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Seattle Signing

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So I went to the Seattle signing today, and am here to bring some tidbits of info.  Some others from 17th shard were there, and I think recording, so more/better information may be coming later.


He read from a novella where people get powers after getting sick, and they live on a floating upside down city, so the sky is the surface of the planet.  The planet has been damaged, with lava flowing on the surface.


I asked him 3 questions:


Q. Has Rock always been a third son?

A. No (note, I got distracted by my other questions, so I am not 100% sure that he did say no, but I am about 85% sure :( I failed I know, I am hoping the sharder who was listening was recording or remembers better than I do.)


Q. Are the pools on the Horneater peaks shardpools?



Q. Any hints on the chapter 84 code?

A. There is a key in the book.


Also, someone asked if the Ryshadium were a result of spren symbiosis, Brandon hedged and said that investiture is involved.



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Nice. I had my suspicions about Rock, but it's good to get confirmation. :)


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Answer to that Rhysadium question is nice. I wouldn't have guessed that, but it makes sense.


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the peaks might be where honor shattered so that's why they have there gods and Rock worships Syl all the powerful splinters of honor probably live there. Though the visions the pools give do not seem like typical Honor powers. Probably not Cultivation because she is in shin not Odium no evidence maybe a fourth power Andolosium leftovers or an completely unknown pretty unlikely. so i am guessing honors splinters are in horneater oceans.    


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