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  1. Slider... I guess that makes sense since I answered: at the last minute to the when do you get things done question. Of course having extra time would just make me procrastinate more.
  2. Airsick Lowlanders.
  3. Granted you gain an understanding of things man was not meant to know and go mad from the revelation I wish for a package of sandwich rolls.
  4. Thanks for posting that, Szeth's situation makes a lot more sense to me now, the Shin want to give him one of the two worst punishments they can imagine either condemned to all eternity with the voices of the one's he's killed or cessation of existence under the Shin belief system there's no way to make him suffer these fates without forcing him to kill people of course they don't want him to kill other people from Shinovar so they throw him out into the lands beyond and let him run wild. That said if this is true it's somewhat chilling to see just how little the shin think of the "stonewalkers" that the idea of killing hundreds or thousands of them just to ensure that one man even a Truthless is given the ultimate punishment doesn't seem to faze them. Also to answer you about why Szeth lasted as long as he did I think that deep down Szeth had at least a gut feeling that his punishment was wrong and that's why he was able to hold on as long as he did.
  5. I'm not sure, you would need to make some changes but I don't think it would be impossible to translate Mistborn into another format. Just tossing out ideas here, but you could have metalminds glow to show that they're being taped or filled you could keep the camera really close to a misting or Mistborn (or do a first person shot) while they used Alomancy to help give a feel for why blue lines have sprung up everywhere (Iron/Steel) or the sound suddenly got louder (tin) since you can clearly tell whose perspective we're seeing. Also agree with you on Stormlight, the world of Roshar is just to alien and strange to be filmed live action, computer generated animation (3D) might also be a good way to capture the world.
  6. I think you're over estimating steelrunning just a little bit. It seems to me like it comes with perfectly logical downsides, you actually listed some of them breaking bones friction things like that. the only times we've seen someone abuse feruchemical steel they had one or more secondary abilities that they could exploit to get around the problems bleeder was a kandra so it makes sense that her body could be made of tougher stuff than an ordinary human she could also give herself spiked feet to help her get around the friction problem. also she could make her bones out of something heavy like lead which would prevent her from sending herself flying when she went to fast. She would need stronger muscles to use this body but for a kandra all that would require is some flesh they could eat. Sazed was a full Feruchemist so he could tap some weight to ensure he didn't go flying when he rounded a corner, maybe a little strength as well and possibly some healing since going that fast might do some damage. Marasi had access to all of the powers Sazed did (and then some) so it's possible she did the same thing. That said Sanderson should have made at least a passing reference to using other powers to help balance out tapping a lot of steel.
  7. Odium is going to win in Stormlight book five. However win and destroy everything are two different things Odium was willing to tolerate being bound because he knew that eventually he could win and he wasn't exactly in a hurry to achieve victory. However the events of Mistborn have suddenly thrown a wrench into his careful plans now there's a shard powerful enough to challenge him and he needs to deal with it now even if that means putting the destruction of Roshar on hold most of our heroes will make it through but they have to deal with the aftermath and somehow one of them will be responsible for releasing odium from his prison ala Vin releasing Ruin except it was intentional. Now they have to live with the consequences of what they've done after a few years however they know Odium will return to finish the job (assuming he survives battling Harmony).
  8. Really I was pulled in by the ironeye...s
  9. Just finished the lost stars series, very good read although I was disappointed in how Jack Campbell suddenly forgot how light works at several points in the story, normally this wouldn't be an issue but in a series that's so well known for it's realistic depiction of physics this just struck me as annoying.
  10. I'm not so sure those two could work but who knows personally I think Lift/Renarin would be an awesome pairing. Think about it the socially awkward streetwise thief and the quiet bookish prince... wait this sounds familiar.
  11. I just looked at Brandons website and it says Oathbringer is starting on draft three. What happened to the second draft, is he through it already? Any other author i'd say that must be a mistake but with Sanderson... he could very well have gone through the second draft in a few days.
  12. One more thing to consider is that we don't know what Lerasiums Feruchemic powers are, he could be using his bead another way altogether.
  13. You know I was just cracking a joke earlier but I might have actually stumbled on something
  14. That scene in WOR where Rock grabs a cremling, pops it into his mouth and eats it, suddenly became a lot funnier.
  15. I didn't get it, for some reason Amazon didn't list it as pre order-able (must have been an error). I admit much to my shame I haven't been keeping track of when white sand comes out so I didn't bother to check B&N.com which would have given me the correct dates so I thought it was out already oops