Diceborn: Secrets in Stained Glass, Ep 2 - Party Favors

Welcome back to Diceborn: Secrets in Stained Glass, our Mistborn Era 1 miniseries! In this episode, Jenna talks to important people, Dier pays back his debt to Lucius, and Sylvain and Eliane discuss matters between them. There are confrontations, realizations, and threats, but the party is just getting warmed up!

Cast includes Matt (Comatose) as GM and Narrator, and player performances by Ben (Overlord Jebus), Ian (WeiryWriter), Alyx (FeatherWriter), Verónica (Cheyenne Sedai), and Eric (Chaos). 

Character & Reference Sheet: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Ouz4MLgL2va5e8dGalUOM5HzWLrjyoR65uWcV1vw8rc/edit?usp=sharing

~Crafty Games giveaway~
One set of either Allomantic or Feruchemical dice.
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Giveaway is US Only 

~Shire Post Mint giveaway~
One set of the Era 1 coins
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Winners will be picked in one week after release of episode and announced in the next episode. 

Character portraits: Eli (https://instagram.com/elisgardor/)
Backgrounds/Overlays: Connor (https://instagram.com/conjchamberlain/)
Animated graphics: Marvin (Paleo) and Verónica (Cheyenne Sedai)

Series post-production: Alyx (Feather)
Trailer edited by: Verónica (Cheyenne Sedai) and Alyx (Feather)

Mistborn is a creation of Brandon Sanderson, and a trademark of Dragonsteel Entertainment, LLC. The Mistborn Adventure Game system is designed and licensed by Crafty Games.

Diceborn is also available on audio: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/diceborn


0:00:00 Introduction and Giveaway
0:05:05 Recap
0:17:49 Jenna talks to Verity
0:42:19 Lucius breaks into a room; talks with Dier
0:52:59 Eliane asks for Addison's help
1:23:16 Chatting with Great Lords
1:55:45 Eliane and Sylvain talk
2:16:38 Lucius gets Eliane
2:40:51 End note and credits

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