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  1. Well after a lot of delays I finally finished Elantris... wow just wow I can't belie it took me years to finally get around to crossing off the final cosmere novel from my list. and dam what a novel it's slow to start but I should have known that like seemingly all Sanderson novels (except Stormlight which doesn't wait) it gets awesome at the end. well I guess I can go read the novellas at the start of Arcanum Unbounded now.
  2. And if that wasn't enough they could use Duraluminum to enhance their Allomancy further.
  3. this is kind of how I think of Taravangian and most of his lackeys.
  4. I can't be the only person who noticed this
  5. Harris and Me by Gary Paulsen.
  6. Well they do have to spend some time together while they travel back to civilization together so it's not impossible.
  7. Personally I draw some parallels between Lift x Renarin and Vin x Elend. Lift is a streetwise thief who has Identity issues, likes to go barefoot and despite her slightly crazy nature she will come through for the people she cares about. Renarin is a noble who doesn't really fit with the rest of the upper class, he would probably read a lot if were allowed and he just doesn't seem to sure of himself. Heck their age difference is even similar to Vin and Elend I think they could work out great but who knows. Also Jasnah and Szeth yes there's the whole he killed her father thing but once you get passed that i think they could work. they're both in their thirties so no major age gap problems Szeth also seems like he could mach her in terms of scholarlynes (yes I just made that term up) He was able to piece together that a new desolation was coming long before she did and as far as we know he did it without a spreen to help him that indicates some serious ability so maybe they could get along.
  8. here's one based on the first chapter Sanderson released for Oathbringer
  9. I can't speak for everyone but I think part of the problem with people not wanting to read stories with sex in them might be over saturation. Personally I don't mind if a book contains a sex scene but it needs to feel relevant there should be a lot of emotion behind what's going on and it shouldn't be overused. but when the author goes into erotic novel level detail to describe what's going on i get put off. Unfortunately more and more authors seem to be trying to compete with a song of ice and fire by making ever more graphic, sexual, and violent books its to the point where these things aren't shocking any more their just annoying.
  10. I'm hoping for some interaction between them in Oathbringer... and by that I mean I'm hoping he punches her in the face. After the way she treated him last time they spoke she deserves it. That said she's been married to an abusive jerk for years now so after he punches her I'm hoping he at least comforts her but i think their relationship is over.
  11. Slider... I guess that makes sense since I answered: at the last minute to the when do you get things done question. Of course having extra time would just make me procrastinate more.
  12. Airsick Lowlanders.
  13. Granted you gain an understanding of things man was not meant to know and go mad from the revelation I wish for a package of sandwich rolls.
  14. Thanks for posting that, Szeth's situation makes a lot more sense to me now, the Shin want to give him one of the two worst punishments they can imagine either condemned to all eternity with the voices of the one's he's killed or cessation of existence under the Shin belief system there's no way to make him suffer these fates without forcing him to kill people of course they don't want him to kill other people from Shinovar so they throw him out into the lands beyond and let him run wild. That said if this is true it's somewhat chilling to see just how little the shin think of the "stonewalkers" that the idea of killing hundreds or thousands of them just to ensure that one man even a Truthless is given the ultimate punishment doesn't seem to faze them. Also to answer you about why Szeth lasted as long as he did I think that deep down Szeth had at least a gut feeling that his punishment was wrong and that's why he was able to hold on as long as he did.
  15. I'm not sure, you would need to make some changes but I don't think it would be impossible to translate Mistborn into another format. Just tossing out ideas here, but you could have metalminds glow to show that they're being taped or filled you could keep the camera really close to a misting or Mistborn (or do a first person shot) while they used Alomancy to help give a feel for why blue lines have sprung up everywhere (Iron/Steel) or the sound suddenly got louder (tin) since you can clearly tell whose perspective we're seeing. Also agree with you on Stormlight, the world of Roshar is just to alien and strange to be filmed live action, computer generated animation (3D) might also be a good way to capture the world.