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17th Shard Forum Q&A with Brandon Sanderson! (Update)

Hey everyone, we have some exciting news! Brandon Sanderson will be doing a Q&A this week, right here. It is an amazing honor and privilege to have him here, and we're all really excited about this.

Here's how things will go down. You'll come to this topic to post your question, which will be open for questions on Tuesday from 12:00am MDT to 11:59pm MDT (so all of Tuesday), and then Brandon will come in and answer them sometime on Wednesday.

Some requests:
  • Keep the length of your question reasonable, and don't ask a ridiculous number, either
  • No Wheel of Time questions
  • Please read through the questions that have already been asked to see if your question has been asked before you post

And the topic is open! We hope to get some awesome questions for Brandon to answer!

The topic is right here, just in case: Link Of Doom!!!!

The topic is now closed, but Brandon has gotten through many of the questions. Take a look at the awesome answers!
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A little annoying that the time the thread will be open I have to be asleep or at work (I'm in Australia so it's midnight to 6pm here) a 24 hour time period would of been nice!

If I think of I questin I want asked, I'll PM someone I guess, any volunteers?
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I'm actually going to talk to Brandon today to see if we can't open it up a little earlier.

I'll let you know what the updated times are.
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I would appreciate that as well because for most of tomorrow I am at school or at a cross-country meet.
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We have been given permission to open at midnight, guys! I'm updating things as we speak.
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