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Alleyverse Patch

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@Ark1002, don't know if you want this, but here's an Alleyverse patch. I think it looks pretty sweet.

I am not affiliated with the alleyverse in any way, I just think the ghostblood symbol is really cool.

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2 hours ago, Ark1002 said:

Would you be okay if I added this image to the RP section of the gallery?

Do whatever you want with any of this artwork, total greenlight for whatever you want to do. If you put it on diapers dont give me an attribution though, that would be embarrasing...


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Just now, Ark1002 said:

So... I can make it into underwear?

Undwear yes, Manties no.

Just kidding, you seriously can do what ever you want with the art, but if you do turn it into underwear don't say who did the design, capiche?


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