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  1. I enjoy that quote a lot @Bejardin1250 Yeah the timeline clarification would be helpful. Since this is a Listener song we know that their originators The Last Legion were sent to fight in the farthest plains so I'm sure this quote is speaking of a more sprawling city that Stormseat was the center of. Maybe it was the eye of the storm, where Honor sat, and everything else shattered around it. Since gods are plural and this is a Listener song I would also assume this happens after they have accepted Odium and the Fused at their new gods during the Desolations. There's not much concrete here, but the inference is Odium and the Fused are not responsible for the shattering of the Shattered Plains. I wonder if something crazy happened like Honor choosing to give up his power for the greater good or breaking the rules of the Shard's power. My other idea is that this was the entry point the first Bondsmiths landed at to escape Ashyn, but I don't think that works with the timeline either since the humans were worshiping Odium at this time most likely. Either we are confusing what entities are meant by "gods" or Odium really didn't do it. I'm still pretty sure it's his fault though. @mdross81 I also think the "sound upon the air" fits nicely. Perhaps some destructive interference was going on between the pure tones of Roshar. But what tones were clashing? It seems that all signs point to the Last Desolation, though I kind of wish they pointed to the False Desolation. The chaos happening with Ba-Ado-Mishram and the destruction of the Singer's minds could have been a similarly strong event happening in that location and puts the blame on a god Odium unmade and is no longer affiliated with. She could fit the criteria if we don't think it was from a shard's direct action. I wonder how many facts are just lost to history and false interpretations like the truth about the "voidbringers" being humans.
  2. Thanks @Bejardin1250 this also the first online forum I've joined so I appreciate the etiquette tip and glad to have gotten a mistake out here lol.
  3. I have had this theory sitting in the back of my mind for a while and the recent events in RoW prompted me to join 17th Shard and pitch it to the cosmerenauts. This is my first major theory post, but I thought it was worth sharing. Please be gentle in your critique haha While reading RoW and experiencing Navani experimenting with the science of frequency in the Cosmere I was reminded of Kabsals experiment with cymatics and how tones created different sand patterns corresponding to Akinah, Thaylen City, Vedenar, and Kholinar as a proposed proof that the Almighty exists. I propose that this happened on a scale larger than a city back when Odium killed Honor. I believe the splintering of a shard shattered the plains. The remnants of this event are seen in the symmetric shape of the plains that could represent Honors tone before his death. I included some images of documents we were given from the cymatic experiment and the birdseye view of the shattered plains for comparison. What do you think? Any contrary or supporting thoughts? Has this discussion been brought up before?
  4. Hi!

    That's a fortunate username claim! I was surprised mine was available as well. Who's your favorite member of bridge four then? Mine is The Lopen I'd say.
  5. With a name like that it seems your Cosmering quite smoothly. Welcome!
  6. Hey Neo! I'm guessing your friends are just really invested in the character dynamics, I know I wish I could talk to some of these folks. I know the comradery of bridge four may sound like fun, but I'd convince your friends away from that option LOL
  7. @Listener I really like your name too! Simple, elegant, and perfect for a Brandon fan. As hard as that question is I'm pretty sure my favorite character is Dalinar, but anytime Wit is around to make music and tell stories I am there. I also love the characters with a sense of humor like Wane, Lopen, and Rock especially when their own brand of profound wisdom peeks through.
  8. @Spren of Kindness Thank you for the welcome! I think out of what I read so far Oathbringer has been my favorite so far. I also enjoyed Mistborn I loved the change in pace in Mistborn Era 2 and am excited for Wax and Wane 4. I did enjoy Shadows for Silence in the Forests of Hell a bunch as well and want to see more Threnody. I play percussion! Primarily drumset with lots of study in world rhythms and hand drums and then some mallet percussion and piano. Anytime there's music in the Cosmere I'm here for it.
  9. Hey I'm Noahdon. In real life my name is Noah so if nothing else, I am here on 17th Shard to claim one of the best screen names in the fandom (though I think the Rosharans may dismay at the asymmetry, I couldn't resist the poignant pun). I got into Brandon Sanderson in 2018 by listening to Michael Kramer and Kate Reading read The Way of Kings on a 10hr road trip to visit my significant other over break. I was happily surprised that after the 20hr round trip there was still so much story to be had and I was hooked. Wanting to see how the fantasy names were spelled I picked up a hard copy of book and started lurking on Coppermind and 17th Shard forums. I expertly avoided many spoilers and learning about the expansive Cosmere I was goaded to finish all of Brandon's published works within it so I could start making more solid connections in my brain. Brandon and all of the other epic fantasy authors I would pick up after sparked my love for reading again as an adult. After listening to the audiobook in bed my significant other was became interested in Shallan and I was able to convince her to start reading as well. We now have a thriving SFF book club that meets over Zoom and I have someone to discuss my theories with. However, she has not finished all of the Cosmere yet, so after listening to Shardcast I knew there was a larger community I could engage with. So hello everyone! Happy to be here! Other than being a Cosmere and all-around nerd, I am also into Brandon's Writing Excuses Podcast and have started my own novella. I am a musician so naturally, I'm chasing after Hoid and plan to write music with some investiture magic inspiration at some point. I also am a DM and tabletop RPGer. Can't wait to hear your theories and talk fantasy with y'all!