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  1. Thanks that is very helpful!
  2. Hope I'm not in the wrong place, but I have an idea I'd like to put together--you know those cutesy/crafty word collages that you see especially around the holidays with words like "love", "joy" etc. I'd like to make one of those but with all the made up cuss words in Sanderson's books: "Storms", "Colors", "Dusts", "Kelek's Breath", "Sparks", etc. I'm not worried about trying to get a count of each word, but I'd like as many of these words as I can get my hands on... Obviously, I would appreciate any help in putting together a list of such perjoratives, and, if I'm very lucky, there might be such a list already compiled? Can anyone provide any they can think of and/or point me in the right direction if I'm looking down the wrong chasm? Thanks!