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  1. Oh, ok thanks
  2. I don't recall any mention of mist wraiths in this book. Is there anyway Kelsier manipulated one of them through a spike to eat his bones. I believe WOB stated his bones are still around
  3. Thank you for fixing the vote
  4. I know it's explained how weakness is tied to fear and in the end it's kind of inferred that overcoming your fear will put the epic in control and not evil if I read correctly. Knowing this, is that "thing" still a weakness? If Megan is killed by fire, even though she's confronted her fear, will she still perma-die? I think it's a fascinating question
  5. I mentioned in the other topic I think his weakness is failure, or sense of failure. Tia mentioned it, and if you over think the end, he looked frightened when he "failed" to kill David and retreated
  6. I personally think prof's weakness is failure, or something about a reminder of failure. Tia makes specific mention about this when explaining his visit to nasa in the photograph. Maybe out witting him in a battle will bring a sense of failure, exposing his weakness. Or, I could be totally wrong
  7. I know I'm way late to the party, but I always pictured David Strathairn as prof.
  8. Did anyone get a Ruin vibe out of calamity when he interacted with david?
  9. I could be totally wrong but I thought she was referring to the "surgery" she was performing on other epics.
  10. I'll buy that, he probably did it without even knowing either. I tore this book so fast, other things start to pop up. I like how the Dr's coming to the city earlier in the book came full circle with regalia and the big c. Was it mentioned or confirmed if she did augment epics though?
  11. I didn't understand how dawnslight wasn't destructive. I know he's "stuck" but his power did manifest in the real world, I didn't know how his thoughts didn't become dark using his power. Other than that, great book. Hopefully they don't have to kill prof