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Chapter 2



Welcome to my liveblog of The Lost Metal! Intro post here, beware of spoilers.

Chapter 2
Steris is getting him ready using a prepared list, which matches my expectations. But from the way he’s stowing evidence for probable dramatic reveal, I get the sense he’s preparing for a courtroom, which very much does not match my expectations. He’s always been a lawman, but I didn’t think he’d ever be that sort of lawman.

Oh, maybe not. He’s in “his senator’s chamber in the House of Proceedings.” Which makes him yet another type of lawman, though this one is a bit more believable development than Attorney Ladrian.
I still don’t really approve of the name Maxillium. Wax should have known better than to saddle a kid with that. I like that he’s got a sister named Tindwyl, though.

Wax “looming” as he’s about to address the assembly is a nice image. He comes by them naturally, but he’s also clearly taken to cultivating his presence and reputation (probably thanks to Steris’ advice).

Interesting how the demographics of the cabinet or the campaign ticket play out here, with Terris administrators being trusted/fashionable. A clear parallel to how our own campaign decisions often get made, but in unique Scadrian style.

I appreciate Wax’s characteristic bluntness, but it is slightly odd to me that he’s comfortable being so blunt in front of the Malwish ambassador. It makes sense, if she’s privy to all of these meetings anyway, but it still smacks of not only exposing weakness to an outsider but specifically pointing it out.

I can’t help thinking that either Wax is underestimating Varlance, or Adawathyn has a lot more going on than “clever power behind the throne.” Maybe both. They seem a little too much like stereotypical set pieces to be played straight in a Sanderson novel. Then again, we may not see much of the legislative maneuvering, since Wax has to fail here for a tightly paced inciting incident.

And yes, Wax’s exposure of vote-selling works, but not well enough to secure or delay the vote. War on the way, unless Wax saves the day! Sounds like we’ve got ourselves a plot, and plenty of factions to keep it interesting both before and after hostilities break out.


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