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  1. Sweet It's out on nook, I'll see you all in a day or two... less if i think up any good Memes Edit: sorry I jumped the gun here it's available to read on the B&N web site but it can't be downloaded yet
  2. Well I'm going to order my digital copy from Barnes and Noble tonight and try to sleep, (I'll probably fail) then I'll set my alarm for 5 am and spend the rest of the morning hunched over my phone/tablet waiting to see when I can download it.
  3. On the one hand Noooooo Eshonai. On the other hand whew the main character death is done, that should get us one or two more books before I have to start getting worried again. That said I'm going to maintain a healthy amount of skepticism here that she's actually dead. One possibility is that she's dead but not out of the story I think that her book could still have her as the POV character but she'll be narrating it from the cognitive realm. Ala secret history.
  4. I see foresee this exchange in the future. "you want to become whole" "I AM A BOOK" well actually it would probably be more like "I am a broken book" but that doesn't sound quite as catchy. In all seriousness I can see the cognitive versions of those decaying pieces of book happily remembering the time when they were whole and wanting to go back to that so I don't think soulcasting would be terribly difficult.
  5. one thing that I feel like pointing out here is that Amaram isn't totally ignorant anymore. Dalinar has spoken to the almighty or a memory of him and received conformation that he is in fact dead. Amaram completely believes that Dalinar is receiving these visions from Honor so he has no reason to doubt their authenticity but when he's confronted with evidence that his grand designs might be for nothing he denies it. Compare to say Szeth who apon learning he isn't truthless has a total mental breakdown I can't help but feel a lack of sympathy for Amaram.
  6. And if there aren't any we'll find/make up/think we've found some some anyway.
  7. I wonder what you call the offspring of that pairing? a Rhyorse? a Horshadium?
  8. Well to be fair I did like it at first and I found that the series struck a solid balance between being dark and being funny then Changes, Ghost story and cold Days happened and the series crossed the line from dark and edgy to bleak and hopeless. It also doesn't help that I started predicting plot twists which obviously robs them of the shock value. Also just to add to my contrasting nature I loved both Gantz and Berserk which I've heard lots of people say they hated because they were to dark.
  9. Hey anyone else notice that there are other hooded figures around the guy we assume is Ishar, I counted four in addition to the two that are standing in the middle.
  10. I find dark fantasy incredibly boring and predictable. By extension I loathed both A Song of Ice and fire and the Dresden files.
  11. Nale and Amaram will meet, and initially Amaram bows down before the herald and rambles on at great length to describe how hard he worked to bring the heralds back. Finally Nale tells him to shut up, rattles of the long list of crimes Amaram has committed in the name of returning the heralds. And then says something like "congratulations on your success... now come on you're going to jail". The irony would just be brilliant.
  12. Amaram's sorry he sold Kaladin into slavery because it came back to bite him, he wishes that mercy hadn't stayed his hand and that he'd killed Kaladin instead.
  13. One thing that I think needs to be asked is was the initial enslavement right after a desolation? because if it was then I think the humans had a very good reason for enslaving the Voidbringers. If the vision of Nohadon shows us is what is normal for a desolation (90% casualties and humanity having undergone almost total societal collapse often to the point of being knocked back to the stone age) is true, then the humans weren't enslaving an innocent race they were stopping genocidal monsters who would probably try to kill all of humanity again if they were left unchecked. That said this does not justify keeping them enslaved. Once it became clear that there was no next desolation coming any time soon (the heralds lied and said they won) the humans initial justification starts to wear off. By this point there is no justification other than that they no longer knew that the Parshmen were ever sentient.
  14. After reading the Kaladin chapter this is how I now think of the Voidbringers. Also It's been years since I saw this movie so I'm quoting it from memory. OK I guess they are thieves but dang it those people owed them.