dark and frantic. “There’s been another of them, the killings.” “Who? Where?” “I, I don’t know his name, but down by the library.” Rowley shoved past the women, hurrying down the stairs, onto the dark streets of Innsmouth. The quicker he got there, the less the scene would be disturbed. He was so close to translating the text of the ritual. Just a few fragments more and he would have it. But he could not run. Around him shades lingered, drifting in the air. Even as passed them, he flinched, his dreams coming back to him. As he neared the oaken library, surprisingly large for a fort the size of Innsmouth, he could see the cluster of torches held by those surrounding the body. He passed over a large circle of silver dust, some parts already blackened by shades, and pushed through the people. Another circle of silver dust surrounded a figure on the ground, and the bloody scrawl surrounding him. He crouched down, carefully memorizing the shapes. As he did so, he looked into the eyes of the victim, into the wound on the forehead that the source of the blood. Eyes, staring glassily forward, blinked. His arms suddenly jerked into motion and from his fingers slipped a scrap of black cloth. Rowley picked it up off of the ground and then turned to the person next to him. “He’s alive!” Rowley yelled. The man as if in response to his yell let out a scream. And it was echoed far in the distance. Araris Valerian was attacked but survived! Fifth Scholar has gone insane! Rule Clarification/Changes Due to a mistake, the wording of Whisper to the Wind is being changed. See below: Send an anonymous PM during the Day Turn to one player, to be sent at the end of that turn. Player List This turn will end on Sunday, October 6 at 12 p.m. PST
  13. Rowley watched in quiet horror as the crowd around him swelled, filled with people who were hungry for blood. He’d heard the yells while he was in the Innsmouth library, translating some of the sacrificial runes, and when he exited he’d seen a mob dragging behind them what seemed to be an ordinary man. He naively hadn’t realized what they intended. Now, an hour later, he’d finally realized their true intentions. Rowley had known the people were upset, the glares he got everyday, the broken families he had to comfort, the children running one the street were evidence enough. But it appeared that the people had finally reached a breaking point, their internal strife had been set loose, and they were ready to kill their fellows. It filled Rowley with disgust, the idea of killing your neighbor in cold blood, no matter the people at your back. So it was with shame that he turned his back on the mob as it reached a peak of rage. Even if it was terrible, he was just a man, and this was a group of hundreds. He heard a cry of anguish, let loose high above the yells for justice. He turned around, priorities reconsidered, but as he did so he could see it was too late. The crowd began to disperse, their rage expended, at least for one more day. The body lay still in the street, a pool of blood spreading from various wounds about it. Rowley walked up to it in silence, even as around him people streamed through the various side roads and alleys that fills Innsmouth. He crouched down, hoping that the will of the people had been correct after all, doing his best to keep his mind under control, and rifled through the man’s pockets. Disappointingly, all that the man had on him was a notebook and paper. Rowley wretched, realizing that he had just searched an innocent dead man’s pockets. He sighed and returned with a far somber cast back to the library. shanerockes was lynched! They were a Journalist. Vote count Cadmium Compounder (3) - Fifth Scholar, Araris Valerian, Amanuensis shanerockes (4) - Cadmium Compounder, Butt Ad Venture, StrikerEZ, Sart Rule Clarifications Please review these, as there are some which have not been announced in thread. Player List This turn will end Friday, October 4 at 12 p.m. PST.
  14. Sounds just beyond the range of understanding echoed through Rowley’s head. The sounds of drums yet unseen, and of which there was no source, permeated the air. Rowley shuddered, dreading the return this familiar place. It was the same as his previous nightmares had been, the ones that had been haunting his sleep since he had arrived in Innsmouth. A twilight sky filled with impossibly colored stars loomed over the cyclopean buildings of an impossible scale that encircled him on all sides. He took a deep breath and readied himself for what was to come. The drums accelerated into a thrum that itself seemed to grow into a vibration of the air. Around Rowley, the shades of the dead grew into in reality. Shades that bore familiar faces. The expedition crew and those who had died since surrounded him. The victims of the cult that was destroying Innsmouth. They pressed in, coming closer and closer as more and more joined their numbers. He felt a hand on his leg, and jerked away, looking down to see the form of a little girl trying to clutch his leg, seemingly as a replacement for a mother who had been lost in the horrific crowd. He crouched down, looking into the girls face, ignoring the throng of shades. It was dark and alien, twisted beyond recognition as that of a little girl. But within the dark swirls that made up her features, a dark reflection of something else dwelt. He shoved the girl away when he realized what it was. Disgust and terror greater than any previously experience filled him. The girl melted into the crowd of shades, becoming nothing but oil in a sea of pitch. Rowley remained frozen even as the shades filled his vantage. In her face, in that girls face, that dark shade, he had seen his own. Rowley stumbled out of bed, struggling to get his hands wrapped around reality. Feeling it slip away, he collapsed onto the ground. He sat there for an indeterminate amount of time, contemplating the meaning of the dream, even as he had done for the previous week. It was still just as meaningless as the first time. The girl was the only thing that made this dream unique from the rest. She’d died recently, Rowley knew, another one of the victims. Absentmindedly he touched the spot on his leg where she had clutched onto him. He felt dust coat his fingers, and looked down to see a chunk of his flesh withered, an imprint in the shape of a small child's hand blackened the flesh of his thigh. He felt bile rise from his stomach and had to choke keep it down. Turning, he reached for his bag, the small room allowing him to reach it without moving far. He had never been more grateful for the poor quality of the inn than when he poured his last remaining silver dust on the wound. He stood up slowly, trying to catch his breath, and avoided looking at the wound on his leg. Rowley pulled on his clothes quickly, grabbed his papers, then stepped out of his room, and carefully traversed the stairs down to the main foyer. The innkeeper nodded in response to Rowley’s arrival, and Rowley smiled in return. It was time to get back to his studies, and begin another day in this miserable fort. Welcome to Day 1 of LG60! All PMs should be sent. If you have not received one, please contact Snipexe and Elandera. Snipexe did the write-up, so if you want to upvote it, find one of his posts. Thanks! Rules Acitons available to anyone - PMs are open. Be sure to add both GMs to all PMs ***EDIT: Alvron has asked to not be included in player-to-player PM*** - Players can take one action during each Day and Night turn - Two-vote minimum for the lynch - Tied lynches will be decided at random Player List This turn will end Thursday, October 3 at 12 p.m. PST.