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Name Auction Coming, Music + Updates

Brandon Sanderson


Want your name to appear as a character in the Stormlight Archive? There's going to be an auction for just that starting on Wednesday to benefit the Life, the Universe, & Everything (LTUE) symposium. I'll post more details when the auction begins.

This year's LTUE hosted the recording of a number of episodes of the Writing Excuses podcast, one of which aired this week. In it, Dan and Howard are joined by Robison Wells and Sarah Eden to talk about writing romance.

The most recent WARBREAKER annotation is a long one covering chapter forty-nine. It talks about Vasher's temper and using the priests as scapegoats, among other things.

In Suvudu's cage matches, Vin managed to hold off Jon Snow and Perrin was defeated by Quick Ben. Which sets up two matches, as Suvudu announced here. Starting on Wednesday, Vin will face Quick Ben and Perrin will have a consolation match against Jon Snow. Suvudu is accepting writeups for consolation match; see the announcement for details. They also have a forum where you can make suggestions about future cage matches. And superfan Terez is holding her own contest for best Vin vs. Quick Ben writeup.

Some people have sent me links to their music recently. Joey Maker has a passing reference to Rand Al'Thor in a rap song of his

. And Darin Porter wrote a whole song about Kaladin called "You Can't Go Back."




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