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Chapter 90



Welcome to my liveblog of Rhythm of War! Index post here. Beware of spoilers.

Chapter 90 (One Chance)
Icons: Four this time. Jez, Nan, Ishar, Shash. Notably, Palah is absent so I don’t think Maya will show up this chapter.

Epigraph: I wonder if it would make a difference if he knew that the current threat to his life and freedom was coming from a different quarter than the Fused? Also, don’t do it, Shallan.

I’m once again curious about the political situation of Lasting Integrity, that Notum was expelled front the forum (and perhaps the city?) for his statements, and that the ruling class is able to exclude all of the opposition from this event. Does that mean the trial isn’t actually that impactful, or does it mean that the ruling party is powerful enough to impose itself this way? At least some of the spren sympathetic to Adolin are able to watch from above.

Hm. There are six of the “ten honored by storms” present today. I presume that’s the form the ruling council takes, and not just individuals worthy of respect, but either way… I wonder if that means that 40% are in favor of Adolin or neutral and were thus excluded, or if his support is less than that and the other four just weren’t available to attend.

That’s a pretty good opening statement. Bold move to invoke Cultivation on top of Honor, but I can see it working. She is the surviving deity, even if her involvement is far less than Tanavast’s was.

Ooo, very nice, Adolin. “I could answer, but you don’t care.” This was a good rebuttal, attacking their sense of fair play and honesty in providing a true trial. I’m glad to see it working.
His next bit, calling on their similarities to humans, is also excellent. Addressing their fear, their irrationality, the way they are casting about for solutions.

Oh dear. The deadeye cryptic is recent, and now we think it’s Shallan’s first. That will go over well when it comes out. Not this chapter, but presumably soon.

I like this intimate moment of Shallan and her husband, and the reminder that when she is with Adolin she is only ever Shallan. Because he can tell, and she is the one that he married.

Adolin can’t decide what he wants to do about this imprisonment. I love that he is considering the honorspren’s position and having enough empathy to say, “You know what, maybe it isn’t fair to ask them to fight a war.” He might be willing to give them their way there. Good thing he practiced being in jail back in WoR.

Yay Veil! Don’t follow through with Mraize’s suggestion. She and Radiant agree.
Except, that only gives Shallan enough motivation to finally let Formless free. Chilling that she does so on the heels of Adolin’s judgement:



“I wish I could find out who killed that poor Cryptic. That’s what ruined it today. Ruined it all.”

Even if Shallan isn’t letting herself remember, she knows who is being blamed here. And with that Formless says It is time.

And the worst part is that Adolin doesn’t notice. He would recognize Radiant or Veil, but Formless is either too new or too insidiously linked to Shallan’s core for him to know that she has intruded on this moment that is supposed to be sacrosanct in their relationship.

Plus, Formless then echoes the same words Veil threw at Mraize… Maybe you’ll be surprised. This is all sorts of bad for her.

Not to mention that it can’t possibly reflect well on the “we don’t kill spren” thing to use a soul stealing dagger to assassinate the person judging the case. I don’t see that as a particularly convincing demonstration of their trustworthiness.


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