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  1. Winter is slightly mild this year The Well of Ascension was probably my favorite, especially with respect to the character arcs in that book. The Stormlight Archive is setting up to be my favorite series of all time. And I really enjoy his short work, especially Emperor's Soul. I find the second era Mistborn really fun reads, and want to reread those in Graphic Audio.
  2. Having just joined the forums, my mind goes to cookies...
  3. Mi mensaje es su mensaje
  4. Thanks for the upvote and the warnings! As for my Cosmere background, I have read both eras of Mistborn, Stormlight archive, Elantris, Warbreaker, and am currently reading the Arcanum Unbounded. Most of what I read in general is via Audiobook, but have gone back to some of the hard covers on some. What's the general attitude toward audiobooks around here? Do people prefer unabridged or dramatized (e.g. Graphic Audio)?
  5. I have 50 sheets to spare. Again, it's photo paper, so I don't know how well they'll work as business cards. Send me the file and I can try printing a sheet to see how it looks.
  6. Hi everyone! I've browsed these forums a bit, but finally registered to comment on an event page. I'm going to Boskone this year, so I'm excited to see Brandon Sanderson, and hopefully meet some of you!
  7. If "a bunch" is a hundred or so business cards, I have a printer and extra photo paper. But I'm guessing you want more than that.
  8. Thanks @ccstat. Schedule has been updated!