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  1. Check on Mraize's shoulder.
  2. Alright to the tune of The Band's up on cripple creek here's Kaladin singing during the highstorm.
  3. I haven't seen anything in the Cosmere that tells me that Aluminum is actually rare it's just that none of the worlds we've seen so far have worked out the modern refinement process. Sanderson telling us how valuable it is, is actually a case of him having done his research. in our world up till 1854 there was only one way to remove the impurities from Aluminum and that was using chemicals and it was so incredibly expensive that for quite a while Aluminum was actually more valuable than gold. and even when they figured out how to use the modern electric processes it required so much energy that it wasn't really feasible until the late 1800s/early 1900s. As to where Hoid got that Aluminum there's a line in WOR where they mention that Aluminum can be soulcast, however people treat it just as an oddity and no one has made the connection that it blocks investiture at least not in recent times.
  4. I like it I like it. Anyway on the subject of Tara I think it would be a very Brandoney plot twist if in book 4 Kaladin goes to visit the little chunk of land he has been assigned to as brightlord and find out that his head maid is very familiar.
  5. A brighter example than every one else, Jasnah verbally tearing into Amaram had me laughing so hard tears were running down my face. The fact that he so richly deserved it just made it funnier.
  6. Finished the Book on the Friday after it came out but I felt I needed a while to digest it before I posted my reactions. OK first off let me say Dam you Brandon for releasing this book during the one week I couldn't get a day off from work. Anyway I liked the book but I just didn't love it like I did WOR the were Prose and Cons here and overall the prose vastly outweighed the cons but still. Cons. the Love triangle. it felt totally unnecessary and I don't fell like it added anything. to many characters. I'm worried here that sanderson is falling into the trap that almost all epic fantasy writers seem to fall into to many characters all having their own story and all going in different directions. I do give sanderson credit here he managed to keep the story moving at a fast pace but the cost of this was I felt like I was constantly being jerked around and I had a much harder time getting into individual characters. Although I do wonder if he's setting up bridge 4 as latter Noveleta characters which would be a solid way of introducing them but I still feel like it ate up to many pages and added a lot of cool but unnecessary things to the story. Eshonia. after all the buildup in WOR nothing she's dead end of story I just feel like there was more to her story and now were only going to see her in flashbacks. no one batting an eyelash at Szeth turning up just seemed like a major plot hole to me. Alright enough about the problems lets get to the good stuff. Teft's story, I really would have rather read it in Noveleta form but that doesn't change the fact that his battle with his addiction was awesome. Elhokar, his whole ark showed him finally growing up and right at the end he even swore the first ideal, it's rare that I feel satisfied at the death of a character I've come to love but for him it worked and I really felt like he was redeeming himself for his failures. Despite me missing Eshonai I did enjoy Venli's chapters as well especially her setting the stage for a rebellion. the responses to Hoids letters especially the last one. the Fact that Harmony of all shard is actually listening is a hopeful sign for Roshar. the moment when Renarin said then what else could I be wrong about... I had to put the book down and collect my thoughts for a while because the dramatic music in my head wouldn't stop playing. and then Dalinar did not disappoint with his epic you can't take my pain speech everything that followed this just bled awesome. Moash ark it was horrible evil and downright despicable.... and I loved every second of it. This is mostly related to my personal tasted in fiction but i find that the best kind of villains are one's that can have a sympathetic reason for starting down the path to darkness then completely burn that excuse and continue down that path entirely of their own free will. I spent his entire story wondering will he be redeemed or not then when he killed Elokar I was like OK this is your last chance do you recognize how revenge hasn't brought you any satisfaction and try to atone or do you just keep going? and then he killed Juraze and I knew he had chosen evil. one last thing that I noticed that I think might be some subtle foreshadowing remember that the first book the ardent was reading was about a love triangle which we sort of saw in this book even if I don't think it was handled well. I think things are going to go poorly for Lift or possibly Jasnah in the back five.
  7. He does have Feruchemy so Nicrosil metalminds? not a perfect solution since the supply is limited but he could store a lot of stormlight for latter use and he would only have to return to Roshar once in a while to refuel.
  8. Sweet It's out on nook, I'll see you all in a day or two... less if i think up any good Memes Edit: sorry I jumped the gun here it's available to read on the B&N web site but it can't be downloaded yet
  9. Well I'm going to order my digital copy from Barnes and Noble tonight and try to sleep, (I'll probably fail) then I'll set my alarm for 5 am and spend the rest of the morning hunched over my phone/tablet waiting to see when I can download it.
  10. On the one hand Noooooo Eshonai. On the other hand whew the main character death is done, that should get us one or two more books before I have to start getting worried again. That said I'm going to maintain a healthy amount of skepticism here that she's actually dead. One possibility is that she's dead but not out of the story I think that her book could still have her as the POV character but she'll be narrating it from the cognitive realm. Ala secret history.
  11. I see foresee this exchange in the future. "you want to become whole" "I AM A BOOK" well actually it would probably be more like "I am a broken book" but that doesn't sound quite as catchy. In all seriousness I can see the cognitive versions of those decaying pieces of book happily remembering the time when they were whole and wanting to go back to that so I don't think soulcasting would be terribly difficult.
  12. one thing that I feel like pointing out here is that Amaram isn't totally ignorant anymore. Dalinar has spoken to the almighty or a memory of him and received conformation that he is in fact dead. Amaram completely believes that Dalinar is receiving these visions from Honor so he has no reason to doubt their authenticity but when he's confronted with evidence that his grand designs might be for nothing he denies it. Compare to say Szeth who apon learning he isn't truthless has a total mental breakdown I can't help but feel a lack of sympathy for Amaram.
  13. And if there aren't any we'll find/make up/think we've found some some anyway.
  14. I wonder what you call the offspring of that pairing? a Rhyorse? a Horshadium?
  15. Well to be fair I did like it at first and I found that the series struck a solid balance between being dark and being funny then Changes, Ghost story and cold Days happened and the series crossed the line from dark and edgy to bleak and hopeless. It also doesn't help that I started predicting plot twists which obviously robs them of the shock value. Also just to add to my contrasting nature I loved both Gantz and Berserk which I've heard lots of people say they hated because they were to dark.