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  1. I suppose it all depends on if the welder assumed the anit was evil. That is kind of the cheat code enabled in Nightblood. Doesn't matter to a sword what evil is as long as somebody thinks it so. Thus anti investiture could lay out in that ideology
  2. Sorry it was never my intention to say one can never get better. I link it with the nature of diabetes or something of that sort. Sure you can improve and feel better and such like that but then at any moment you can feel that darkness trying to get out again. Those without the mental health issues seem to link it more towards a sprained knee. At least from my experience.
  3. Well there would have to be an anit something for the shattering to happen in the first place right? Couldn't kill it but made into into 16 somethings. Fun theory
  4. One month isn't enough but at least people are starting to see metal health is forever and not simply something people just 'get over' about
  5. Of course she did. I never denied that fact. I just very much disliked how Sanderson wrote how Dalinar was so impressed with her handling of a sexist drunk. I mean that's not hard to do when everyone in the room already knew how to handle the piece of crap. Plus, I have to again say hello and welcome!!! I'm very angry all these words make sense but he did watch what he thought was his father losing his mind. That is scary as hell and scar worthy even if Dalinar pulled thru it. Also, he isn't relieved radiants exsits but he is in awe of it. He wants to fight and he needs to be part of that battle but he understands he's just a mortal in a world of gods.
  6. Very true on that part. The only aspect might be that it was from Adolins point of view so naturally Dalinar is going to be a turd no matter what he said. Doesn't make it better none-the-less. This book made me want Adolin to get all ten surges as he truly is the better man than all of them! Kalidan included. Also thank you for the edit as I agree very much. Minus the Wit moment when he said a eunuch could teach him how to be a man. That was a pretty decent dig. I will not lol but hello and welcome to the 17th Shard!
  7. I do tend to ramble don't I. The unarmed drunk asshole was Ruthar the last questionable highprince that Dalinar and Navani had to contend with and he was old time ways in terms of men battle women read. So when he was drinking away during the battle planning and saw Jasnah with The Mink chatting away he got stupid angry like everyone in the room knew he would. This was not an expertly maneuvered happening this seemed like an everyday thing he would have done minus getting stabbed in the neck naturally Then when the fighting began and she was all in geared up in her Shardplate and swiping away with her shardblade she refused use anything else in her arsenal because she needed to know how the other people fought before radiances.... putting her people and many others in danger. Wit even had to snap her out of it. After the battle was won and the victory of Emul over Dalinar told Jasnah he has to focus on figuring out his powers to finish the war forever instead of all these small battles and she tells him it's more important that he leads the army in these small battles (even though The Mink pretty much did the whole dealo during the Emul push) ignoring the part he said about ending the whole thing. No need to argue though as I know many people think the world of her and good for them. That's the thing about characters and stories in general people have varied thoughts on the mannerisms of everyone and thing.
  8. Indeed yet all these things were done off screen. Shallan being the readers voice made the connection of the Parshmen/Voidbringer and she just nodded. Surviving Shadesamr is pretty wild but what if she just landed on a Peakspren barge and was welcomed with open arms. All her accomplishments are force fed to us to accept but never actually seen as real. Even the note Dalinar gave to the Thaylenahs from her they just blushed with awe from something nonsequential from anything other than we 'have to and need to accept she is amazing'
  9. How do and don't be a stranger
  10. I see how the novels want her to be hypercompetent but I cannot. Even the talk about hope and her unwillingness to even look at options to get Urithiru back shows how much of a sideline character she is. Ivory could have done better. Ha you're making me dig my own hole.
  11. I still don't see how so so so many people see Jasnah as this higher being. She literally shanked an unarmed drunk asshole in the neck and everyone clapped....that's not the person I look to as a queen bee. Dalinar saying they "expertly" put that dumb guy in his place. No. They (and everyone else in Alethi society) knew what this idiot would do. Plus her just being a warrior for warrior sake during the battling plus telling Dalinar when he wanted to pursue his powers she just says 'but war general??!' much like how she tried to sideline Shallan (who is so entrenched to spying) saying 'hey you need to make corn for us' Jasnah is pretty much the dumbest smart person in Roshar. Much like her father. That is my very unpopular RoW opinion sadly. Don't ban me please
  12. Hello and welcome! Feruchemy is a fun system to work off of isn't it
  13. This is what I was thinking. Them just thinking about the 'extra' flow of cash right now maybe they could pull off the 5th book in a graphic novel or something. Although that would be a rather different undertaking with all the artwork...
  14. best part is Nightblood doesn't really know it's testing people! It just really wants to destroy evil and will make any will holder decided right then and there what evil is. It just needs a steady hand that understands past moral ambiguity... very rare
  15. Well that's a bummer. Thanks for the info.