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Navani's Notebook - Part IV



Welcome to my liveblog of Rhythm of War! Index post here. Beware of spoilers.

Navani’s Notebook Part IV
Art here.
Looking at the pictures before translating anything, I love the beauty of the scientific instruments, the musical equipment, and the spren or light being channeled through that tube. It feels like a naturalist’s notebook, and it’s wonderful.
I can’t tell if the cymatic pattern drawn at the bottom has any similarity to the ones depicted previously. I’m going to guess no, but would need to open the prior images from Shallan’s notebook in WoK to really compare.



The Thaylen vacuum tube.

How did the Thaylen create such a thing, and for what purpose? Why is that useful without electronics or incandescent illumination? What’s the point? Pretty awesome, though.


A cracked diamond affixed to the top might give the exact result i am seeking

Man, “cracked” and “might” gave me trouble because I was mixing up some of the letters. I’m not sure what sort of leakage is desired from a cracked gem, or why diamond is the chosen species.


The metal caps unscrew for versatility of experimentation.

Is that so you can use different gems in experiments or for connecting to other things? Gems makes the most sense.


A fabrial pump removes the remaining air.

So the vacuum tube can be regenerated multiple times as needed. That’s helpful.


The rhythms cause patterns in the sand, different patterns for the different kinds of light. There must be an answer of some kind here, though I wish I could consult a true scholar concerning this.

Why was “the” written multiple ways in that first line? (Th E versus T H E) I know we’ve established nonstandardized spelling between Navani/Shallan/Jasnah via the notebook pages, but so far each author has been internally consistent. An error? 

It looks like Navani hasn't gotten over her imposter syndrome yet.

Also, this next bit looks like it’s a different hand. I thought this page would be something she tried to hide from Raboniel? Maybe not possible given that multiple days of experimentation would be necessary to make progress.


Now that we have seen where this line of exploration has led, I am amazed that you were able to extrapolate this, Voice of Lights.

Yes, see? Even Raboniel thinks reverse engineering a tone from a phase shifted pattern is kinda unbelievable. Sorry Navani, you pulled this one out of nowhere. 

Also, I initially mistranslated "Voice" but I love that she is calling Navani by the granted title now.

(Also, AAAA! This means Raboniel has access to the research and its results! Aaaa!)


The tones are becoming easier for me to hear. I recognize the tones of the different kinds of light and struggle to hear if there is something more.

Yay Navani! Progress. But is it realmatic or experience? Let’s see what Raboniel has to say:


Your research has yielded great fruits. There was a time I thought it impossible for one of your kind to hear the rhythms. How could I have anticipated the magnitude of what you have kept hidden from me ho(?)
I fear I have underestimated you and your kind.

Wait, so did Raboniel add these comments after the fact? The fact that it was “kept hidden” suggests that the interspersed comments weren’t included initially, but only appended later. However, it does appear that Raboniel ends up with all of the research eventually. 


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