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  1. @Extesian Thanks so much for the decipher! Unseriously, So Shallan goes to Scadrial and finds Wax's gun
  2. Perhaps I'm alone, but The Emperor's Soul is my top anticipation, since there are so many artistic and philosophical aspects to explore, which I really can't resist I'm also dying to see any forms of Stormlight adaptation, though it might be harder to be done right. Wax and Wayne as TV series would be awesome.
  3. From the album Cosmere Crossover

    Alternative Kelsier punching Hoid scene (based on this tumblr meme) (Also in Sanderson Memes thread) Reactions by @Kandra-in-disguise
  4. So glad to see WoK annotations finally come online! I've been waiting for this for sooo long! 2003 version Double Eye seems like a more traditional chart of elemental magic. The glyphs are intriguing. Reminds me of Arabic script somehow?
  5. Alternative Kelsier punching Hoid scene (based on this meme):
  6. Deep-fried cremlings (Also wants to try anything cooked by Kiin.)
  7. Definitely Silverlight novella (with some awesome Arcanists, perhaps) But if Brandon settles on the Cosmere, everything will be fine! (Though I do want to know more about Threnody.)
  8. I haven't met any Sanderson haters in my life, but they exist online. There's a user who's got quite "infamous" among the fandom here, due to their horribly subjective and negative ratings and reviews on a site which is the analogue of Goodreads, like, they just want to criticize Brandon's books out of no reason and sometimes there're even terrible personal attacks, which really piss me off. Since there're not many people rating Brandon's books here, their bad ratings just influence the overall look, and make people wonder if Brandon is a bad writer. That's just too bad, because they would rate *every book* Brandon writes and give one stars. Why would they do this? We believe the real reason is that they are a hardcore fan of Jordan's WoT books and dislike Brandon's take to a degree that they must hate every Sanderson book. This really drives us mad but it's just weird, because why would they bother continuing reading cosmere and others? Just take criticizing those books as a hobby, and praising the original WoT books at the same time? Wow, that even earns our "respect". Happy reading those books that you just can't put up with! About the personal attack part: I strongly disapprove of this. Brandon doesn't deserve this. For this I could fight them everytime. Heck, I finally found an outlet for my fury, but not quite
  9. From the album Cosmere Crossover

    This is already in Sanderson Memes thread, though it would be nice to put it here, too. Mistborn/Rick and Morty crossover prompted by @Extesian , a parody of Rick's enthusiasm over Szechuan dipping sauce (from S03 E01). In this, Hoid is desiring Scadrian spicy instant noodles instead. The instant noodles stuff comes from this WoB:
  10. This is prompted by @Extesian in Discord chat. A Mistborn/Rick and Morty crossover suggested by @Overstorm. If you watched S03 E01, you would know what it means Also, the instant noodles stuff comes from this WoB: Enjoy
  11. Here is the Kickstarter page. Really hope it can be successfully funded!
  12. Looks like something Bridge Four would say to Kaladin:
  13. This is important. Thanks so much for sharing the tidbits! (Man, this makes me want to learn Hebrew again.)
  14. Is it possible that Navani was there?
  15. Your Kelsier is always so good. I tend to take it as canon in my head