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  1. X-ray vision with actual x-rays, causing chaos and injury everywhere you go.

    Being able to fly at incredible speeds, but not being immune to catching fire or being blown to pieces from going to fast.

    Phasing, but only your internal organs.

    Always knowing the end to a book or movie before you finish it, and having an uncontrollable urge to yell the ending out loud in groups of people.

    You can make any food you want appear, but it always tastes like black licorice. 

  2. 2 hours ago, ExoticAlmond said:

    When Qoorith arrives he sees a huge fire spewing out of the Plant 201 classroom. He immediately runs to find a teacher. He's running so fast he doesn't realize that Mr. Hence and (insert name of fire teacher here) are in front of him and crashes into them. "Help. Fire. Plant 201." He says gasping for breath before running back to see if he can use his fire control to slow it down.



    2 hours ago, The Aspiring Archivist said:

    The two were already on their way. Derek turned to Jess. "Do you have anything that can deal with that? Is there any kind of fire safety system here or what?"


    Jess rolled her eyes. 

    "Just about every teacher here has either water summoning, extinguishing, or Sleep, all of which can put out fires. Plenty of students have those abilities too. Give me a second." She ran to the classroom.

  3. 23 hours ago, The Aspiring Archivist said:

    "I see. You know, I was expecting that assembly to be a bit more prepared. That boy was badly shaken."

    Jess rolled her eyes. "Yeah, I know. Usually Conn does Fire Safety and I'm just his assistant, but he had a family matter to take care of, so I filled in for him last-minute. Very last minute."

    8 hours ago, Channelknight Fadran said:

    Aerith was late to class.

    "Heeeeeeello!" He kicked open the door and booked his way over to his seat. "Hi. Sorry."


    What class?


    2 hours ago, ExoticAlmond said:

    After a few minutes in the infirmary Qoorith walks out with nothing but a slight headache. He begins walking to his next class Plant 101 when he suddenly hears a BOOM at the end of the hallway. He rushes down to make sure no-one is hurt.

    Jess reacted calmly to the distant sound. "We should probably go check that out."

  4. 23 hours ago, HappyWhitespine said:

    I came from reddit. That looks like it's imploding for now.

    I never wanted enter the inner sanctum like this. Heck, I've been intimidated as hell to create an account over here for years. I know a lot of you have accounts over there anyway but this just feels like being in the room where it happens. So to speak.

    So...ummm. Hi. Please take care of me.


  5. 15 minutes ago, The Aspiring Archivist said:

    "Good to know. You know, nobody ever showed me to my classroom. Do you happen to know where it is?"


    Yes, but she's a former student, so she knows her way around

    "Actually, your classroom is right down here." She led him down a set of stairs. "The school takes some getting used to, but it has an organization. Earth and Fire classrooms are in the caves, Water and Plant and Animal are on the first two floors, and Storm and Chaos get the fourth and fifth floors. Third floor is the infirmary, the student dorms, and all that."

  6. 17 minutes ago, The Aspiring Archivist said:

    "...Hello. Yes, I'm a new hire. Derek Hence."

    "Ah, you're Taylor's replacement? I was expecting some crotchety old guy. Well, welcome to Set School. If nobody told you, there's three things you need to know. Watch out for the lava bats in the training caves. Nasty little Entities. Keep an eye on the Water Set teachers. They're  going to try to haze you. And, there are free donuts in the teacher's lounge on the third floor."

  7. 3 hours ago, Scars of Hathsin said:

    Phoenix looks at the kid next to him his hair then falling into his eyes again. His mind whirls, making fire make sounds! How had he done it? The shape as well, it was hard to make fire look human. He looks at the other boy with new eyes, What power!


    3 hours ago, ExoticAlmond said:

    Qoorith stands up on shaky feet. "Y-Yeah. I-I'm fine now." he stammers "but, maybe I should go to the infirmary just in case."

    Oh great, a panic attack on his first day. Now everyone's going to think he's a weirdo.


    Yes to the backpack, but getting Boons is hard. He needs a legitimate reason for having one.

    1 hour ago, The Aspiring Archivist said:

    "My Earth abilities are Perception, Transformation, and Direction."


    Miss Miranova, who had been quiet, stepped forward.

    "See? This is exactly what I mean. Luckily, nobody got hurt this time, but imagine what could've happened if there were no teachers, and these boys decided to use balefire."

    She thanked the boys and dismissed them. The rest of the lesson continued without incident. 

    After the students filed out, Miss Miranova found Derek. "Hey! Haven't seen you around before."

  8. 44 minutes ago, Scars of Hathsin said:

    Phoenix starts surprised, he didn't expect to be called up on the first day, especially as a troublemaker, he had never made any trouble. Well, he thinks to himself there was that time last year, oh and that other time.... He walks up to the front of The Cave, swag in his step, awaiting the other kid that was sure taking his time.


    22 minutes ago, ExoticAlmond said:

    Qoorith's face goes pale. What. Did. She. Say. Qoorith nervously walks up. To be called up in front of the class, and on the first day too! Well he might as well try to seem normal. "Hi I'm Qoorith." He says as he stands next to Pheonix "You're Pheonix right? I heard some other kids saying you were trouble and now this teacher too. What did you do?"

    "No time for chatting, boys." Miss Miranova interjected. She didn't seem mean... just blunt. "Now, both of you are going to summon fireballs. Not too big- quickly now."

  9. On 6/13/2023 at 10:28 AM, ExoticAlmond said:

    Qoorith begins walking to the cave. He gets so nervous that he starts sweating. What if he got hurt? What if he hurt someone else? He doesn't want to go through that again. He would much rather forget his fire sets. Plants are much safer but, learning how to safely use fire sounds nice or at least make it so he doesn't accidentally do something again.


    It he's summoned his tree, it's probably really small.


    On 6/12/2023 at 11:41 PM, The Aspiring Archivist said:

    "Ah, I imagine you've had some trouble recently. Well, thanks again. I think I will watch the assembly."



    On 6/13/2023 at 2:03 AM, Scars of Hathsin said:

    Phoenix grumbled to himself, pushing his dark hair out of his eyes. Visions flashed across his eyes of the new kids that were coming to the school. Why do we always have to do this every year, it is so pointless, I can just summon water or just put it out with my power's, So why bother?

    He kicks the ground and continues walking towards The Cave. Ready for the start of the School year.

    The training cave was large, but not quite large enough to fit all the students comfortably. The students who could fly did so to get a little extra space, and other students had shifted into small animals for the same reason. A fashionable woman standing atop a raised stone at the front of the room yelled.

    "Shut up, everyone! For those of you who don't know, I'm Miss Miranova, Set School's fire 101 teacher, but you can call me Jess. Every year, we get a new batch of hotshots who think they can do whatever they want and get away with it. Every year, those hotshots end up in the infirmary covered in third degree burns. We already have some from this year, and it's only the first day. I won't tell you not to play with fire- you already know that. I'm just here to give you a reminder of what happens when you break the rules. You!" She pointed at Qoorith. "You look like a decently behaved kid. And you!" This time she called Phoenix up. "I've been keeping my eye on you, troublemaker. Both of you, get up here."

    @ExoticAlmond @Scars of Hathsin

  10. Just now, The Aspiring Archivist said:

    "Thank you very much." Derek stood up unsteadily and shook it. "Don't worry, I have no intention of mixing my personal engagements with my work. Anyway, when do I begin?"

    "Immediately. I'll have someone show you to your office and classrooms. Today is a school-wide fire safety day, if you'd like to go and watch your future students learn. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have an appointment with some balefirestarters in detention."


    G'night Archie! It's quite late in my time zone.


  11. 3 minutes ago, The Aspiring Archivist said:

    "I... have been engaged in both in the past, but currently I just possess a few minor Boons."

    "Understandable. In my youth, I fancied myself an Unsealed." He winked. "I'm lucky the Sets decided to give me a second chance. Just make sure to keep your Boons away from the students. Some of them have sticky fingers and no common sense."

    Funke stood up and shook his hand. "You're hired!"

  12. Just now, The Aspiring Archivist said:



    Non-Set superpowers, magic weapons, special information- stuff like that. You can basically get whatever you want from an Entity, providing it has enough power and you're strong enough to control it or convince it to help you. Contracts come with strings attached, however. A price of some sort that usually results in bodily possession or some bad thing happening. 


  13. 1 minute ago, The Aspiring Archivist said:



    Not necessarily. Generally, it's something employers want to know, but it isn't all bad. Boons are generally accepted because they come from Good Entities, while Contracts (the binding of Evil Entities) are frowned upon. And teachers aren't allowed to use the Entities located inside the school for personal gain. 


  14. 1 minute ago, The Aspiring Archivist said:

    "Well, I have a very high focus and dedication, and, as I'm sure you gathered, considerable experience with education. While it will take some time to accustom myself to the new systems and environment, I'm confident that I can and will do very well as a teacher."

    "Your resume is very good. All the best recommendations, top marks during school, and a good standing with your Set. Considering you're the only applicant who's showed up, I think you'll get the job. Just one more question. Are you currently involved in any Entity contracts, do you posses any Entity Boons, or do you have any intent to seek these things during your employment with us?"

  15. 1 minute ago, The Aspiring Archivist said:

    "Well, I am a very work-oriented person. It gets the grand majority of my time and energy, especially because both of my parents have passed away recently and I don't have contact with any extended family. As for Entities, I've banished sixteen. One you may recall is the murderous one from a few years back that was causing people's campfires to grow uncontrollably."



    That's great! You can have freedom with this- it's meant to be a looser RP.

    Funke bobbed his head. "So sorry to hear about your parents. Mine are the same, actually. Hazards of being Banishers; I'm sure you understand. Sixteen is a good number, considering Banishing isn't your main career. Now, tell me why you would be good for this job."

  16. Just now, The Aspiring Archivist said:



    It depends on what his career is like and how powerful the Entities are. He's definitely banished at least a half dozen, but you can make it more than that if you want him to seem impressive. You can also mention how dangerous or famous they were if you want. 


  17. 1 minute ago, The Aspiring Archivist said:

    "Well, I've been a part of the Earth Set for a little over twelve years now, and I have spent a large portion of that time mastering my skills. 5 [4? 6?] of my abilities are Earth based, so of course that is my focus. For the past five years I have also worked as an independent tutor for others in my Set of all ages."


    Tough luck buddy :P

    And I believe three of your skills are Earth based

    Funke rolled his eyes.

    "All that was in your file. I want to know more than that. Who are you? What's your family life like? What hobbies do you have? How many Entities have you banished?"

  18. 3 minutes ago, The Aspiring Archivist said:

    A young man entered. Or was he young? He seemed to be, but is hair was gray and he walked with a cane. His eyes were a burnt orange. "Good day, Principal Funke," he said in a soft voice. "I am Derek Hence."

    "Ah, yes, Mr. Hence." Funke remembered. "I read your file. Quite a talented Earth specialist. As a member of the Storm Set, I'll admit Earth is not my strong suit. Now, I'll need to ask you a few questions. Start by telling me about yourself."

  19. Quote

    Because there are so many people who align strongly with Fire, I'll probably introduce a Fire teacher soon to get this thing jumpstarted. If you don't want your character to be a student, now is the time to act.


    18 minutes ago, The Aspiring Archivist said:

    There was a knock at the door.

    "Come in." Funke said, mustering some false energy. What was this applicant's name? He couldn't remember...

  20. Just now, The Aspiring Archivist said:



    Yes. The Earth Set Basics teacher is currently MIA, so the school needs a replacement for her.


    13 minutes ago, Scars of Hathsin said:

    11, 47, 3, 1, 27, 7, 8


    Your powers:


    Water Temperament (controlling the temperature and salinity of the water– freezing it, boiling it, or converting freshwater into seawater or vice versa)

    Oracle (You get glimpses of the future. This skill is hard to develop and control, because it isn’t really intentional. Your visions often show you untrained magic users)

    Fire Direction (be able to move fire with your mind– such as throwing fireballs or holding fire in your hand like a torch. You could literally pick up a campfire and move it)

    Fire Summoning (summon flame from nothing)

    Extinguishing (being able to put out any fire, no matter the size, by touching it or being near it, depending on skill level)

    Water Summoning (being able to pull water from the air, or any other place where it is in trace amounts. Without summoning, a water wielder needs an actual supply of water such as the ocean, rain, or a water bottle)

    Earthquake ( the hardest and most dangerous Earth skill. Can cause earthquakes of varying sizes and intensities based on skill level)
    You'll definitely be asked to join the Fire Set.



  21. 5 hours ago, Channelknight Fadran said:



    Your powers:


    Fire Temperament (controlling the temperature of fire and how easily it burns things)

    Extinguishing (being able to put out any fire, no matter the size, by touching it or being near it, depending on skill level)

    Temperament (controlling the temperature and salinity of the water– freezing it, boiling it, or converting freshwater into seawater or vice versa)

    Water Perception (being able to feel what water feels as if it were a part of your body– only works if you’re directly touching the water, and is often overwhelming in large water bodies such as the ocean)

    Water of Truth (Like balefire, the hardest skill of the set, but much less dangerous. Converts water into the Water of Truth, which forces anyone who drinks it to tell the truth until it wears off)

    Flight (allows the ability to fly up to very high speeds and breathe easily at incredible heights. If the skill is developed, it can also provide a shield that protects the flier as they go at incredible speeds so they don’t catch fire or get ripped to pieces)

    Growth (allows manipulation and regulation of how the plants grow, but doesn't speed up the growth process)

    You only need seven numbers!

    You'd most likely be asked to join the Fire Set.



    17 minutes ago, Scars of Hathsin said:

    What are the numbers for?


    The numbers are how your character is randomly assigned a skill set. You need seven different numbers 1-49.


  22. 13 hours ago, The Aspiring Archivist said:



    Your powers:


    Photosynthesis (Allows you to get energy from sunlight like a plant- useful for replenishing your energy after using magic)

    Evolution (Takes a long time. Allows you to slowly change the traits of an animal or person to become a new creature. ILLEGAL TO DO ON HUMANS)

    Earth Perception (being able to feel the pockets of air and ore deep inside the earth– also includes excellent navigational skills– like a compass)

    Earth Transformation (basically the rock cycle sped up– can change rocks from one type to another, depending on the type. When more advanced, allows crystals to grow)

    Earth Direction (allows you to move rocks and stone with your mind DOESN’T WORK ON DIRT OR SAND)

    Water Perception (being able to feel what water feels as if it were a part of your body– only works if you’re directly touching the water, and is often overwhelming in large water bodies such as the ocean)

    Animal Taming (allows you to make animals friendly to you, and when advanced allows communication with animals)

    You will definitely be invited to join the Earth Set. Is your character a beginning student, an intermediate or advanced student, a teacher, or some other staff member?

    Unsealed are the 'bad guys' although I'm sure the morals will get a little more complex than that over time. Some of them are undercover as normal teachers and students


    5 hours ago, ExoticAlmond said:

    I'll join (summer school is slowing down now).

    I got 1, 2, 9, 16, 31, 34, 43.


    Your powers:


    Fire Summoning (summon flame from nothing)

    Fire Manipulation (manipulate fire into any size or shape)

    Water Manipulation (being able to move the water and shape it as you please)

    Storm Manipulation (allows you to direct pre-existing storms, their movements, and increase strength)

    Plant Direction (Causes plants to move (some better than others) according to the wielder’s will (THEY CAN’T GROW WITHOUT GROWTH OR AWAKENING))

    Tree of Life (like balefire, very difficult. Summons a tree (seemingly from nowhere) that glows brightly. All parts of the tree have powerful healing properties. Most wielders only summon the full tree once, if ever. Many of them spend their time taking care of said tree)

    Bidding (strengthens all other nearby Sets (including your own) but not any Chaos skills)

    Most likely, you'll be asked to join either the Plant or Fire sets. 



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