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Poetry Idea: Everything Ends (rough draft)



Everything ends.

There was a girl

That was my best friend.

Together we did so much.

We went on coffee dates at the Starbucks downtown.

And sent each other pictures of the clouds.

We wrote poetry

And lived for foggy days.

We made awkward eye contact with boys to see their reactions

Wrote handwritten letters with coded messages.

But everything ends

And I’m scared that now she sees me

When she buys coffee at Starbucks

But I’m not there.

I fear that she sees me standing in the fog

Or sees my eyes when she catches the gaze

Of the boy across the room.

There was a boy

That I was in love with.

Together we did so much.

We baked pizza

And drove through the hills.

We slow-danced in his basement and

Offered each other 2 cents for our thoughts.

He played me songs on his guitar

Complimented my little striped dress.

But everything ends

And I’m scared he thinks it’s me

That he is making pizza with

But it isn’t.

I fear that he feels my rhythm

When he slow dances

Or hears my voice when he spots

The abandoned pennies in the console of his car.

There is a boy

Who I have come to care for.

Together we do so much.

We take long drives around town

And make frequent Taco Bell runs

Not because the food is good

But because we enjoy the company.

We match our flannel

And I took him snowshoeing for the first time.

And I was the one who introduced

My silly California boy to the

Starry night sky that the

Lights of his home

Normally hid.

But everything ends

And I’m scared that when it does,

He will see me in Taco Bell

But I’m not.

I fear that his flannel will hang

Gathering dust in his closet

Or that he will walk at night

With his eyes to the ground

Because he will hear my laugh

In the twinkling of the stars.

And I know that it will be this way,

Because everything ends

And I feel her hugs in the clouds

And hear his laugh in the hills

And I am scared that one day

I will feel his touch in the snow.

Because everything ends.


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