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Chapter 33



Welcome to my liveblog of Rhythm of War! Index post here. Beware of spoilers.

Chapter 33 (Understanding) 
Epigraph: We already knew Odium’s goal, but I think that was all from WoB and piecing together things from across the cosmere. Here we get it stated in plain text, even if couched in Sazed’s supposition. It feels like a lame reveal, but it’s good to have it out there for the less fanatical of fans.

Kaladin realizing (i.e. internalizing) that advocating for someone and protecting them emotionally both count as protection for the purposes of his ideals is a good perspective shift. His whole thing up to this point was “can I kill to protect” because all the threats he was opposing were physical. I didn’t consider the thematic benefit of having him turn to an orthogonal set of questions, but it’s definitely expanding the philosophy of that question and his ability to explore it.

Kaladin invents group therapy. Given the way therapy is treated in another fandom I belong to (specifically, fanfics of Worm), I am tempted to say that the good guys just won. Still, it’s a great start and I’m especially glad to see that Lirin is supportive not just in approving of Kaladin’s efforts but also in actively guiding them and setting limits so he doesn’t overextend.

Aww, Kaladin is opening up to Hesina about more of his trauma. This short exchange is full of emotion, and I really feel for Hesina here. But it also shows that Kaladin is getting benefit out of helping, and not just in the expected “do good to feel good” way. I will be very happy if his relationship with his mother is a major factor in letting him heal enough to reach the fourth oath.

Wow. short shapter. On to Shallan again...


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