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  1. From the album Rosharan High Fashion

    Here we got the skirtlike takama, a kind of Alethi traditional warrior’s garb =)
  2. Let’s show some love to those precious Selish magic systems! It’s my first time depicting ChayShan moves and it is loosely based on Tai Chi, according to what Brandon said in Elantris annotations: Characters above are (From left to right): Captain Zu, Shuden, Bloodsealer, Shai.
  3. Out of my personal interest I would recommend The Way of Kings first, since it has a special place in my heart. Though it is obviously not for everyone. I'll go with The Final Empire for sf/f readers who first discover Sanderson books (according to Brandon's suggestion), The Emperor's Soul for general readers. Why choosing TES? Because it is quite standalone and is received EXTREMELY well here in China, in case you didn't know. Seriously, I haven't even seen any meh comments in the community. It seems that everyone I met loves it. Brandon's story and his understandings of Asian cultures really blew our mind. But for those who decide to fully dive into Brandon's world, I would advise them to read books according to the publication order, so that they can see Brandon's growth as a writer, which is amazing, at least for me =) (BTW my first Sanderson book is Elantris, but it didn't prevent me from getting to love the whole universe.)
  4. Something based on Brandon's FAQ Friday this week:
  5. IIRC Brandon once said he and Rysn will keep appearing in the books (at least in the first arc, couldn't find the WoB right now) since they are always travelling and introducing the worldbuilding. The best guess is that these two become regular interlude characters and get their chapter(s) alternatingly. (We have Axies chapter in WoK and Rysn chapter in WoR. So maybe Axies will have screen time in Oathbringer? And Edgedancer also reveals new info on Aimians.) Axies is one of my favorite characters in SA. I'd love to see him more!
  6. Haha... I didn't intend to do this But it's fun to see him like that! I don't think so (for now) AFAIK there hasn't been any serious posts or fan art dedicated to this ship yet. But I quite like this pairing, not necessarily romantic, but as trustful partners. So... Let this piece be the first (Another cracked ship... again.) Thanks so much! + + + Thanks for all the upvotes!
  7. From the album Cosmere Crossover

    Prompt is what Nazh wrote about during his mission in Words of Radiance: (Poor Nazh. Let's just give him a new coat XD)
  8. From the album A Graphic Guide to Roshar

    Rosharan Culture Explained: Herdazian Sparkflicker When I was reading SA books, those sparkflicker things really bugged me. Till now, the word appeared twice (Emphasis is mine.): At first, I assumed it’s a kind of ornament worn by the Herdazians. And we have an entire topic about it, with the conclusion that sparkflickers are Rosharan fire starters. Then, fortunately, someone asked this during a signing: It seems that the problem is solved. Just to be sure, I asked Peter for further confirmation: Ah! Here comes the ultimate definition: Sparkflickers are a kind of practical Herdazian ornament without real martial application. It’s like the steel part of flint-and-steel. Herdazians use sparkflickers to start fires with their own dark, crystalline (stone) fingernails. Lopen’s saying “flick my sparks” comes from sparkflickers. So… Herdazians are actually modern “Dustbringers”! (Yay for Lopen in Herdazian outfit!)
  9. From the album A Graphic Guide to Roshar

    VORIN HAVAH EXPLAINED! (Yay for Syl in havah!) FIRST STEP During Mr. Inkthinker (Ben)’s AMA in 2016, I asked him about how Vorin havah actually looks like and where Brandon’s inspiration came from. He’s really a super nice guy and here’s his detailed answer: (Example art by Michael Whelan) SECOND STEP New info about the replaceable hem! Here is what I got from Tumblr user polk1986: THIRD STEP This time we have a Ben original! The official havah design! Hooray! I also asked Ben about specifics of the high collar: So... Based on all the aforementioned resources, I rendered something new this year: (My new take on Shallan) (Young!Navani) OLD STUFF My old havah design (Ver. 1.0): Inspiration: Traditional costumes from China (Qipao / Cheongsam), Vietnam (Ao Dai), India (Sari), Pakistan (Shalwar Kameez) and Central Asia
  10. I only found this WoB: It only confirmed that it is from Yolen, but nothing more.
  11. Thanks so much for your efforts! Can't wait to see it! (There's always not enough TES stuff.)
  12. There's a new cosmere meme collection page on Facebook: Looks kind of fun!
  13. Thanks for the musings! Actually, I once asked about the Thaylen Passions, and here is Brandon's detailed answer: Hope it helps =)
  14. White-haired Hoid yes!!! You made my day XD
  15. From the album The Emperor's Soul Art Book

    Nights! It’s finished!!! My first digital art piece =) I had used about 200~300 layers (or more) and finally got this thing done… Woah. Promise fulfilled! Characters: Wan ShaiLu, Emperor Ashravan, Gaotona, Frava, Bloodsealer, Captain Zu, Imperial Fool (Hoid), Han ShuXen Original file (6527 × 3705) on Dropbox: [x] | DeviantART: [x]