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  1. If you are reading this, hopefully you know that Meghan is Firefight. At the moment, we have not discovered her weakness. We know that she is an illusionist and can reincarnate. This should make her a tier 1 Epic. Any ideas on how she can be defeated, if needed?
  2. I was also taken aback that Sanderson would include this in one of his books. Although, I did think it was very funny.
  3. Things that I called: - I guessed that not fearing Steelheart was his weakness when the Reckoners were in the vault. (I was completely certain once they found the secret room) - I guessed that either Meghan or David had latent epic powers when the gaurds did not see them in the shaft. It still surpised me when Meghan was revealed to be an epic. Things that I did not call: - The Professor being an Epic. - Conflux (Edmund) being a slave. - Firefight....all of it. Thoughts, overall: I really enjoyed this book, read it in about two sittings. I do agree with several of the posts above, there are similarities between Steelheart and Mistborn. That being said, I think that there are such drastic differences it doesn't matter. I thought this book we a great read, it can easliy be turned into a movie, and it is nice that it isn't in the Cosmere. I mean...if I saw an offhand reference to an Epic called Hoid... I am looking forward to the next entry.