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  1. Don't know about master, but I truly appreciate the sentiment!
  2. Crem! I knew there was something I forgot. This is why I've been uploading here, for feedback like yours, so thanks. Will see about some changes.
  3. I don't mind Moash most of the time. Seems like the kind of path any number of us might take given the right circumstances. As on this planet, humans on Roshar really are pretty detestable, so siding with another species, assuming they can only be an improvement, is understandable. His killing of Jezrien is unfortunate though. I'm assuming that he'll see just how messed up the Fused really are, how bad it was to kill a Herald, and repent, and save someone important opportunely at some point. I'm not sure about Shallan. I loved her in the first book: Sanderson's descriptions of doing art are quite powerful, very resonant. And I love the whole Lightweaver gig -- before reading the books, based on the 'weaving' of the Wheel of Time series, I almost took the name 'Lightweaver' as my moniker (but it was taken, everywhere online, so took a random one instead). Now, in the last book... I sort of understand that she's got some kind of dissociative identity disorder, and that must be tough, but... honestly I just don't find her very interesting any longer. Maybe it's an effect of the way they're read in the audiobooks, but I love Lift, and really couldn't stand Elhokar. Absolutely stunned that he doesn't have more votes. Thank you, Moash, for that one!
  4. Thanks guys. The initial stages had him looking very sharp and much younger, more handsome in a modern American superhero fashion. Had to roughen him up a bit, broaden and pummel his nose, add some wrinkles, forehead vein, scars etc. I always imagine him as chiselled and good-looking in a warrior sort of way, but also as a "Oh storms it's Brightlord Kholin! Scatter!" kind of scary...
  5. From the album Stormlight art by me

    The first image that popped into my head when I thought of Kaladin was him flying (falling!) with the Sylspear across a cloudy sky. The first image that came into my head when I thought of Dalinar was, oddly, not of him sweeping his Shardblade around on the battlefield, but the sombre gaze of a haunted military veteran. So this is the Blackthorn as I imagine him, sometime around the events of the books so far, without his Shardplate. He has, obviously, been through many battles, and even with Shardplate's protection has many scars. The events at The Rift alone were enough to scar his body, not to mention his conscience. He has light eyes, weathered Alethi skin, short hair, and a stiff uniform. I also imagine that he shaves daily and doesn't walk around with blood all over him most of the time, let alone pose for portraits looking like he does here... but a clean, shaven, well-rested Dalinar didn't feel right at all. This was excellent practice for me -- painting a portrait of a man who doesn't exist...
  6. From the album Stormlight art by me

    A low-key depiction of the Shattered Plains. This is basically how I've pictured them when reading the books -- an expansive jagged jigsaw.. As before, any faithfulness feedback would be cool. Bridge Four!
  7. Hehe! Thank you very much! Yes, I liked that hair too. And it's nice to hear someone mention the plains -- I thought they looked pretty cool, if a little rough. I came on the site just now to upload a new picture I've done of the plains, actually, so it'd be great to see what you think about that..
  8. Thanks man
  9. From the album Stormlight art by me

    The last version, I guess: spren, glow, shoulder, and face all changed a little based on feedback from here and the SA subreddit. And removed the shattered plains -- it started as a pure character study, and it should finish that way. Can depict the plains some other time, and better. Also added Nomon and Mishim. Bridge Four!
  10. If I was expecting a gallery full of appreciation art for a character... Gaz was not it. But these are great. Totally not how I pictured him, but will be from now on...
  11. Thank you both for the kind words And Carbonationspren, thanks also for the pointers! Yes, I knew the spren weren't quite right but couldn't say why. Actually they were more ribbon-shaped previously, then I went and complicated them..! I will work on his face a little more. His eye is visible as light blue up close (full size image), but I will highlight it more so it's clear at smaller res. Oh, it's digital. I was given a pack of acrylics for Christmas, I think in the hope that I would create a nice traditional canvas for someone, but I can't drag myself away from the computer long enough....
  12. I'll take artistic critique from a fellow artist but my main reason for uploading here, as opposed to an art forum, was to get faithfulness feedback Thanks for the kind words. Yeah, the glow is difficult. If we paint skin tones properly, with primary and secondary light sources etc, the glow is a third/fourth light that can be confusing. As you say, mine is a subtle daylight usage, so an Obi Wan-esque outline glow seems to work.. Edit: though I admit that if he's using lashings I'd imagine him to be holding more than he was in the image I first uploaded, so I've redone it and given him a haircut. Hopefully it's more believable now.. The glow on yours is done well. I'm impressed with your design & rendering of the carapace armour too. What of the spren? And Syl? I think Shardblades are supposed to be quite a bit more intricate, but to me 'gracefulness' generally wears a mask of simplicity.. and I do want her to appear graceful..
  13. From the album Stormlight art by me

    Well, except for some 'reputation' for the image I posted the other day (thanks to those who 'liked' it by the way) there has been no feedback on my drawing of Kaladin... and I don't know if that's good or bad, but I've carried it on a little in the meantime, and perhaps this time someone will have a pointer or two..? I'm sure this isn't how I pictured windspren in my head the first time they were described, but based on online description (amorphous translucent fluttery) I think they are at least recognizable as windspren? Anyway, any ideas on how faithfulness to the books can be improved would be appreciated.
  14. From the album Stormlight art by me

    In particular on this first image of Kal in his captain's uniform, I'm wondering about the uniform (colour, trim, etc), the hair (length, colour), perhaps his features (bridge in nose? stubble or clean shaven?) the spear (which is dear Syl), etc. No promises that I'll make any changes based on preference but I would like to be as faithful as possible to the descriptions..