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  1. Thanks for the recommendations. Will look into some of these books. But if you want to, keep them coming. One can’t have enough book recommendations. :3
  2. Read through it back in the day. Kinda want more Mistborn though. :'D Finding a new book series is really tough. Most of the things I find online look so generic. xD
  3. Nope. Is it worth it? Asking because it’s a looooong series.
  4. Help! I’ve read all of Sanderson's books I’m interested in (Cosmere and Skyward) and I need something new. I love fantasy books. Besides Sanderson's books I like His Dark Materials and stuff like Howl's Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones. Has somebody a good book recommendation for me? I need something to distract me while my toddler of destruction brings destruction upon me.
  5. Oh no. That’s a long wait but at least you will get it one day. Thanks to the birth of my daughter and all the stuff we had to buy I couldn’t afford the leatherbound and had to buy the swagpack and poster instead but yeah, waiting sucks. Hopefully I will be able to buy it later down the road. ^^
  6. @Honorless Yes I did and I’m a Lightweaver, the perfect order for myself because I’m really good at lying to myself and I love to draw. That said I can’t wait for my WoK Kickstarter swag pack to arrive.
  7. Hoid and Rock are also great. Just like the Lopen and all the other fantastic characters Sanderson came up with (like Steris). That’s why it’s really difficult for me to decide on one character alone. ^^ Uh! Who’s your least favorite character? Mine are Sadeas and Moash. F*ck Moash.
  8. Hey you two. ^^ My favorite Stormlight character would be Adolin. In the beginning I disliked him very much but since he got himself imprisoned next to Kal he grew on me. Yes, he is no radiant or something like this but he is my precious little boy. When talking about Cosmere characters I can’t decide between dirty old man Breeze and Sazed. I love both of them and hope to read more from Sazed in the future (can Sanderson please continue Mistborn!? >_<). What about your favorite characters?
  9. Wrong franchise. Unless there is a chasmfiend called Godzilla I’m not aware of ... Good evening, fellow Splinters! :3 My name is Chris. I just finished RoW and had to find a place where I can talk about it. I’ve started reading Sanderson a few years ago and read WoK first because I liked the cover art. Since then I’ve read all the other Cosmere books but none of them come even close to WoK (a book that rekindled my love for reading) despite being really good. When I’m not reading Sanderson I’m working on my master thesis while trying to handle a walking and climbing toddler of destruction (something that feels more difficult than fighting 13 Inquisitors at the same time). Because of this I won’t be as active as I would like to be but I hope I can find some free time to fangirl about the Cosmere with all of you.
  10. You know what, RoW feels like the ultimate second book of a trilogy because nothing truly happens in terms of the overarching story. Yes, some new revelations are made and some great character developments happened (finally! took them only four books! xD) but in the end nothing big (expect Odium) happens because it needs to happen in book 5. I’m pretty sure book 5 will be AMAZING but because of how Sanderson planned to tell this story, RoW feels more like a +1000 pages long prologue instead of a full-fledged story arc (which isn’t bad, it’s just not what I have expected RoW to be). And yes! I only signed up so I could quote this post because it sums up all my problems I have with RoW. But I guess I will use this to stay a while and look around. Happy to be here.
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