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Anyone out there work for Delta Air Lines?

Brandon Sanderson


Two big updates for today. The first is related to a tweet I made last night. I'm scheduled to fly to France later this month, and that trip is going to be smack-dab in the middle of working on the last WoT book. I worry that the trip is going to throw me out of my momentum writing the book. I was really hoping to be able to spend my skymiles to get myself a business class seat, where I could work the entire way and not worry about my laptop running dry or the seating keeping me from working.

Unfortunately, we're running into some snags getting me upgraded. I have the skymiles, I have an upgradable ticket (which my French publisher bought at considerable cost) but things just aren't working. So, I'm looking for someone at Delta who can somehow make this happen for me. It would not only help get AMoL out faster, but would make me very grateful. So, if you work for Delta in the right division (or know someone who does) and you think you can make this happen, drop me an email. I'll owe you a big favor, and I can make some cool things happen for WoT fans whom I owe a favor.

It's probably a long shot, but I thought I'd ask. Who knows. Maybe it will work out.

The second issue is that our website is having hiccups as we move to a new hosting plan. (You guys visit way too much; not that I'm complaining.) Our new server has php 5 instead of 4, so a number of things are broken, and Producer Jordo is away on a business trip so things probably won't be back to normal until next week.

Right now most of the section pages on the site don't work, but the individual pages still do—e.g. you can go to WARBREAKER chapter 51 using this link or the link in the sidebar, but the section links on the library page don't work. The same goes for the annotations and the store pages. Links to individual items or annotations function, but the section links are broken. You can manually visit any other library item, annotation, or store item by changing the number in the URL. Anyway, this should be fixed next week.




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