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  1. @Trizee What I gather from the comments on that Reddit thread is that it will be available independently, but not before the release of RoW. So if you don't mind waiting then you can safely do so, but if you want to be sure that you read it in order, then Kickstarter is the way to go.
  2. Thank you for the review! I'll have to pick it up soon.
  3. Yay waffles! I swear I recognize your avatar from another forum--are you active on Space Battles or Sufficient Velocity? Speaking of which, I had somehow forgotten what a wonderful corner of the internet 17S is. I had been back on the site for all of 20 minutes when I suddenly realized that I hadn't come across a bashing post, or a troll, and I didn't expect to. Thank you once again to all of the staff who have somehow cultivated a shockingly friendly culture on this site.
  4. Yes, this is still a thing! I've updated everyone who hadn't been added yet. I took a hiatus/sabbatical from the site, but I'm back now. Thank you to those who tagged me. If in the future I don't respond in a reasonable time, feel free to send me a PM. Those get forwarded to my email and should be able to bring my attention to the thread.
  5. It's been almost 18 months since I logged in, so I figured I should drop a line here to say thanks for holding down the fort. Initially I took a break to finish my PhD (turns out that obsessing over online forums can contribute to a detrimental effect on your productivity), but then when I finally graduated I got sucked into the Worm fandom and have been reading and writing way too many fanfics in that community. If you don't know me from before, I am the proud author of "If Doctor Seuss Wrote the Stormlight Archive" (linked in my sig) and I used to help with the tracking thread (I see several notifications from people tagging me over there, so I'll be trying to belatedly follow up on those things right after this). I have a year and a half of WoBs to catch up on, plus I need to read Starsight and anything else that I've been neglecting since then. If you have any favorite or particularly revelatory WoB from the past year, link me to it! I'm looking forward to being back.
  6. Updated! Sorry for the delay, I've been off the site for a while. Thanks for summoning me, @BitBitio
  7. Updated! That is, unless some of that Hebrew text included locations. We have a fair number of Hebrew speakers here, but I'm not one myself :-(
  8. Thanks for all the kind words! I'm glad that you have been enjoying my Seussified Roshar. I did in fact give Brandon a printed copy when I saw him last year. I only saw his to the first page, but I think he appreciated it. I've thought a bit more about this one, and may have something to show for it before too long.
  9. I think so, at least parts of them were calculated with Excel. I'll look for my file, but it may be a few days.
  10. Well, if I were to speculate I'd say it's because Nazh is aware that it isn't too fanciful, because he's seen one just like it at the point in time he's collecting these papers. That's just a guess, but since Argent can't comment let's pretend he chimed in here to say that I'm exactly right. The best alternative if that's not the answer is that he's trying prompt Khriss to build him one.
  11. Aww, I'm flattered! (Link is here or in my signature.) Yeah, it's currently sitting at 620K words. It just reached the end of what the author is calling "season one," and there appear to be firm outlines for at least one more season. The good news, if you decide you like it, is that there are regular updates (at least weekly) and it's only taken 18 months to get this far. So while I've only recently started consuming web serials, this one stands with the best in terms of frequent content.
  12. Thanks for getting some confirmation on these, Argent. It's always nice to get a look at the answer key. Called it! For the Taker of Secrets page, it's great to get some more confirmation: @Subvisual Haze was absolutely right about the flipped, mirrored symbols and strokes. They get the credit for figuring out those symbol redundancies. I'm also a bit frustrated with this response, though, because the confirmed words are the ones we were most confident of. For the record, this is the translation as we have it. Bold are confident assignments, while italics are sections of text with low confidence transliterations or undeciphered words, including some letters obscured by the artistic misty border. If anyone wants to take a crack at the remaining portions, the updated translation key is here. As it happens, most of my guesses in that post were way off. "Corrupted" and "Darkness" were the only things even close to correct.
  13. I haven't looked at it yet. What is the timeframe in which you are hoping for feedback? Work is extremely busy this month and I doubt I will be able to make time for this until things calm down a bit. If the timing works out, it might make more sense for me to read through a later draft after you've Incorporated some of the suggestions from other readers.
  14. Another sharder (Kearin on discord, not sure what their handle is here) recently pointed me to Life Ore Death by Obloquy, and I'm enjoying it a lot. It takes a full feruchemist from shortly after the Catacendre and dimension-hops her into the DC universe. The interactions between the Metallic Arts and DC powers are interesting and well thought out, and the main character's backstory is not only awesome but also fits well enough into the gaps of Era 1 events that I am adopting it as headcanon.