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  1. Agree! Hooded mistcloak all the way Hooded mistcloak is definitely the way to go then!!!
  2. Wow, thank you so very much! The information that you've provided for me is deeply appreciated. I've recently visited the fabric store and stocked up on the materials I'm planning to use. I did end up going with cotton simply because I thought it would be the easiest to work with. I initially wanted to use silk but the kind lady that owned the shop informed me I would have my work cut out for me if i didn't want it to fray. I'm goog to be spending a lot of time on it so it may look authentic as possible I've decided that my mistcloak will have an oversized hood as well. I really like the look
  3. Ok, now that makes sense as well. I want it to look authentic as possible but like I said I'm not experienced at all with a sewing machine so I'm also all about easy!!! I've been showing my sister some sketches I've been playing around with. It's not going to be easy but I'm sure it will be epic! Hahaha hair/fur THAT'S a new one!!!! Eeew
  4. Well I have to add tassels!? I'll have to think of a creative way to add those to the front somehow. I will be posting pics of my progression throughout this process. Thanks yet again Eric haha
  5. there is a good thought. I'm digging the idea of just buying a cloak and cutting it into strips & simply adding more to that. It's simple but realistic!!
  6. Ello!!! I'm new on here as well and just wanted to say hi from one newbie to another
  7. Hood or no hood??? I can't remember :/
  8. New

    Greetings and salutations!!!! I wanted to drop in to say thank you very much for your service! I really hope the writer in there blossoms once again. I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason. The events and people placed & removed from our lives mold us into who we are today. Embrace every moment and memory you have like it is your last. we only have one life to live so we might as well make the absolute best of it. Enjoy the little things
  9. Hello!!! My name is Robin, I'm 23 years old, I love reading pretty much anything fiction, sci fi, fantasy, dystopian or combination of them. I've recently gotten into cosplay and LARP. I have a pretty normal live, I think. I make drugs for a living, the legal ones. I'm a compounding tech at a pharmacy so no need to get your tails frizzled. I love anything that Sanderson does (little disappointed by Elantris but that's besides the point) so thought I would join in all this fun!! Hope to find some cool people to chat with over the books since I'm the only "nerd" among my friends but I don't mind at all. I love who I am and not afraid to show it!!!
  10. Oh, why are there only 24 hours in a day!? I need more time to cut down my "to read" list

  11. Ok, we all know that Halloween is coming up quick and my dream is to be Vin. Of course a must have to my costume will be my mist cloak. I'm not at all experienced with a sewing machine so I'm having my older sister help me. Unfortunately, she is more of a dystopian style reader so she hasn't read Mistborn. I've shown her pictures of others mistcloaks, but I want mine to be original. I don't want to copy someone else's exact design and have a replica of anothers creation. I've seen a few cloaks that they have simply used ribbons for the strips of cloth. I was thinking of using silk since it will have lots of free movement, but I fear it will fray. Help?