The Overlady Reads Oathbringer, Part One!

Hi all and welcome to the Overlady Reads Oathbringer, Part 1!

In the lead up to Rhythm of War, come with us as Lucy reads Oathbringer for the first time. We decided to do this book with one video per part because, and I don't know if you guys noticed, these books are really goddamn long!

Feel free to use this series as a refresher for what happens during Oathbringer in the lead up to Rhythm of War. Prepare to hear Lucy's fresh thoughts on the mysteries established in Part One, like who Odiums Champion is, the author of Oathbringer and who could forget, the mysteries of May Aladar.





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Great improvement on pronunciation!

@59:10: So so so scandalous (as Brits you probably heard it on the radio years ago:

Adolin killing Dalinar and his own child (did I get that right?), Renarin bonding the 9 Unmades and becoming Odium's champion... these are some spicy theories.


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My theory is that the sphere Gavilar gave to Eshonai contained Ulim, the Voidspren who claims to have spent years talking to Venli.


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