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  1. they didn't come up with it by themselves. they were in constant communication with Brandon and the artist that came up with the symbols originally. I'm sure it's the new official symbol. Time to update the coppermind! The campaign is great but stalled after the first push. Please do what you can so we can unlock the last set of dice, they are amazing looking. Since some people shared : I'm backer number 28 and got the signed copy.
  2. yet another update : "It looks like we'll launch in about 3 weeks.Brandon is finishing up his review, now."
  3. FYI : "It looks like we'll be launching the Mistborn Metal Dice Kickstarter in the latter half of October - likely around the 21st."
  4. just had the confirmation that the KS campaign "will be happening in a couple months". If you want to be notified, join the newsletter here : https://www.crafty-games.com/mistborn-news/
  5. Thanks everyone, very excited to have stumbled on this author so far.
  6. awesome, thank you both. I have the new Thrawn audiobook (the previous ones are amazing btw, and worth a listen for sure) that i'm gonna use as a pallet cleanser i think. The idea of going to warbreaker, elantris and emperor's soul sounds appealing to me as well. thanks for your time, happy to hear other's opinions. oh i just realized i have "Way of the kings" already paid for and downloaded. Good trilogy?
  7. Hey all, with 3 hours left on book 3, I am debating if i should start the next books in the series or jump to something else. What seems to be the consensus of true fans that come to forums? the reviews i've seen are really mixed, saying the next books are shorter, more boring and don't add much. Should i keep at it and finish all of the "trilogy of trilogies" or just switch to another series of Sanderson ? Thoughts ? Thanks.
  8. awesome, tnx for the reply. i've subbed to their newsletter to be sure not to miss it. hope we can pick and choose as the budget is super limited, but these look PHENOMENAL and i need some. The wife will have to understand (she will never, but rolling eyes can't break my bones).
  9. Any news of what happened with this. Can't find it on their site and doesn't seem to have ever been on KS. I wouldn't mind grabbing a few of them. Certainly not 195 of them, but like 3 or 4 of my favs lol
  10. Sorry, I did not mean to cause any trouble. The way they made the audiobooks, it is obviously sazed talking. I had a hunch that was giving me way more information than I should have and it was bothering me very early on in the 3rd book. I am still not sure what this tells me but I think I would have preferred to have it anonymous and guess it was vin talking and then have the reveal later. You guys have not spoiled anything I didn't guess from knowing it was sazed talking. I think it's a mistake on the audiobook production part, although idk how they could have done it otherwise. Maybe give him a new voice after his ordeal (still not sure how he is transformed to have all that knowledge of both Gods and the beginning of the world/humans but I'm sure he's changed). Elend pretty much has a new voice with his new authority; sazed could have changed too. Oh well. Thanks everyone for taking the time. I binged listen today and I have about 5h left. Talk to you soon!
  11. but how is the text framed in the book? I'm guessing it's not like block of text then under it -Sazed. are those quotes signed ? thanks for taking the time
  12. Hello, quick question that bothers me. I'm listening to the audiobooks and have not read the books themselves. Do the readers know who the narrator is in Book 3 or is the audiobook giving us more clues than we should have? In the audiobook, it's obviously Sazed that is reading those tidbits at the start of the various chapters, which brings me to guess that he is going to become some sort of god, either Preservation itself or some sort of new entity that will absorb/imprison Ruin. I feel like I shouldn't be able to make this kind of guesses, am I right ? Are they anonymous in the physical book or are they signed Sazed or whatever name he has after his transformation from human to godhood ? I'm at the point in the book where Vin got transferred to a cell under Yomen. thanks
  13. Hello folks, just wanted to introduce myself since it seems like a good first post to make. I'm just saving this site for later reading, came here to read a few details about kolos to confirm my suspicions (that they had spikes for their creation and that is what Marsh (sorry if this is not the correct spelling, i'm only listening to the books) was doing at the start of Book3. I'm now at Elend going to save that tiny village from the Koloss early in book3 so i don't want to spoil much by reading here further, but I shall be back ! thanks for this amazing site, i know i will spend countless hours here later on.