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Untitled (@downwiththestormingship via tumblr)



hey if you’re out there and you’re listening hey have you ever had that feeling when you’re leaving a concert and it sounds like there are cicadas but there isn’t a tree in sight hey have you ever ordered something to eat and the moment it shows up you don’t want it hey have you accidentally brushed hands with a stranger and looked back have you ever checked the drawer in a hotel to make sure the bible was still there hey have you ever turned the music off and hey hey listen hey have you ever wondered what it’s like to do something perfectly just one thing hey do you ever see things play out in your head long before they do but silently hope they don’t hey have you ever lived a lie have you ever said do or die but didn’t have you ever slept on the floor when your bed time travels hey have you ever wished the violins in your head would give it a rest when you’re down and out have you ever been down and out hey does it ever feel like the punk songs had it right like you cook for two alone like the matching tattoo you got by yourself like the places you said you’d send a postcard from and who you’d send them to hey have you ever cared hey do you care could you care hey this is a bed of nails you asked to sleep on this is the part that can’t happen again the part everyone took pictures of that everyone framed and gave to you on holidays thinking you’d want to remember forever this ruined it this ruined it for good hey have you ever pulled away from a kiss thinking you’d left something behind have you ever left something behind hey do you still day dream hey what’re they about hey have you ever run your fingers over a place where someone used to be have you hey have you or someone you love been exposed to that feeling of




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