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  1. Shai

    Ah, I really love your depiction of Shai! (I believe I once saw it on tumblr?) There's always not enough TES art!
  2. Oathbringer / Happy New Year 2017!

    I don't know, either. I just traced the title... I think we need to ask Team Brandon.
  3. An early happy new year! In celebration of the year of Stormlight 3, I drew something from the flashbacks XD
  4. Pondering State of Sanderson 2016

    My first reaction:
  5. [Edgedancer Spoilers] Bridge building

    I once asked about the wording in this line, and here is the answer I got from Peter: The answer is almost one year old, and I hope it still works...
  6. The concept of the God Beyond has been bugging me for some time, and I finally got a sharable answer from Brandon via Reddit message: I think this clarifies the relatinship between the God Beyond and the Beyond. A problem solved!
  7. Warbreaker - Lightsong

    Ahhh I see! Hello again! I think those are all of my Warbreaker at hand... Though I really want to draw something new. We'll see =)
  8. Warbreaker - Lightsong

    Yeah, sure! Thanks for asking =) Please give credit to BotanicaXu, and the website is , if you will.
  9. This is a bit unexpected but makes sense. Beind an inkspren, but called "Ivory". I once asked about his name, and Peter told me that this name does mean white (The choice of it is intentional.), which is an interesting contrast. The Rosharans get ivory from certain kinds of creatures' tusks and spurs, like on a whitespine.
  10. Sanderson Memes

    Radiants Meme: Kaladin
  11. Cosmere Fanart

    I second this =) I mean, not just fan art, we actually need a place to store and share our Brandon-related art ideas, because those worlds are all perfect for visual development.
  12. Wobs from Oathbringer Update 5

    Thanks for the updates! If anyone is interested, here's a compendium of all the cosmere-related WoBs from Update 4: [Reddit WoB] [Oathbringer Spoilers] Stormlight Three Update #4.txt
  13. Arcanum Unbounded Shai Art

    Finally got to see some official TES art... And I was like... AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! (*Screams happily for quite a while, as a passionate Shai fangirl*) Really awesome work! Though Shai's hair is a bit shorter than I thought EDIT: Oh no I'm too excited to say anything...
  14. SirSavien1 on Reddit posted their question about Syl:

    This is really amazing news (for the sake of Brandon himself and the whole fandom), though I'm also worried and skeptical like most of you here. I always imagine that SA would work well as a TV series or animated/graphic novel series. (Man, I'm so dying to see it animated...) Film adaption just sounds kind of meh, unless it is handled with great care. However, I know some guys from Chinese DMG who are in charge of Brandon's book/film franchise. I can feel their passion and they are actually very into cosmere. Perhaps we can trust them a bit more =) (It's a pity that I missed the chance to work with them.)