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  1. From the album Stormlight Art

    Jasnah at the begining of the Way Of Kings
  2. The Human Imperium in 40k has what they call Forge Worlds- planets whom are completely covered in industrial apparati, those made the bulk of the Imperium's industrial capacity I think Detritus is something similar
  3. From the album Mistborn Art

  4. I had this feeling almost from the start The player(humanity) is building and expanding a base, training more and more starfighter squadrons for self defense and resource gathering. Losing individual pilots and having to constantly train and level up new ones. All while fighting an enemy which consists of an increasingly difficult and expanding roaster of units as the player progresses Did anyone else get a Darkest Dungeon/Xcom vibe out of this?
  5. I swear this was intended to be just a random portrait but several friends told me it reminds them of Shallan so I roll with itP.S I know she is supposed to have blue eyes
  6. A little portrait of Kelsier, Ill probably redo it in a few months when my skills are better
  7. Why? it's an artwork with a little background story, nothing else
  8. From the album Miana Tekiel

    Original character, Miana Tekiel was an inquisitor 300 years before the events of the final empire, at the time they only had one spike in the chest/ she truly believed in the final empire though hated herself for the horrible actions she committed to preserve it Note: the lore here is my own and is not cannonical
  9. From the album Stormlight Art

  10. From the album Stormlight Art

  11. From the album Stormlight Art

  12. From the album Stormlight Art

  13. Scandalus!
  14. Something I couldn't find anything, at first it seems like its hereditary based on how most empires work but it doens't make sense to me here considering how the Hierarchical system of Fjorden works it seems to me everyone could potentialy be a Wyrn. any WOB on this matter?
  15. Unlike the rest of the humans in the Cosmere which were created by Adonalsium, Scadrians were have only Preservation ad Ruin in them, so can they use powers of other shards?