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  1. I don't mind Moash most of the time. Seems like the kind of path any number of us might take given the right circumstances. As on this planet, humans on Roshar really are pretty detestable, so siding with another species, assuming they can only be an improvement, is understandable. His killing of Jezrien is unfortunate though. I'm assuming that he'll see just how messed up the Fused really are, how bad it was to kill a Herald, and repent, and save someone important opportunely at some point. I'm not sure about Shallan. I loved her in the first book: Sanderson's descriptions of doing art are quite powerful, very resonant. And I love the whole Lightweaver gig -- before reading the books, based on the 'weaving' of the Wheel of Time series, I almost took the name 'Lightweaver' as my moniker (but it was taken, everywhere online, so took a random one instead). Now, in the last book... I sort of understand that she's got some kind of dissociative identity disorder, and that must be tough, but... honestly I just don't find her very interesting any longer. Maybe it's an effect of the way they're read in the audiobooks, but I love Lift, and really couldn't stand Elhokar. Absolutely stunned that he doesn't have more votes. Thank you, Moash, for that one!