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  1. I was thinking more o the anti-tones repelling its equivalent Investiture. So getting Ettmetal in liquid form (gaseous may work too, I guess) and using either Ruin's or Preservation's anti-tone to repel that. For example, using Ruin's anti-tone to repel Ruin's investiture would leave us with Preservation's Investiture, which (through some method) would be returned to solid form, so there you have Lerasium. And you would also have Ruin's Investiture alone to make Atium
  2. This is amazing! Really well done
  3. Just watched Hamilton for the first time yesterday. Gotta say this is amazing, great work!
  4. After RoW I've been thinking of the uses Anti-Invesiture can have not only in Stormlight, but in the Cosmere as a whole. I started thinking about Scadrial and Ettmetal. We have a WoB that says that both Atium and Lerasium can be extracted from Ettmetal I'm guessing that those "not normal, mechanical means" are the use of Anti-Investiture. We know that Anti-Investiture repels normal Investiture. So maybe if they can get Ettmetal to a level where it isn't as reactive as it is normally, you could separate Ruin's and Preservation's Investiture aka Atium and Lerasium. What we know about this process is that it can't be done on solid Ettmetal (since they use Raysium to conduct Anti-Voidlight in RoW) so maybe in a liquid state —which is possible since Malatium could be created from Atium— there could be a way to use either Ruin's or Preservation's Anti-Tone to separate their individual Investitures. If there's a way to create undiluted Mistborn (and possibly Full Feruchemists with an alloy of Lerasium) that could give Scadrial a lot of power and there could possibly be a Lerasium and Atium trade.