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  1. I don't think it will be that big of a deal but I do hope Sanderson can avoid doing this sort of thing in the future. At least this change seems like something he can easily write around. Instead of Kaladin saying "I killed you" to Szeth he'll say something along the lines of "I watched you die". Still I think it's a bad idea to make changes since eventually he's going to write himself into a corner and make a change he can't explain which leaves any fan who bought the original book wondering what happened.
  2. Man that sucks I was really looking forward to the original modern trilogy idea at least I'm sure Brandon will probably give us a good replacement.
  3. Lift will be awesome... OK that ones not really a theory more of a given Kaladin will punch Roshon in the face shove him into a corner and lead the defense of Hearthstone one of the radients will get a suit of plate. at the climax of the book Kaladin and Adolin or maybe Taln (assuming the man in the asylum isn't really him) will make an epic last stand for the city of Kholinar stalling for as long as they can while Shallan frantically evacuates the population through the oathgate. one that i'm almost sure won't happen but i'd love to see it anyway. Jasnah and Lift run into each other while traveling, which I picture as being something like an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.
  4. Going to go out on a limb here and say that the character I can most relate to is Elhokar, I find myself repeating his "how does everyone else know what to do" bit to myself fairly often. I just don't get how every one else seem to be able to handle themselves (or at least fake it) no matter the situation. Where as I seem to screw up everything I try no matter how much experience I have, it all seems to leave me when I get put on the spot.
  5. One possibility based on the rough truthless idea is that Shubreth was given an honorblae and thrown out into the world like Szeth. However unlike Szeth he decided screw it i'll cease to exist when I die and defied the stone shamans. Using his honorblade he carved out a massive kingdom thereby securing his legacy and ensuring that even if his soul disappeared upon death his legacy would endure.
  6. that makes mr. Ts comment that Molach is on the move somewhat scarier in hindsight, maybe it already has the information it needs?
  7. this one defiantly, also I'm writing this from memory so I might not have it exact.
  8. Not sure if I'm the first person to notice this but I haven't seen any other discussions or WOBs about this (admittedly I've been off the shard for a while) so I thought maybe I'm the first. OK so I was reading the preview prologue for Oathbringer and I happened across this (important parts highlighted) For a while I didn't think much of it but then I remembered a little tidbit about the dawnshards. That was when something clicked and my mind put the two together. Now this isn't definitive but I think this at least implies that the black sphere was a dawnshard and that it's in use, holding a voidspreen and based on the way Gavilar says "hold a god" it's a powerful one. Granted this doesn't explain everything like how could the dawnshards bind a mortal, are they just regular spheres or is there more to them than that. And most importantly of all why does Honor imply that they're gone? One last possibility would be that the dawnshards really are gone and Gavilar only has two ordinary spheres which house ordinary voidspreen, however Gavilar was aware of what the dawnshards were and that was why he told Estonia the bit about special gemstones even though he doesn't have one. Well anyway that's my theory I hope you enjoyed it.
  9. Personally I think that gold works a bit like stormlight, you can heal anything that doesn't kill you outright. But take a shardblade to the spine or the head and you are dead, and no mount of stored health is bringing you back.
  10. Well after a lot of delays I finally finished Elantris... wow just wow I can't belie it took me years to finally get around to crossing off the final cosmere novel from my list. and dam what a novel it's slow to start but I should have known that like seemingly all Sanderson novels (except Stormlight which doesn't wait) it gets awesome at the end. well I guess I can go read the novellas at the start of Arcanum Unbounded now.
  11. And if that wasn't enough they could use Duraluminum to enhance their Allomancy further.
  12. this is kind of how I think of Taravangian and most of his lackeys.
  13. I can't be the only person who noticed this
  14. Harris and Me by Gary Paulsen.
  15. Well they do have to spend some time together while they travel back to civilization together so it's not impossible.