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  1. Stick should have agreed to become fire
  2. Very much!
  3. Awesome! thank you
  4. From the album Mistborn Art

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  5. More importantly- Why is Hoid?
  6. The ten orders as policemen Windrunner: Leads a Swat team, will always jump a bullet to save someone else, survived far longer than anyone expected Elsecaller: Code-breaker, complains to the mafia for making his job too easy Skybreaker: If he were to melt down all his medals, he could make a life size statue of himself, which he doesn't do cuz' that's against regulations Dustbringer: Opens fire at anything from mass murder to jaywalking, was suspended from the force several times Stoneward: Content to keep patrolling the same road for years, never sleeps or drinks on the job. Edgedancer: Police detective, solves all the cases everyone else gave up on Lightweaver: Police mole, some suspect he's a double agent, turns out to be a triple Truthwatcher: Interrogator, can get the truth out of anyone with that stare of hers Bondsmith: Runs the station, takes responsibility for the Dustbringers' behavior Willshaper: Left the force after two months, too repetitive
  7. I am rereading the series now and don't remember an answer to that question, we saw what stormform can do. If all the parshman turned into it all humans would be dead within a week, so..why not?
  8. I live in Israel so a lot of the media I consume is in hebrew and there was that one commercial I was half listening to when it said something about "another day", now in hebrew that is pronounced Od Yom( עוד יום ) and I was like- Odium?
  9. From the album Mistborn Art

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  10. From the album Stormlight Art

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  11. So...anyone who hasn't heard keyforge is a new card game from the creator of MTG. the basic idea is that you buy complete decks instead of random cards and you can't switch cads between decks. each deck is comprised of three distinct 'houses, one of these houses(sanctum) is comprised of knights in massive golden armor with massive glowing weapons...does anyone else think it looks familiar? here are a few examples
  12. PM Sent
  13. Thats the message I am getting and the pictures as they appear in the gallery, interestingly it seems as if I uploaded 3 images instead of 1
  14. 5MB I have uploaded larger files before