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  1. Heedless of the shipping, my hand slipped and I just ordered one
  2. So happy to see Ivory depiction XD It's precious!
  3. From the album General SA Art

    Law is light, and darkness does not serve it. Finally finished this! My favorite order other than the Lightweavers =) Highspren are just so cool! More KR lineup pieces to come!
  4. From the album General SA Art

    Young Dalinar & Evi for you all. My favorite Stormlight couple (former) so far! So beautiful yet so tragic.
  5. I'm so in love with this set of design. Perhaps the best Rosharan concept I've seen this year Perhaps I'm biased, but I'm always fond of more Asian flavor in Stormlight art
  6. Wow, glad you like them
  7. Definitely Lightweavings (both Rosharan and Yolish)! The title under my username says it all Illusion magic always sounds intriguing to me. Just have the magnificent sight and disguise oneself at their wish!
  8. I'm always changing the profile picture, though mostly I'd use my art of Hoid or Shallan, which are two of my favorite Cosmere characters. Though now it's Vasher XD
  9. I really like the art style! Hyped for it! (The cover seems more traditional-fantasy-like. Hopefully we could still see those Tesla-esque settings.)
  10. Oooooh juicy stuff! Thanks so much for sharing the handouts with us! <3
  11. @Chaos Thanks so much for the link! I can see the whole product list now =)
  12. Oh my where is that Hoid shirt?! I wanna buy one thousand of them XD
  13. This is probably my favorite cosmere fan art so far this year!
  14. Finished this Stormlight Archive x Harry Potter parody poster! Characters and elements are from The Way of Kings, as a parody to the movie poster of Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Parallels (Not necessarily): Harry - Kaladin, Dumbledore - Dalinar, Hermione - Shallan, Ron - Adolin, Snape - Sadeas, McGonagoll - Jasnah, Hagrid - Teft, Hedwig - Syl, Hogwarts - Shattered Plains, Hogwarts Express - Chull wagon, Floating candles - Lifespren & Windspren
  15. From the album General SA Art

    I really grew to love Lift after reading Edgedancer and Oathbringer =)