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Tweets December 14–31

Brandon Sanderson


Llama_Face.pngBrandonSandrson Tue Dec 14 You guys want to do a writing exercise together? I've been wanting to do some dialogue practice. We could each do 5 pages on a theme, and...

Llama_Face.pngBrandonSandrson Tue Dec 14 ...and I could post my five for you to see, then look at some of the better ones on writing excuses and talk over strengths/weaknesses.

Llama_Face.pngBrandonSandrson Tue Dec 14 Write a 5-10 page two character dialogue with no tags or blocking. Dialogue only. Try to evoke character, conflict, and plot with this only.

Llama_Face.pngBrandonSandrson Tue Dec 14 Include: A problem, 2 distinct individuals, a fantasy/sf element. Avoid: long monologues, exposition. Use context, not explanations.

Llama_Face.pngBrandonSandrson Tue Dec 14 Inspiration: http://bit.ly/DEda8 Be done Sunday. I'll try & get the TWG Forum back up for posting. If not, post on your blog and send a link

AvatarBryce_normal.jpgshnar Tue Dec 14@brandonsandrson as in Script format? No prose? Or simple prose but mostly dialog?


Tue Dec 14 @shnar I'm thinking all dialogue. Not really script format, but like it. See the inspiration I just posted.

Joker_by_el_grimlock_normal.jpgBrandonPSA Tue Dec 14@BrandonSandrson humor me... define tags or blocking


Tue Dec 14 @BrandonPSA No prose. No "He said." No "He walked to the door." Dialogue only.

Llama_Face.pngBrandonSandrson Tue Dec 14 Another excellent example, this one from @JRVogt: http://bit.ly/g1Pp9e Make yours shorter if you want. 5 pgs is just what I'll post.

Joker_by_el_grimlock_normal.jpgBrandonPSA Tue Dec 14@BrandonSandrson also... define "page".. maybe a charcacter count/page


Tue Dec 14 @BrandonPSA Basically, whatever you feel like and whatever works. I don't care about strict page counts.

default_profile_4_normal.pngTymCon Tue Dec 14@BrandonSandrson Can we do it in a script format. E.g: Cian: X just stabbed me, Owen: Nice.


Tue Dec 14 @TymCon Sure.

logo2_normal.pngRantingDragon Tue Dec 14@BrandonSandrson Just so I understand it right: only dialogue? So not: "Blah blah," said Brandon, eying the huge Trolloc. Only the blah?


Tue Dec 14 @rantingdragon Yup. You've got it.

default_profile_6_normal.pngGanymede_mj Tue Dec 14@BrandonSandrson love too but jumping a plane also just finished latest wot loved it u r doing the series proud


Tue Dec 14 @Ganymede_mj Thanks! Have a good flight.

green_9516_Crowsicon_normal.jpgamurderofcrows Tue Dec 14@BrandonSandrson I'm game. Where do we post?


Tue Dec 14 @amurderofcrows I'll either get a forum for you (watch my tweets) or just email it/post it to your blog and email me a link.

AvatarBryce_normal.jpgshnar Tue Dec 14@BrandonSandrson I just saw your 'Mistborn Llama' pic, and still laughing. What's the story behind it?


Tue Dec 14 @shnar It was the name of my old writing group.

110MRK369glowSharp_normal.jpgMaryRobinette Tue Dec 14Hey! @scalzi just promised all Campbell winners cookies on his podcast. Chocolate chip, please.


Tue Dec 14 @MaryRobinette What about those of us @Scalzi himself beat for the Campbell? Do we get cookies too?

Tue Dec 14@BrandonSandrson I think that's only fair. I don't know if @scalzi will agree with me.

default_profile_0_normal.png1stRainbowRose Tue Dec 14@brandonsandrson Just to check, who are you wanting to do this with? Just anyone or someone specific?


Tue Dec 14 @1stRainbowRose Anybody who posts.

droplet_normal.jpgpale_blue_sky Tue Dec 14@BrandonSandrson Silly question, but how many words do 5 pages generally equate to?


Tue Dec 14 @pale_blue_sky 1000ish.

TwitterIcon_normal.jpgYetiStomper Tue Dec 14@BrandonSandrson I'm not sure what that is an example of but I look forward to reading the rest of that. @JRVogt


Tue Dec 14 @YetiStomper Read my tweets right before that one.

Llama_Face.pngBrandonSandrson Fri Dec 17 Writing Exercise: Dialogue. http://3.ly/yuTt

4158_90893245317_519435317_2346485_591971_n_normal.jpgDreadlord617 Fri Dec 17@BrandonSandrson: Google has judged you and found you 74% basic, 24% intermediate and 1% advanced: http://is.gd/iSKmZ ;)


Fri Dec 17 @Dreadlord617 Ha. Not surprising. My writing philosophy is toward clear prose that uses complex structure/words for effect, not as the norm

Peter_Slayton_head-bio-pic_normal.JPGmissionmobilizr Fri Dec 17@brandonsandrson I'm reading Alcatraz vs the Shattered Lens. p153 almost made me yawn. I held it off until p154.


Fri Dec 17 @missionmobilizr The only time I'm happy to hear someone say they yawned reading one of my books.

46579_1483271934439_1613094905_1159263_2350329_n_normal.jpgmathachew Fri Dec 17Finished the #Mistborn trilogy. It's hard to describe it in just one word: Amazing. Addictive. Satisfying. Brilliant. @BrandonSandrson


Fri Dec 17 @mathachew Thank you!

default_profile_5_normal.pngGoneBlack212 Thu Dec 16@BrandonSandrson If we don't have a blog, and wanted to participate in this, where would we be instructed to post our endeavors? Thank you!


Fri Dec 17 @GoneBlack212 Go ahead and email them to me.

vaca1_normal.JPGDKoles Thu Dec 16@brandonsandrson was the title "Towers of Midnight" in reference to the place that Mat is heading to rescue Moiraine from?


Fri Dec 17 @DKoles In part, it was. That's only one part, though.

Llama_Face.pngBrandonSandrson Fri Dec 17 Wow, only two days until koloss head munching day. Man. Suppose I ought to plan something.

Llama_Face.pngBrandonSandrson Sat Dec 18 Took Christmas presents to neighbors w/Limeboy. Every time: door opens, & before they say hi, he walks in and starts playing w/their stuff.

Llama_Face.pngBrandonSandrson Sat Dec 18 On my way to my last signing of the year. Bountiful utah B&N. 2-4.

Llama_Face.pngBrandonSandrson Sun Dec 19 Thank you for the birthday wishes, all. And a happy Koloss Head Munching day to all of you.

Llama_Face.pngBrandonSandrson Wed Dec 22 I will post my dialogue pages soon. Used six of yours in writing excuses episodes. First airs next week.

Llama_Face.pngBrandonSandrson Tue Dec 28 My dialogue writing exercise turned into a short story, "I Hate Dragons." We also talked about others' on the podcast. http://3.ly/xUGm

Llama_Face.pngBrandonSandrson Thu Dec 30 If you've bought any of my books on Kindle, lending is now enabled for them. http://3.ly/fRyn

Llama_Face.pngBrandonSandrson Fri Dec 31 I posted the panel schedule for next month's Superstars Writing Seminar. It's three days packed with great info. http://3.ly/uUWE

2_normal.jpgrobisonwells Thu Dec 30I only got 1400 words today, but I FINALLY SOLVED THE PROBLEM THAT'S BEEN PLAGUING ME FOR A MONTH! #thankgoodness #aboutfreakingtime


Fri Dec 31 @robisonwells Wow. Nice book, but I foresee lots of complaints in the future about that ending, my friend...

teun2_normal.jpgteunvink Fri Dec 31Finished Towers of Midnight. @BrandonSandrson did an amazing job continuing Robert Jordan's work! Can't wait for Memory of Light #WoT


Fri Dec 31 @teunvink Thanks!

pimpernel_normal.pngTheOfficeTroll Fri Dec 31I'm reading Alvatraz vs the Knights of Crystallia. Pages 188-189 make me hate the author. Curse you, @BrandonSandrson


Fri Dec 31 @TheOfficeTroll It's not my fault I'm evil.

Dvvorakk2_normal.jpgIronHouseDvorak Fri Dec 31@BrandonSandrson I don't suppose you have anything new publishing soon? ... loving your books!


Fri Dec 31 @IronHouseDvorak Afraid not. Next book from me is next fall.

4c1e6403-effb-4636-b434-b23f823a36f1_normal.pnghungryturnip Fri Dec 31@BrandonSandrson hey got a nook eReader for Christmas any WOT-like recommendations? (have all of your stuff). Reading Brent Weeks right now.


Fri Dec 31 @hungryturnip WoT-like? Hm. There's really not anything completely like it. Steven Erikson would probably be my first suggestion.

rahvin_normal.gifrahvin1 Thu Dec 30@BrandonSandrson @PeterAhlstrom Congratulations on being #73 on Amazons Top 100 for the year 2010 with The Way of Kings #TWoK


Fri Dec 31 @rahvin1 Wow. Didn't know abotu that. Thanks.

PhotoFunia_2a7f3_normal.jpgfloydobaggins Thu Dec 30@BrandonSandrson I don't get to write many book reviews. But from a fan - http://wp.me/p17rD5-4f. Happy New Year, Mr Sanderson!


Fri Dec 31 @floydobaggins Thank you very much for the kind review, and for spreading the word on the book.

IMG00073-20101217-0954_normal.jpgwutdafuhk Thu Dec 30@BrandonSandrson Got Towers of Midnight for Christmas! Thanks for continuing the saga. Need MOVIE! #thewheeloftime #bestseriesofalltime


Fri Dec 31 @wutdafuhk Movie is in the works. We're all doing what we can.

abstract_0021_normal.jpgjapadua Thu Dec 30As I make my way through @BrandonSandrson books I find myself thinking, "How do i become this guy's friend?" They are just fantastic!


Fri Dec 31 @japadua Yes, my friends are fantastic. Oh, wait. You meant the books. I guess those are too. (Thanks for the kind words.)

Source: http://www.brandonsanderson.com/blog/953/Tweets-December-14-31


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