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Chapter 51



Welcome to my liveblog of Rhythm of War! Index post here. Beware of spoilers.

Note: Hey hey! Look who’s back after a ridiculous hiatus. Yes, it’s me! Hopefully the next chapter reaction will be delayed by days rather than months. But you aren’t here to read excuses, so let’s get right back into it. 

Chapter 51 (To Sing Hopeless Songs) 

Epigraph: Maybe it’s just Venli’s chapter icon sitting above this one, but the epigraph is feeling more like a singer/listener than Navani. Still ambiguous though. I’m sure I’ll be kicking myself for not seeing things sooner when the reveal is given.

Ah, Venli gets her team. Not sure which way she’ll try to lead them, but at least she has resources of (probably) reliable loyalty.

Raboniel is really giving that Craving rhythm a workout. She uses it for a ton of things.

Good answer, Venli, justifying your questioning of Odium’s wisdom. That sort of defense will serve you well and earn you points here. Hmm, and Raboniel is speaking almost like a collaborator. She’s none too impressed with Odium either, I think. Or, maybe impressed is the wrong word. She’s determined to be independent minded despite what he has to say on the matter.

Stormsetter? Is that the same as someone in stormform? Ah, nope. He’s in “mediationform” whatever that is, so what is “stormsetter” supposed to be?

Interesting that Venli is peering into Shadesmar in an active manner. I rather thought that listeners were constantly seeing a little ways into both realms, in kind of a visual overlay. Is this active peering an aspect of her form of power, or was I misinterpreting things before for the base state? Wait, duh! I already commented on this back in (*checks*) chapter 11. It’s not to do with her envoyform at all, it’s the Willshaper ability. Man, I feel dumb for forgetting that.

I think Venli is overly optimistic that she will only have a few dozen people following her in the event she enacts her planned escape.

When she says Timbre’s kind were treated similarly to the enslaved parsh, does she mean nahel spren in general? Or the Willshaper spren specifically?

Actually, now that I think of it, why is Venli not being affected by the inverted protections on the pillar? At a guess, Timbre is being protected by the gemheart she’s hiding inside, but as reasonable as that sounds I don’t think I have much support for it beyond speculation.

Not really a curse, but an idiomatic phrase of note: “never touched anything in her life without making a storm of it.”


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