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ALLOY illustrations, Blood and Bloody Ashes Shirt + Updates

Brandon Sanderson


I'm in the middle of my tour for THE ALLOY OF LAW right now; I'm in Houston today and will be in London by Saturday. If you want email reminders when I'll be near you, sign up and tell me your city. Meanwhile this year's Great Hunt continues, and readers have gone a long way toward deciphering the encoded file from Robert Jordan's notes.

By the way, THE ALLOY OF LAW was one of five write-in candidates to be added in its category as a 2011 Goodreads Choice Award semifinalist. If you think it deserves the award, you can vote for it here. Competition is pretty stiff, though!

This week's Writing Excuses episode features Andrew P. Mayer joining Howard, Mary, and Dan at Dragon*Con to discuss taking ridiculous-seeming over-the-top concepts and using them to create brilliant literature.

In the newest chapter of MYTHWALKER, my abandoned novel from 2001, the switch is on. You knew it was coming.

Yesterday on Twitter I participated in a #torchat. The first half of it is also up in my newest Twitter archive post, and I'll put up the rest next week.

Several readers have reported that the ebook version of THE ALLOY OF LAW has images that are hard to read. Tor is working on a solution right now, but in the meantime, I've uploaded all of the images to their own page here. You can see them below. I'm including a color version of the Elendel city map (by Isaac Stewart, who also runs the Mistborn and Stormlight Archive T-shirt store) that doesn't appear in the book. And you can download a full-resolution broadsheet PDF if you are a Tor.com member. By the way, broadsheet (and Shallan's sketchbook) artist Ben McSweeney will be with me at my Houston signing today, so fortunate readers there can get his autograph as well.

ALLOY_MAP_1_WORLD-thumb.jpg ALLOY_MAP_2_ELENDEL_GRAY-thumb.jpg ALLOY_BROADSHEET-thumb.jpg ALLOY_MAP_2_ELENDEL_COLOR-thumb.jpg Ta'veren Tees has a new T-shirt available for preorder. I think I'll let it speak for itself.




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