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  1. Odium is going to win in Stormlight book five. However win and destroy everything are two different things Odium was willing to tolerate being bound because he knew that eventually he could win and he wasn't exactly in a hurry to achieve victory. However the events of Mistborn have suddenly thrown a wrench into his careful plans now there's a shard powerful enough to challenge him and he needs to deal with it now even if that means putting the destruction of Roshar on hold most of our heroes will make it through but they have to deal with the aftermath and somehow one of them will be responsible for releasing odium from his prison ala Vin releasing Ruin except it was intentional. Now they have to live with the consequences of what they've done after a few years however they know Odium will return to finish the job (assuming he survives battling Harmony).
  2. Mistborn Jokes

    Really I was pulled in by the ironeye...s
  3. What Are You Reading, Part 2

    Just finished the lost stars series, very good read although I was disappointed in how Jack Campbell suddenly forgot how light works at several points in the story, normally this wouldn't be an issue but in a series that's so well known for it's realistic depiction of physics this just struck me as annoying.
  4. Kaladin and Shallan

    I'm not so sure those two could work but who knows personally I think Lift/Renarin would be an awesome pairing. Think about it the socially awkward streetwise thief and the quiet bookish prince... wait this sounds familiar.
  5. Oathbringer's First Draft is Complete

    I just looked at Brandons website and it says Oathbringer is starting on draft three. What happened to the second draft, is he through it already? Any other author i'd say that must be a mistake but with Sanderson... he could very well have gone through the second draft in a few days.
  6. One more thing to consider is that we don't know what Lerasiums Feruchemic powers are, he could be using his bead another way altogether.
  7. You know I was just cracking a joke earlier but I might have actually stumbled on something
  8. That scene in WOR where Rock grabs a cremling, pops it into his mouth and eats it, suddenly became a lot funnier.
  9. What Are You Reading, Part 2

    I didn't get it, for some reason Amazon didn't list it as pre order-able (must have been an error). I admit much to my shame I haven't been keeping track of when white sand comes out so I didn't bother to check B&N.com which would have given me the correct dates so I thought it was out already oops
  10. What Are You Reading, Part 2

    I just tried to read the Dresden files but I read till about midway through book six and I got so depressed that I gave up on them then I made the mistake/good decision of screwing around on TV tropes for a while and I confirmed that things only get worse so I've put the series down for now I might or might not try to continue with it but at this point even the idea of a reanimated T rex can't make up for what I know is coming. I think I'm going to go buy a copy of white sand before banes and noble closes I need some Sanderson to pick me up.
  11. I think that part of the reason Vasher doesn't look like other returned is because Returned look exactly like they think they should Vasher's been convincing himself that he should look like a homeless tramp so he does. However that wouldn't explain why he's not at the 5th Heightening like other returned even if he looks different. Of course he might have convinced himself that he shouldn't get those extra abilities which sounds hard but then again he's had 300 years to prefect his technique.
  12. Radiant's Color of Eyes,Shardplate and Blade

    You mean one of Nales group right not an actual Skybreaker. I think that this is possible or that the friend of her mother that Shallan mentions was one of them. The only problem I have is what did Shallan do? Nale ensures that he has the proper documentation before he runs down Lift who was a thief but what crime did Shallan commit that made Nales Skybreakers go after her. Granted they didn't need much of an excuse to kill a little girl over petty theft once she started surgbinding but they still make sure that they have a lawful reason to chase her across half of Roshar.
  13. Don't Radiant spren see each other?

    Perhaps Pattern did see Syl but he mistook her for an ordinary windspren at first. Still this does raise a good point, you'd think that Pattern would notice that the same windspren is always hovering around Kaladin Heh I forgot how to spell Kaladin's name (shameful I know) so I looked it up on the Stormlight archive wiki and under the knights radiant page I found this WOB Q. Can Knights Radiant of one Order see the spren of someone from another Order? A. RAFO!
  14. Um ... Did anyone do a body count?

    After reading through this I think we might be looking at this wrong we're viewing Sadeus's expenses, not his revenue let me explain it like this (this is a massive oversimplification but bear with me) 1st lets assume that on average one gemheart is worth 1000 Broams month 1. You hire your first group of bridgemen for 200 Broams and you run them with shields they take few casualty's and you only need to spend 50 Broams to buy new slaves and replace the losses your regular camp expenses for the month are 600 Broams you manage to capture two gemhearts which leaves you with 1150 Broams at the end of the month. however you loose a lot of solders because of this strategy and you need to spend a lot of time training their replacements you don't pay them anymore than the previous group but they aren't as well trained month 2. You maintain your current strategy you only need to spend about 50 Broams replacing your bridgemen losses but because your only fielding half trained solders you capture only one gemheart with your regular expenses you have 350 Broams at the end of the month not as impressive. month 3. You subject your solders to intense training and manage to get a bunch of well trained men from Amaram getting your army back up to where it was. you don't capture any gemhearts but you have enough from month 1 and 2 to cover the expenses. month 4. You get rid of the shields your bridgemen take appalling casualties because of this but you can hire more of them fast whereas your solders take time to train it costs you 400 Broams to replace your lost bridgemen but because you aren't wasting time training new troops you can keep fighting and at the end of the month you capture 3 gemhearts even though you had incredibly high expenses thanks to replacing the dead bridgemen you can send your army out on more runs because you aren't spending that time training new recruits to replace the trained men you lost actual profit is massive. at the end of the month actual profit is 2000 Broams. Like I said this is a massive oversimplification and it would probably cost more to recruit/train the new recruits than what I've listed here but I feel my point stands. Because Sadeus spends more on his bridgemen he doesn't need to retrain as many new solders while his costs might skyrocket because of this strategy so do the rewards.
  15. Well I loved the way that it all ended with the heroes finally arriving and their adventures just beginning but like seemingly everyone else here I felt the climax just fell flat. They confront the great Eldritch abomination and... they show him what he's done wrong, and that's it. I kind of had this little theory that I never posted about David getting Steelhearts powers just because it would be so ironic with him getting the powers of his greatest foe. So like any sharder whose theory was correct I cracked a huge grin as I read it. ... and so now we wait for Stormlight 3... "sigh" it's going to be a long year