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  1. Think about how much more you would be able to get done without needing to sleep...
  2. Being a bloodmaker would be nice though your healing abilities tend to make you more reckless. Being able to store memories would be really useful as well. And sense we really know so little about nicrosil compounding that would interesting as well... I would like to compound but Brandon hasn't revealed much specific detail on that. I'm a traceuse so the steel and agility ones appeal to me. Zinc compounding is really appealing as well. My answer would be harmonium compounding. Though that doesn't really count so I think I would like to be a Bloodmaker-Coinshot. And also is there a term for someone who has all of the ferumchemical abilities?
  3. Wax's obsession with 'The Bigger Picture' seems pretty intuitive to me. I also feel like iNtuitives would be drawn into Pathism rather than Sensors, as it's more abstract.
  4. I noticed there wasn't a thread on Mistborn Era 2 Meyers Briggs types so I figured I start one. These are my guesses Waxillium Ladrian- INFP Wayne- ENFP or ESFP Steris Harms- ISTJ Marasi Colms- I'm not really sure for her. She is rather intellectual but fascinated by morals of others. Marasi has been known to make rash decisions in times of danger. So INxP Alikk Neverfar- I don't think we've seen enough of him to type him thoroughly but I feel like he's an xNFJ. Any Ideas?