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  1. Welcome to ShardShop, the Cosmere's only store for all your shard-based needs. Come to our shop, situated just inside the pits of hathsin for reasonably priced shardblades (only one & a half kingdoms each) and hemalurgic spikes (we have Steel, Iron, Gold, and Atium options). Merchandise includes:

    • ShardBlades & Plate ( 1.5 kingdoms each)
    • Hemalurgic spikes (fifty extra boxings for pre invested)
      • Steel (Fifty boxings)
      • Iron (Fifty boxings)
      • Gold (Seventy five boxings) 
      • Atium (Four hundred boxings) 
    • Hemalurgic spiked chicken monsters (at the owners own risk)
    • Fabrials (without stormlight)
    • Aons (for all your money + 5 boxings)
    • Harmony's patented slideshow device (as seen in The bands of mourning)

    And much more!!! Come to the ShardShop today!

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