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Found 3 results

  1. This came up in another discussion on reddit and got my brain moving. I did a quick search on here and didn't spot anything that lined up with my points below - admittedly, "Aon Dor" does show up a lot of results. I posted in Cosmere because this post alludes to the Aon hacking that is used off-world. The original question was regarding the possibility of a "minimum safe distance" from Elantris to avoid being Reod - primarily through world hopping. The more I think about it (and guided by Sanderson's use of the word hacking) the more I think of the Aon Dor like an operating system. Dor = internet Elantris/surrounding land = Router/modem Aon Dor = user interface/OS on your phone Elantrians = end user The hack might involve setting up WiFi repeaters on other worlds, near Perpendicularities with similar geography or structures to original Aon set. I would be keeping an eye out for any buildings or Roshar or other hubworlds that mention an unusual wall or trench leading away at an angle. Raoden's magic may have been just one of a few possible operating systems out there. If there was Aon-Dor around that was tied to another physical location, then another OS might be floating around out there. Since a continuous connection to Elantris appears to be required to remain non-Reod, then I would suggest that there is no minimum safe distance. The problem wasn't data corruption, it was a lack of signal. On hacking the Aon Dor: The WOBs on worldhopping Elantrians allude to the magic system being 'hacked' to be usable off-world. The issue is that every Aon uses the same base - the one with a chasm now. If any off-world Elantrians were using a hacked version of the Dor that still used the same base Aon, then they would have been cut off from their magic in the same way, with no idea why it happened. The other side of this is the level of knowledge needed to hack the system. As of the events of Elantris, it's possible that no Elantrians understood the Dor well enough to get it working offworld, let alone hop with it. Surely if that level of knowledge was available when the Reod first happened, someone would have worked out the chasm update much sooner. A worldhopping Elantrian who had that knowledge may have been able to diagnose and fix the problem, but if they did, they likely would have had to fix the whole system like Raoden did to return a connection. According to the timeline (from my current understanding): Elantris is set earliest, so the subsequent worldhoppers in Secret History and Stormlight were probably hopping long after Raoden's adventures - likely benefiting from a huge leap forward in understanding the Dor.
  2. Hidy ho all, a few years back, we were able to keep the internet free for everyone. But it seems that ISP's are trying to make it legal to allow them to regulate what we can see, hear, and who we can talk to. They are doing this, but trying to pass legislation through congress again. The vote comes up on July 14th (2 days from posting). Please don't let them control everything we can gain access to online. This is a video that explains what net neutrality is, why its bad, and provides some helpful links in the description: . If you believe as I do, that we need to keep the internet free of control, and limitations, please follow the links below the video. Thank you for your time.
  3. First, off, allow me to apologize if this topic has come up before. My searching came up with nothing, but it's possible I simply didn't use the right terms. Since this morning I've been pondering an interesting question about the nature of Feruchemical duralumin. We know that a duralumin Ferring is called a Connector, and that Connectors are capable of storing and tapping their ability to connect with other people. It's easy to picture a Connector Ferring (we'll call him Bill) in action. Bill the Connector spends a few days being lonely and ignored by his friends, only to suddenly become the life of a party when he taps his metalminds. But the question I found myself facing is as follows: what happen when we fast forward a hundred years and send Bill the Connector into the digital age? Bill certainly has a way with people in the flesh, but what happens when he interacts with people through a digital medium? Imagine the following scenario: Bill becomes a social recluse, storing his sense of Spiritual connection when he's navigating through his real life, only to tap into his reserves whenever he logs on to his favorite forum. How does the ability to alter Spiritual connection apply to the limited interactive capabilities of cyberspace? When other users read Bill's posts, do they find themselves mysteriously agreeing with what he says, laughing profusely at even the lamest jokes? Is a Connector's ability strong enough to affect people thousands of miles away, whom he has never met? Or am I looking at things the wrong way--perhaps duralumin Feruchemy is Internal, not External. When Bill taps his metalminds and talks to his best friend, is his best friend's Spiritual make-up altered, causing him to find Bill's company more enjoyable? Or does Bill only affect his own Spiritual make-up, making himself more likely to say things his friend will enjoy? I find that the question "Can Bill gain more upvotes through Feruchemy" requires more information than I have access to. My question to the forum as a whole is "Do we as a community have enough information on how Connecting works to predict its effects?" And before you upvote or downvote this post, let me assure you that I left my duraluminminds at home today. Judge this post on the quality of its content or lack thereof.